Review 93. Carrie Ryan – Hare moon.

Hare Moon: An Original Forest of Hands and Teeth StoryTitle: Hare moon.
Author: Carrie Ryan.
Pages: 40.
Published: April 5th 2011 (first published March 23rd 2011)  
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375979999 (ISBN13: 9780375979996)
Sort: Part 0,5 of ‘The forest of hands and teeth.’
Part 1: The forest of hands and teeth.
Part 2: The dead-tossed waves.
Part 3: The dark & hollow places.
Tabitha can’t shake the feeling that something exists beyond the fences of her village. And when she sneaks out, past the gates and down the path into the Forest of Hands and Teeth, she meets a boy who teaches her heart things she never knew. But love in a world surrounded by so much death doesn’t come without its sacrifices, and Tabitha gradually realizes just how much she’ll have to give up to live among the Unconsecrated.

I absolutely love "The forest of hands and teeth" series, so I had to read this book about Tabitha. There is no time to connect with her and the story about her life is too short to get to know her. It’s all about her desire for answers; her hunger for more. She decides to sneak out on the path outside the gates, where she meets a boy called Patrick. Every Hare Moon they will meet again, but one day he doesn’t show up.

When Tabitha becomes part of the Sisters after their suspicion that she is up to something, she stumbles on a book. It tells the story of the Return and it suddenly becomes clear to Tabitha: the Sisters are right. But can she resist Patrick’s desperate question when he asks Tabitha to hide him and his brother in her city after an Unconsecrated attack?

The characters are plain. There is no real description about Tabitha or Patrick and I couldn’t feel the growing love between them. I could expect that, since it's a very short story. The ending was very unexpected and it actually made the whole story go from 2 princesses to 3.



  1. Well, it's too bad this one didn't live up to the rest of the series. I still need to read this series myself, but I really hope to someday because it sounds awesome!

  2. I love anything written by Carrie Ryan, but it's a real shame that you didn't like this short story. Not a fan of short stories but nice and honest review!

  3. YES YES YES. I really enjoyed THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, too! It's probably one of the best zombie books I've ever read. Too bad that HARE MOON wasn't that good, though. While I'd still love to enter that world, I don't think I'll be checking this one out.

    Either way, great review, Mel! :)

  4. I've only read the first book in the series -- and I was proud of myself, because it was SCARY. I'm glad you loved this!

  5. I haven't heard of "The forest of hands and teeth' series and haven't read any short stories by Carrie Ryan before, but I will have to look it up now! Thanks :)

  6. Not having time to connect with the characters is usually why I tend to shy away from short stories, unless I have already met the characters. I really enjoyed the Forest of Hands and Teeth series so I look forward to giving this a shot. Great review! :)

  7. It can be hard to be moved by short stories because the author just doesn't have as much time to make you care. Glad the ending moved the rating up from a 2 to 3 stars. Great review Mel. :)

  8. Ho hum... Sorry to hear that you were disappointed by this one. :( Like you, I'm a huge fan of The Forest of Hands and Teeth (and the zombies!) but I think I'll just pass up on this one. Short stories can be tricky to accomplish when emotional investment of the reader comes into play. Great review!

  9. I loved TFoHaT series, too...but I never read this short for some reason. Maybe it's best if I don't? I don't know. But an ending that adds a whole star/princess? I kind of HAVE to read it :) Great've given me a lot to consider.

  10. I just started Forest of Hand and Teeth the other day and I'm really loving it so far. It's so dark and well-written, right up my alley. I didn't know there was a short, I should have read that first. I'll make sure to read it as soon as I can.


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