Review 19. Carrie Vaughn - Steel.

SteelCarrie Vaughn - Steel.
Pages: 294.
Published: March 15th 2011(first published February 25th 2011).
Publisher: by Harper Teen.
ISBN: 0061547913 (ISBN13: 9780061547911)
Series: stand alone.
It was a slender length of rusted steel, tapered to a point at one end and jagged at the other, as if it had broken. A thousand people would step over it and think it trash, but not her. This was the tip of a rapier.

Sixteen-year-old Jill has fought in dozens of fencing tournaments, but she has never held a sharpened blade. When she finds a corroded sword piece on a Caribbean beach, she is instantly intrigued and pockets it as her own personal treasure. The broken tip holds secrets, though, and it transports Jill through time to the deck of a pirate ship. Stranded in the past and surrounded by strangers, she is forced to sign on as crew. But a pirate’s life is bloody and brief, and as Jill learns about the dark magic that brought her there, she forms a desperate scheme to get home—one that risks everything in a duel to the death with a villainous pirate captain.

We meet Jill, a normal girl living with her father, mother, brother and sister. They're on a holiday and Jill is sad, because she lost a rapier tournament. When she's strolling along the beach, she finds a peace of an old sword. She decides to bring it with her when they're making a boat trip. She falls of the ship and before she knows it, she's in another time on a pirate ship. The captain is a woman and she recognize the part of the sword; it's from her biggest enemy. Jill must come with her, because she has something to do with it, otherwise she wouldn't have that piece. Jill only wants to find the man, because he can bring her back to her own time. But, that won't be an easy task.

There's a lot of fighting during this book, but I never thought it was too much. And yes, there are some things that probably would never happen during that time, but it didn't bother me so much. I just enjoyed the reading and I found Jill a lovely person to read about :)  This story was almost complete for me. It has great characters, the surroundings, the love and action. Only one thing annoyed me, but I'm not going to spoiler it.

Have you read this book or heard about it before? :) Let me know!


  1. Ooh this sounds neat! I really love that cover too! And I'm definitely loving lots of fighting!! haha. Great review chick!

    1. The cover is indeed very pretty! :D One of the first reasons for me to click on this book, haha.

  2. Hi Mel! Love your review! I forgot that I wanted this book! :D


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