Fairytale read-a-thon 1.

fairytale-a-thonYou can sign up over here at Debz books.

So, as a fairytale lover I have to participate in this read-a-thon. It sounds like so much fun! :) This will be my first read-a-thon and I can't wait.

The Read-a-Thon will start at 12:01AM on October 17th and end at 11:59PM on October 22nd. The goal of this Read-a-Thon is to read as many fairy tale themed books as possible. Whether you’ve got some recent releases that you’re dying to read (Cinder, Enchanted, Tiger Lily) or some old classics you want to reread (Goose Girl, Beauty, Ella Enchanted) I’m sure you can find something to read.
Sounds great, doesn't it? I will be updating this post with all the books I've read and I will be posting my reviews about them soon!

Day one:
Read: Alex Flinn - Bewitching.
Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles, #2)
Opinion: I really liked it! :)
Pages: 336.
Mini challenge: Kami's Library Thoughts, completed. Named all the retellings.
Giveaway: Not international, so couldn't enter.

Day two:
Read: Ruth Frances Long - The treachery of beautiful things.
Cameron Dokey - Before midnight.
The Treachery of Beautiful ThingsBefore Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella"
Opinion: In the end, I quite liked The treachery of beautiful things. Before Midnight was sweet! Nice, original spin on Cinderella.
Pages: 384 & 193.
Mini Challenge: Geo Librarian. Completed. I had to name a fairytale and 5 retellings. Easy peasy.
Giveaway: Entered, yeah!

Day three:
Read: Gail Carson Levine - Fairest.
Opinion: Not what I expected, in a good way. So original!
Pages: 326.
Mini Challenge: Wonderland's reader
Giveaway: A book lover's ramblings. Entered :D

Day four:
Read: Debbie ViguiƩ - Violet eyes.
Violet Eyes: A Retelling of the "Princess and the Pea" (Once Upon a Time)
Opinion: Super cute!
Pages: 195.
Mini Challenge: Pages Unbound.
Rapunzel Image
You are Rapunzel!  You long for adventure and romance and look forward to expanding your horizons.  Outgoing, cheerful, and willing to try new things, you know how to have fun and how to bring out the best in the people around you.
Giveaway: Jessie's book place. Entered.

Day five:
Read: 83% of Alethea Kontis - Enchanted.

Day six:
Read: Alethea Kontis - Enchanted.
Mini Challenge.

Total pages: 1739.

Books I can read:
-Jackson Pearce: Fathomless.
-Anna Ursu: Breadcrumbs.
-Cameron Dokey: Before midnight.
-Cameron Dokey: Winter's child.
-Cameron Dokey: The world above.
-Cameron Dokey: Storyteller's daughter.
-Debbie ViguiƩ: Violet eyes.
-E.D Baker: Tales of the frog princess (There are eight books.)
-Elizabeth Bunce: A curse dark as gold.
-Francesca Lia Block: The rose & the beast.
-Gail Carson Levine: Fairest.
-Gregory Maguire: Mirror mirror.
-Heather Thomlinson: The swan maiden.
-Janette Raillison: My fair godmother.
-Janette Raillison: My unfair godmother.
-Jessica Day George: Sun and moon, Ice and snow.
-Jim C Hines: part one, the stepsisters scheme (there are four books.)
-Michael Buckley: part two sisters Grimm (there are more books)
-Pamela Dean: Tam Lin.
-Sarah Beth Durst: Ice.
-Shannon Hale: The goose girl.
-Suzanne Weyn: The night dance.
-Suzanne Weyn: Water song.
-Marissa Mar: Fairytales & nightmares.
-Gena Showalter: Alice in Zombieland.
-Alethea Kontis: Enchanted.
-And more :p

So, let's see how far I can come! I don't have a certain amount of books planned. I just want to have fun :) Leave a link to your challenge!

I read 6 books. Not as much as I wanted, because my last days were busy. I had to do so many things to do and they came out of nowhere. I had a fun time and I would participate a second time right away :)


  1. Thanks for joining. You have quite an ambitious list! Oh, and you're free to read any book as long as you think it falls into the category of "fairy tale". Good luck reading!

  2. This sounds fun! Wish I had the time to participate ! :D

  3. Woooo! Look at that list! Hehe. Having a good choice is always good :D

    Hope you have fun reading what you choose to read!


  4. Read SISTER'S GRIMM and GAIL CARSON LEVINE (always Gail Carson Levine)! Tehe. This is awesome Mel. I thought about doing this too, but I'm being very strict with myself as far as reading right now: MUST finish ALL library books, and I only have 2 1/2 left, and THEN I must read some books I own that I haven't read yet. And some of these aren't fairy tales (although, you know me, some of them are). Anyways, can't wait to see your progress on this! :D

  5. Oooh, The Treachery of Beautiful Things is supposed to be great, and Alex Flinn is always fun, and a great readathon choice. You list looks great too. I can't wait to see what you pick up next!

    Pica @ Pica Reads

  6. I recently read A Treachery of Beautiful Things, and I really enjoyed it! I thought the beginning was a little cheesy, but it changed quickly. I hope you like it, too!

  7. Sounds like a fun readathon, and I look forward to hearing about your progress! Happy reading.

  8. Wow, you are doing great so far! Haven't read any of those, although they're all on my tbr list :)

    Happy reading!

  9. Have fun with this read-a-thon! :) And good luck.

  10. Fairest looks good! Going to have to check it out.

    Good luck with your goals. :)

  11. Rapunzel is awesome too! :D Thanks for commenting, I am glad to find another Belle Fan! :D

  12. Wow, you did great :) I read Ella Enchanted & loved it, so now I'll have to read Fairest, too, everyone says it's amazing!


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