Releases 1. January 2012.

Hallowed (Unearthly, #2)Between (Crossroads Saga, #2)Under the Never SkyIncarnate (Newsoul, #1)

Cynthia Hand - Hallowed (Unearthly 2). Released 17th.
Mary Ting - Between (Crossroads saga 2). Released 12th.
Veronica Roth - Under the never sky (Under the never sky 1). Released 3rd.
Jodi Meadows - Incarnate (New soul 1) Released 31st.

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2)Everneath (Everneath, #1)Bloodrose (Nightshade, #3)

Jessica Rules the Dark Side (Jessica, #2)Immortal Devices (Steampunk Scarlett #2)The Book of WondersA Beautiful Evil (Gods & Monsters, #2)

Beth Fantaskey - Jessica rules the dark side (Jessica 2). Released: x.
Kailin Gow - Immortal devices (Steampunk Scarlett 2). Released: 9th.
Jasmine Richards - The book of wonders. Released: 17th.
Kelly Keaton - A beautiful evil (God and monsters 2). Released: 21th.

BittersweetThe Queen of KentuckyIrisesDrowning Instinct

Sarah Ockler - Bittersweet. Released: 3rd.
Alecia Whitaker - The queen of Kentucky. Released: 2nd.
Francisco X. Stork - Irises. Released: 1st.
Ilsa J. Bick - Drowning instinct. Released: 1st.

New GirlFire Stones (The Fire Wars #2)Addison Blakely:  Confessions of a PKEverneath (Everneath, #1)

Paige Harbison - New girl. Released: 31st.
Kailin Gow - Fire stones (Fire wars 2.) Released: 24th.
Betsy St. Amand - Addison Blakely Confessions of a PK. Released: 1st.
Brodi Ashton - Everneath (Everneath 1). Released: 24th.

Lenobia's Vow (House of Night Novellas, #2)
P.C Cast, Kristin Cast - Lenobia's vow (House of night novellas 2). Released: 31rd.
Sara Shepard - Pretty little secrets. (Pretty little liars short) Released: 3rd.
Sarah Prineas - Winterling (Winterling 1) Released: 3rd.
Eileen Cook - Unraveling isobel. Released: 3rd.

Ivy Adams - The internation kissing club. Released: 3rd.
Cate Tiernan - Darkness falls (An immortal beloved novel 2.) Released: 2nd.
Madeleine Roux - Sadie walker is stranded. (Zombie 2) Released: x.
Marie Louise Fitzpatrick - Dark warning. Released: x.

Helen Dunmore - Stormswept (Indigo 5.) Released: 5th.
Nick Lake - In darkness. Released: 5th.
Kate Klimo - Daughter of the centaurs (Centauriad 1.) Released: 24th.
Jeff Sampson - Havoc (Deviants 2.) Released: 24th.

Fifteen Days Without a HeadShadow's Edge

Dave Cousin - 15 days without a head. Released: 5th.
Fiona Dunbar - Venus rocks. Released: x.
Maureen Lipinski - Shadow's edge. Released: 8th.
Julia Karr - Truth (XVI part 2). Released: 19th.

Horizon (Aftertime, #3)My Awesome/Awful Popularity PlanThe Edumacation of Jay BakerPale. Chris Wooding

Sophie Littlefield - Horizon (Aftertime 3). Released: 24th.
Seth Rudetsky - My awesome/awful populairty plan. Released: 24th.
Jay Clark - The edumacation of Jay Baker. Released: 31st.
Chris Wooding - Pale. Released: x.

Scattering Like LightCrow Girl Rises. Kate CannA Witch in Winter (Winter Trilogy, #1)Night School

S.C. Ransom - Scattering like light (part 3). Released: 1st.
Kate Cann - Crow girl rises (Crow girl 3). Released: x.
Ruth Warburton - A witch in winter (Winter triology). Released: 5th.
C.J Daugherty - Night school. Released: 5th.

The Feral Child. by Che GoldenMerion of the StonesDoubleborn. by Toby ForwardSaving Daisy

Che Golden - The feral child. Released: x.
Allan Frewin Jones - Destiny's path. Merion of the stones. Released: x.
Toby Foward - Doubleborn. Released: x.
Phil Earle - Saving daisy. Released: 5th.

MoonriseWhat Boys Really WantLovetorn

Ivy Devlin - Moonrise (Low red moon 2). Released: 31st.
Chris Priestley - The dead of winter. Released: 31st.
Pete Hautman - What boys really want. Released: 1st.
Kavita Daswani - Lovetorn. Released: 17th.

CrowBlack Boy White SchoolMesmerize (Mystyx, #4)Revealing Eden

Barbara Wright - Crow. Released: 10th.
Brian F. Walker - Black boy, white school. Released: 3rd.
Artist Arthur - Mesmerize (Mytstyx 4.) Released: 24th.
Victoria Foyt - Revealing Eden (Save the pearls 1). Released: 10th.

It was one hell of a job, but I think that I've found most of the books that were released in January. 2012 is an awesome book year! 

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