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Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book?

The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)I actually have several deal breakers, but I will pick three:

I'm not a huge fan of love triangles if they are bad written and only there to spice up the boring storyline. Sometimes, they can work. For example: in the Iron Fey I could totally understand Meghan's confusion between Ash and Puck. *Team Puck, yeah*

One thing that makes me quit a book: unlikable characters, especially the main character. If I can't connect with the MC, I don't like the book. Bonding is so important for me.

And one of the things that is bugging me at the moment is the whole love for the terrible-bad-boys. There is nothing swoonworthy about a boy who treats his girlfriend like crap! What's wrong with the sweet relationships where boy and girl are respectful for each other? I do like it when they 'hate' each other in the beginning, because I enjoy sarcastic conversations like Throne of Glass, but there are limits.

So, what is your deal breaker?


  1. I cannot handle love of bad-boys in books. I won't even bother to pick up a book if I think that's whats going to happen. Definite deal breaker for me.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. I do find it INCREDIBLY hard to read a book I can't connect with the MC in.

    I don't mind the bad boys thing, I love it. Ahem...but I do think not every boy needs to be a bad boy! There should be good guys who get the girl, too!

  3. Great points, I totally agree! Having to stick with an unlikable MC through an entire book is the worst!
    And yaaaay Team Puck!! <3

  4. Bad editing is definitely a deal breaker. I've run across books that everyone is raving about and yet I can't get past the first chapter because the editing is so bad. Also, I'm sick of virgins. If I have to read about another virgin (that's not young adult) I'm gonna scream. Ditto in the happy endings that wrap up all neat. A little reality goes a long way with me.

    New follow via GFC.

    Julie~ New Adult Addiction

  5. I agree on all of these! I like it when there's no insta love, but 'bad boy' doesn't mean treating your love interest like shit.
    And omg, I CAN'T read another crappy love triangle anymore! Twilight really did ruin that for me.

    Old follower :)

    Judith @ Paper Riot

  6. I completely agree with all of those! Love triangles have been majorly annoying me of late, almost to the point where I refuse to read a book because of it. And I definitely struggle with books if I can't connect with the main character.

  7. I can do a well played love triangle, but hate it when someone is actually 'in love' with two guys. Make sense? I can see someone just getting to know two guys and not sure about either...but that rarely seems to be the case in love triangles these days. Sigh.

  8. I am totally Team Puck, too. I really liked him.
    I completely agree about the whole bad boy thing, which was why I didn't like Beautiful Disaster much. I don't understand the appeal for an emotionally abusive dude. I know what you mean, I like sarcasm and banter, but not flat out rudeness and being mean and flat out abusive.
    Great answer.
    Thanks for stopping by and following. old follower via GFC.
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  9. Yeah crappy bad boy boyfriends are just stupid. Although, I will say I like the bad boy who in reality has a soft side and that's what the heroine gets to see. To the rest of the world he's a jerky bad boy. That kind of bad boy I do not mind one bit!!

    Love triangles can be annoying too! But I like your example, that one did have a point and it was hard for Meghan to choose. I loved both of them myself, so I understood her confusion of feelings!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  10. Hi Mel,

    Thanks for stopping by The Book Asylum. New follower via GFC! I partially agree with you on the bad boy craze. I love a bad boy, but not when they're big jerks. I'm more of a bad boy on the outside, softy on the inside kind of gal :) Love your blog!

    Happy Friday,

  11. OMG yes! I agree with the love triangles. They can be really well done. Like, Team Puck for example and also the Lucas vs Derek in the Shadow Falls series. I think it helps when even the author doesn't know who the girl will end up. It makes for a more interesting read.

    But the extreme love of bad boys? Yeah, no bueno. I don't get it. I get that girls like bad boys, but why are gentlemen so unattractive these days? I would much rather have Mr. Darcy, even when he was treating me like I was barely tolerable, than to have lecherous Mr. Wickam.

    Old follower

    My FF

  12. So true. Unlikable MC's are hard to take. And I'm alway so excited when I read a book with a love interest that doesn't have the angsty bad boy vibe. Thanks for stopping by my post. New Follower.

  13. I don't mind love-triangles if they're well done, I just think they're getting overused/abused in YA fiction lately. I have loved some triangles though, I can't deny! Definitely agree with you on the unlikeable MC, I wish I'd though of adding it when I wrote my FFF Thanks for sharing,old follower.

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  14. You have a really good answer and agree about unlikeable characters.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)
    - Marissa (New Follower) from: http://www.fortheloveoffilmandnovels.com/

  15. I agree the Iron Fey series did have a decent love triangle that didn't annoy me.

  16. Our answers were very similar!
    Thanks for stopping by btw

  17. I need to be able to connect with the MC as well. Thanks for stopping by my FF Old follower

  18. Omg omg omg omg! You said exactly what I thought about The Iron Fey Series. It was one of the only love triangles that ever worked without me banging my head against the wall! If I was in Meghan's position, I would never be able to pick. xD Thanks for stopping by my blog. Followed back!

    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  19. I agree, that connection with the main character is so, so important.

    New follow.
    Alise - My FF Post

  20. Vivian the Spirit says: Awesome answer, Mel! I'm right with you about the MC and love triangles. To be honest, I quite enjoy love triangles, but if they're badly written...then no. Happy Friday!! <3 POOF! p.s. Sorry I haven't been around! these past 2 weeks have been hell ;__;

  21. I can handle love triangles but unlikable characters is bad.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  22. I agree with you about love triangles, I'm not a huge fan. Great post! :)

  23. Great answers - love triangles are okay for me, but if it is shoehorned in and doesn't make sense then definitely not!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower through Linky!

  24. I didn't think of it on my post, but I hate when a love triangle isn't really a love triangle, when one point of the triangle isn't really developed. Thanks for the follow and returned the favor.

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! OOh. That's true. Falling in love with bad-boys, but if the boys turns good, I may be able to accept it. :)

    Old follower~
    Cindy @ http://bookaholicfaggots.blogspot.com

  26. Great answer! I also need a connection with the MC to enjoy the book. About the bad boys... the only kind I like is those who are at least good to their girlfriend, or their friends, or just generally have a moral compass (no matter how small it is). If not, I'll spend the whole time shouting (in my head) with the protagonist: "What the hell are you thinking?" Definitely not a good way to read.
    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog - I'm an old follower!
    Katie @ Fiction Predictions


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