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I've been tagged for the first time by Vivaciously Vivian! I'm so excited about it. Thank you!

The Rules:

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The only problem is that I don't really know 11 other bloggers. So, if you feel like it, go ahead: answer the questions and leave a link in the comment box :)

My Questions:
1. If there is a book (or series) that you wish just had one more book written that follows the first, what would it be?
Actually, there's no book/series. Sometimes more books only ruins the storyline. There's a reason why an author decides to end the story and I respect that :) Sometimes I regret an ending, but it's the way it is. For example; I love Harry Potter and I always feel sad when I've read all the books again, but another book will spoil the series :)
The only thing I wish for is a Dutch translation from the third book from Christoph Marzi in the Lycidas series. It's originally written in German. I can read, understand and talk German quite good, but it takes too much time to read such a thick book :)

2. Your favourite YA book cliche? What do you like about it? e.g. love triangles, vampires, etc.
I like the cliche that almost every book ends with a happily ever after. I'm a sucker for good endings.

3. Do you remember your very first book review? Which book was it for?
The first one according to Goodreads was also my first request! Christine E. Shultze - Gold healer, dark enchantress. If you are interested in the review, you can click on this link to my first review. Before that book I've written more reviews, but that was for personal use.

4. How many hours do you spend blogging/reading blog posts per day?
That depends on the blog. The cover loving Monday costs around 15 minutes, because I save the covers I like on my computer. A review depends of my opinion about a book. If I love a book, I'll write a longer review about it, so that takes more time :) I don't really know how much. I don't look at the time, because I just enjoy writing it! But I'm always busy with my blog and I love it.

5. Is there something for books that you absolutely do not tolerate? (for example, I don't tolerate excessive swearing)
I don't like books with a lot of detailed sex in it. It's not that I don't like a sex scene in it, but I've read a book and everytime there was a description about what they were doing. Nehh, that's not what I like in a book. And I also dislike it when sex is displayed like banging each other and stuff like that.. It's supposed to be sweet and loving.

6. A book that you'd like to see made into a movie! Any actors/actresses you wish would play certain characters?
I want Alan Rickman to be in the movie, haha. I adore his voice, good heavens, I can listen to him every minute of the day. And Zoe Deschanel, because I like her.

Now about the book. I think that Christoph Marzi - Lycidas would be fun as a movie! It's about another world under London (it always reminds me of Harry Potter) and strange things are happening. It's up to a young girl called Emily to save the day with her best friend Aurora and two new male friends. I think that Mr. Wittgenstein (awesome name) would be a good role for Alan Rickman. Zoe is too old to be Emily, but perhaps she could play Lilith in the second book. Chloe Moretz as Emily (she's in the movie Hugo)

7. What is one of your peculiar fears or a pet peeve?
I really don't like ladybirds. They make such scary noises when they fly.

8. In some of your favourite authors, what do you admire the most in them?
If you take Juliet Marillier; her books have that mysterious feeling when you read them. There's a certain peaceful way in her words. A good author can make me forget the world around me. He can make me grasp my breath, make me want to cry with the characters, make me want to jump into the book. A good author can dazzle me with situations, can give me the feeling that I never want to stop reading. A good book can suck me completely into the story and it will never let me go :)

9. Your favourite ice-cream flavour is~?
Chocolate and lemon!

10. If you were to magically appear in a book and aid the protagonist along with his/her journey through the book, which book would it be?
Let's take something different than Harry Potter, since that would be too predictable. I would like to dive into Seven Waters from Juliet Marillier and especially the first and fourth book.

11. Would you see yourself blogging 5 years from now? 10?
Yes, definitely! I can never promise that my blog is still here 5 years from now or 10, but I can see myself do it. There's nobody that loves reading as much as I do in my surrounding, so I can't really talk about it. I like to tell my boyfriend about a book and he always listen to me, but he can never talk about it, because he doesn't read them. It's so much fun to talk about books and really get a reply about the book.
I know that I'm not flawless in my writing. English is not the hardest language there is, but there are some difficult rules about grammars and I don't know every word. Still, it's fun to write a review and I'm doing my best! I even went to the library to get books about 'English writing'. That is prove for me that I really want this. I want to write about books, I want to be part of the book blog community :).

Questions for you:
1. What's your best book blog experience? (example: interviewing your favorite writer)
2. Why and when did you decide to make a blog about books?
3. What do you do besides blogging? (example: attending school)
4. What type of books do you dislike?
5. What do you seek in a protagonist?
6. Do you prefer books written in the first person view or in the third/second person view?
7. When did you start reading?
8. Who is your favorite writer and why?
9. Name one book you could read over and over and over again. Why that one?
10. What do you prefer: a male or a female protagonist?
11. Do you like book films or not?

I had a lot of fun answering the questions! Sorry for the long answers, haha, sometimes I can go on and on.


  1. Those are awesome answers, Mel! :)
    I really enjoyed reading them <3
    Ah, I love good endings like crazy too, it just feels..right! doesn't it? haha! and I've never read anything by Ms. Marillier, but I'll be sure to check out her books!

    1. Yes, good endings are the best! Sometimes a sad one is nice too, because it's realistic, but I always want to read something good after that :p Otherwise, I keep feeling sad, haha.

      You should do that! And if you want to start with just a stand alone, read Heart's blood :)


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