Review 59. Julie Kagawa – Summer’s crossing.

Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, #3.5)Title: Summer’s crossing.
Author: Julie Kagawa.
Pages: 72.
Published: June 1st 2011.
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Sort: Part 3.5 from ‘The iron fey.’

A Midsummer's Nightmare? Robin Goodfellow. Puck. Summer Court prankster, King Oberon's right hand, bane of many a faery queen's existence—and secret friend to Prince Ash of the Winter Court. Until one girl's death came between them, and another girl stole both their hearts. Now Ash has granted one favor too many and someone's come to collect, forcing the prince to a place he cannot go without Puck's help—into the heart of the Summer Court. And Puck faces the ultimate choice—betray Ash and possibly win the girl they both love, or help his former friend turned bitter enemy pull off a deception that no true faery prankster could possibly resist.

“Once upon a time, I had two close friends. Shocking, I know, given my natural charm, but there are those who just don’t appreciate my brilliance.”

That’s line describes Puck perfectly. He is humorous, a prankster and he always tries to annoy Ash. He is also very loyal and he manages to find a way out of every impossible situation. Ash made a deal with the exiled Queen Leanansidhe in order to help Meghan in part 3 – The iron Queen. She is ready to claim her price; Ash must bring her violin back. Queen Titiana has stolen the violin from her. Luckily for Ash, Puck is ready to help him out.

Together they find a way to slip into the castle. When they discover that the violin is actually a living young girl, they must change their plan. Are they able to bring the girl to Leanansidhe? They better be, because a broken promise isn’t something you want in the faery world.

Like I said. This story is told from Puck’s point of view and I adore him! There is something about his humor and easy manners. He made me laugh a couple of times and he felt very natural and real. Julie did a great job in writing from his POV. I believed every word of it and I can imagine that this is how he thinks; I loved to be inside his brain. Just a funny, little story between book three and four.


  1. if anything, this short story made me love Puck even more than I already did! <3 <3 I am suffering from sever Iron Fey withdrawal! I can't wait for The Lost Prince!! >w<

  2. I need to read a Julia Kagawa book soon! I love twists on classics so I need to read this one, thanks so much for this great review! :)

  3. I really need to start reading the short stories of this series, especially since I adore Puck. Great review!

  4. Puck sounds great and you've reminded me that I really need to read this series soon!

  5. Haha that line truly is SO Puck! I can't believe I haven't read this novella yet since I love the series so much. :o Even though I am Team Ash, Puck's humor and snark is so fun and I love him. :)

  6. This sounds amazing, Mel! I've only read Winter's Passage, so I'll have to get on to that. You're so right, Puck just has that natural ability to lighten any situation and make you laugh! <3 Even though he doesn't make me swoon like Ash, I still love him just as much too! Great review!!!


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