Review 35. Carolyn Turgeon – Godmother.

Godmother: The Secret Cinderella StoryTitle: Godmother: the secret Cinderella story.
Author: Carolyn Turgeon.
Pages: 288.
Published: March 3rd 2009.
Publisher: Three Rivers Press.
Sort: Stand alone.
Lil is an old woman who spends her days shelving rare books in a tiny Manhattan bookstore and lonely nights at home in her apartment. But Lil has an intriguing secret. Tucked and bound behind her back are white feathery wings–the only key to who she once was: the fairy godmother responsible for getting Cinderella to the ball to unite with her Prince Charming. But then one day she meets Veronica–a young, fair-skinned, flame-haired East Village beauty with a love of all things vintage and a penchant for falling in love with the wrong men–and suddenly it becomes clear to Lil that she’s been given a chance at redemption. If she can find a soul mate for Veronica, she may right her wrong and return to the fairy world she so deeply longs for..

I have read the other book from this author called ‘Mermaid’ and I loved that story. That’s why I was so disappointed in this book.. This review has spoilers, so be aware.

This story tells about an old woman called Lil. She lives in New York and she works at a local bookshop. She works for George, a strange man in my eyes. He's always whining about the fact that he'll never find someone new (he divorced last year), but he doesn't give anyone a chance.

Lil meets Veronica, a bright, young girl and she decides that she and George are destined for each other (something I didn't really see, but okay). She wants to right her wrong, so she can return to the fairy world. She was kicked out, because she took Cinderella’s place. Cinderella was sad, depressed (and I thought she was very annoying) and she didn't want to meet the prince. Lil was in love with him the first time she saw him, so she promised Cinderella she would go - and she would return to help her. After the ball, she finds Cinderella on the floor. Dead. Her wrists cut with a glass shoe.

Then everything becomes a blur for me.. Apparently, Lil did go to a ball and she did met her prince, but her sister wasraped and murdered. That's the Cinderella she keeps talking about. So, Lil is a crazy, old woman who has made up a story in her head.. Is it because of the trauma? Or just because she's old?

I hated this ending. I really, really hated it. Lil dies, because she believes she's going back to her fairy world. Why didn't the cover said anything about a old woman losing her mind? I didn't understand the ending at first.. I still believed she was a fairy, but then I thought about the pictures and it all became clear. It sucks! Fairytales should be about romantic events, happy endings and brave guys. So, that’s why I was so disappointed in this one.


  1. Oh my, it being a tragedy just ruins it for me. I love fairytales because of their happily-ever-afters :/

  2. SHE DIES! YOU TOTALLY RUINED IT!!! Bahaha just kidding. I don't really have much interest in this book especially now.

  3. Argh. I NEED my books to have a happy ending T_T And a tragedy? Total no-no. That's so sad, since now that I've read the summary, it actually sounded nice. :(

  4. @Sel, exactly!
    @Giselle, haha, I actually thought for a minute: OH NO. I would keep it that way :)
    @Sophie, that's why I picked up this book in the first place. The synopsis sounded great, but the story wasn't.

  5. I should begin by sharing that I am a fan of all things mermaid related. My home is filled with statues and collectibles, and I have more than one mini-shrine devoted to the Disney adaptation of the classic story. That said, this particular novel took a few chapters to really capture my interest.

  6. @Eesti, how nice! Especially the mini-shrine for all the Disney adaptions of the story :D

  7. "What occurs in the world of faerie will become manifest in the world of men."
    this is the only line that keeps me confused about the ending.
    maybe she was a fairy after all? but i am not sure :P


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