Goodbye for now!

Bonjour lovely followers, blogfriends and booklovers,

tonight, I'm heading toward France for three weeks! Unfortunately, I can't blog during these days, because there is no internet. I really hope that you won't forget me and my blog!

I have my notebook ready and I bring my laptop with me, so I'm going to write a huge amount of reviews.

Be prepared for my return.

Take care and I'm going to miss you!

PS: I have internet on my phone, so I'll keep my Goodreads up-to-date ^^


  1. EEEHHH?!! O_O Omigosh, Meeeeeeeeeel!!
    TT o TT -sobs-

    Vivi will miss you very much! but I wish you a very happy and enjoyable and relaxing trip, so come back to us soon! <3 Have a great time in France ;__; -waves handkerchief-

  2. Have fun on your holiday! I am curious which books you are taking with you but I'll guess we will see when you are back. Enjoy your free time, reading and writing.

  3. I know, Viv. It will be a long time, but it will be so much fun when I return! I already have, like, 6 reviews waiting and there will come so much more ^^ I will miss you too! *waves back*

  4. OMG!! lucky!! Im going there next summer!! =DDD
    Have a blast my dear! enjoy it! ^___^
    Where are you from btw?
    Take care and we are waiting for you ^___^ muah!!

  5. Natalia, I live in The Netherlands! I've been in France so many times already. I can't wait until I can travel alone with my boyfriend to other countries ^^ See you later! :D x

  6. I hope you have a lovely time Mel! I look forward to your return. :D

  7. How exciting!! I hope you have a blast. My sister has been to france a couple times and loves it!!


  8. OH! I'll miss you, Mel, but have a GREAT time! We'll all be right here when you come back!! Wow you are so lucky!! I LOVE France. The food, the people... everything is so beautiful. Well have a great time, and I look forward to your return! You'll be missed, sweetie. <333 Love you! xx

  9. France?!! Sounds amazing! Have a lovely time. :)

  10. Uh, wow? MEL! Hope you have fun! THat is unbelievably amazing. Paris... *sgh* j'aime ♥


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