Review 77. Jackson Pearce – Sweetly.

Sweetly (Fairytale Retellings, #2)Title: Sweetly.
Author: Jackson Pearce.
Pages: 310.
Published: August 23rd 2011.
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
Sort: Part two of ‘Fairytale retellings.’
Review part one: Sisters red.
As a child, Gretchen's twin sister was taken by a witch in the woods. Ever since, Gretchen and her brother, Ansel, have felt the long branches of the witch's forest threatening to make them disappear, too. Years later, when their stepmother casts Gretchen and Ansel out, they find themselves in sleepy Live Oak, South Carolina. They're invited to stay with Sophia Kelly, a beautiful candy maker who molds sugary magic: coveted treats that create confidence, bravery, and passion. Life seems idyllic and Gretchen and Ansel gradually forget their haunted past -- until Gretchen meets handsome local outcast Samuel. He tells her the witch isn't gone -- it's lurking in the forest, preying on girls every year after Live Oak's infamous chocolate festival, and looking to make Gretchen its next victim. Gretchen is determined to stop running and start fighting back. Yet the further she investigates the mystery of what the witch is and how it chooses its victims, the more she wonders who the real monster is. Gretchen is certain of only one thing: a monster is coming, and it will never go away hungry.

Here is the pretty cover again! This book surprised me in a positive way. There was a twist I never expected and it made this book blend into the first book perfectly. I wondered how this series would stick together and Pearce definitely made it work. I loved the little interview at the end of the book, where Gretchen and Rosie meet each other.

”That’s what love is. It becomes a part of you. It holds you down sometimes: it becomes something you can’t escape.”

Ansel and Gretchen are cast out by their stepmother. On their way to their new life, their car breaks down and they don’t have enough money to get it fixed. They end up in a little pub where everybody eyes them with suspicion. It’s clear they aren’t used to newbies, but one of the guys offers them a job. Sophia, who lives on the edge of Live Oak, works in a candy store and she can use some help. They accept it right away.

Sophia is mysterious. It’s a pretty girl and she appears to be very happy, but there are some dark memories haunting her life. Like Gretchen and Ansel, she lost her sister. Gretchen’s twin was snatched away in the woods by a ‘witch’. Sophia’s father was slaughtered by a beast and the whole town distrust her. Ever year, she gives a chocolate party and every time, a girl goes missing.

Can Gretchen unravel Sophia’s secrets before it is too late for her and the other girls?

It was a fantastic read. There isn’t much action and it was slow, but in a good way. There was enough time to bond with the characters; to get absorbed by the atmosphere. Sophia is a strange girl and I felt suspicious from the beginning. Ansel starts to fall in love with her and Gretchen likes her, but she keeps her mind clear. She is capable of making intelligent choices and she was such a kick ass girl. Instead of shying away from her fears, she looks them in the eyes. Samuel was lovely. He is a bit distant, but that made him more attractive for me. I like how their feelings really develop.

The story knew how to surprise me from the beginning to the end. Even in the last couple of pages there was an unexpected twist. The writing style reads incredibly fast; you keep running through the pages until the last word hits you in the face. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on Fathomless, so I can devour that one too.


  1. Love your review:) Never heard about the book, tanks for book tip:)

  2. I've been seeing Fathomless around lately and I am a huge fan of retellings lately. I wasn't aware that Fathomless was part of a series! Great review!

  3. I saw this in the library but i didn't pick it up. So, i'm happy that you wrote a review on it. I'll have to pick this up when i have the chance.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  4. Im glad that even though it was slow, it was still a good read! Awesome review, Gretchen and Ansel sound awesome!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  5. I've been wanting to read Jackson Pearce for so long and just haven't gotten around to it. So glad that you enjoy her novels! :) I have Fathomless for review but I'm not sure if it'll be more of a sequel or companion... Any thoughts on that? Would I be giving myself major spoilers if I read them out of order?

    Sophia sounds like such a great MC - so glad you liked it! :) Great review, Mel <3


  6. LOL Ansel and Gretchen. I am a fan of the book covers and now I think I'll check out book one and see if the story lived up to the cover art.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I really never considered these Fairytale Retelling books by this author until I saw Fathomless and now I am definitely intrigued. I will definitely have to pick these books up. :)

  8. Ooh I loved that quote! I havent read this book yet but I believe i have the first book I think? anyway great review Mel x


  9. Ooh, love at that cover! I really need to read this asap as I do love a good fairytale re-telling. :D

  10. Oh Mel! thanks so much for this review, it is rare to see reviews about books that has already been published a year ago in the blogosphere! so thanks for this. I recently read Fathomless and I really enjoyed it, so I defintiely will put this one on my pile now :)
    Hope you are doing awsome my dear ^.^ and SO sorry for my giveaways that havent been INTL. sniff! =( but one will come soon during next month! ^_^
    take care! muah! ^.^

  11. Great review Mel!! I had a bit of a mini crush on Samuel myself after reading this.
    So far, I've enjoyed this book the most in the series.... but I haven't read Fathomless yet so we'll see! :)

  12. I'm reading 'Sisters Red' right now and really enjoying it. Can't wait to read this one too! Yay for more fairy tales! :D Great review Mel.


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