Review 116. Lee Carroll - Black swan rising.

Title: Black swan rising.Black Swan Rising (Black Swan Rising #1)
Author: Lee Carroll.
Pages: 400.
Published: November 1st 2010.
Publisher: Bantam.
Sort: Part one of ‘Black swan rising.’
Source: Netgalley & Publisher.
When New York City jewellery designer Garet James stumbles into a strange antiques shop in her neighbourhood, her life is about to be turned upside down. John Dee, the enigmatic shopkeeper, commissions her to open a vintage silver box for a generous sum of money. Oddly, the symbol of a swan on the box exactly matches the ring given to her by her deceased mother. Garet can’t believe her luck and this eerie coincidence until she opens the box and otherworldly things start happening.. That evening, the precious silver box is stolen. When Garet begins to investigate, she learns that she has been pulled into a prophecy that is hundreds of years old, and opening the box has unleashed an evil force onto the streets of Manhattan and the world at large. Does Garet possess the power to reclaim the box and defeat this devastating force?

Garet James is twenty-six and lives with her father Roman. He has some debts and she is trying hard to help him. She makes jewellery and one day, she stumbles into a strange shop. John Dee knows about her and he asks her to help him to open a silver box. He will give her a nice sum of money. Garet is intrigued by the symbol of a swan; it resembles the swan from her ring. She feels like it means something, but strange things happen when she opens the box. That evening, the box is stolen and her father is shot.

That’s how Will Hughes comes into her life and he isn’t just some person. His past is entangled with Garet’s past. He opens a whole new world for her and Garet finds out that she has an important role. Her mother was one of the Watchers and it’s Garet’s job to find John Dee. He is planning to destroy the world with the box; he is now able to call out the demons of Despair and Discord. Together with the attractive Will and famous Oberon, she is trying to track down John Dee’s hiding place before it is too late.

I liked Garet. Her life is turned upside down, but she doesn’t whine about it. She takes things as they are and she is pretty kick-ass. There is something special running through her veins and she learns some great tricks by visiting legends, like Melusine. It was fun to see how some of these mythical creatures are supposed to be entwined with our lives. I loved their background stories. The other characters play a small role and I didn’t really connect with them, but I appreciated their input in Garet’s life.

The world-building is good. We slowly unravel the situation and there was enough information to understand what is going on, without getting boring. There is a constant pace that worked very well with the story and the writing-style was fine.

The thing that bothered me is a minor spoiler so you will have to see for yourself, but it has to do with the developing feelings between Garet and Will. It went a bit too fast for my taste, despite the explanation about their special bond. Also the fact that Garet is willing to do something for him while she doesn’t know him so long, was strange in my eyes. I guess I just didn’t see the sparks between them, but I hope that it will develop in the sequel - a book I will definitely read, because I want to see how this is going to continue.


  1. Black Swan Rising sounds interesting, but you it seems like you have some legitimate concerns. I'm not an insta-feelings person, so I probably wouldn't be a fan of the relationship between Garet and Will. However, you definitely caught my attention with your great review. I'm curious as to how you'll feel about the sequel.

  2. I never heard of this but now I'm interested. I might wait to see how you feel about the sequel before reading it though.

  3. I saw this on your Showcase and I adore the cover to it! I added on GR and I knew I would really like this book! I think the only thing that will be different is that fact that I haven't read anything of someone over 20, if that makes sense. I seem be in the YA world a lot and I haven't read an NA for a while! But I still love the concept of this book! Lovely Review, Mel! :)

  4. Garet and the world building sounds great despite the other issues. Lovely review.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  5. Urgh! I hate it when the romance feels rushed! :\ Like others have said above, I think I'll wait until you review the sequel to see whether I want to read this or not. Great review Mel!

  6. Never heard of this one before now - sounds good I guess though I am no fan of fast moving relationships either. Thanks for this review, Mel!

  7. I haven't heard of this book. I'm quite intrigued even though you said the romance went to quickly. I'll look for it.


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