Review 117. Rae Carson–The shadow cats.

The Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns, #0.5)Title: The shadow cats.
Author: Rae Carson.
Pages: 54.
Published: July 17th 2012.
Publisher: Greenwillow Books.
Sort: Part 0.5 of ‘Fire and thorns.’
Review part 1: The girl of Fire and thorns.
Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness. And it was not Alodia. Alodia is the crown princess of the realm. The sister who knows how to rule, and the one who is constantly reminded that she has not been marked for a grand destiny. But Alodia has plans, and she will be the greatest queen her people have ever known. So she travels--with her hopeless, naïve, chosen sister--to a distant part of their land, to begin to secure her supporters. This region needs its princesses, for it is plagued with a curse. The crops don't grow, the spring doesn't arrive, and a fierce jaguar stalks the shadows, leaving only empty homes splashed with blood behind. If Alodia can save them, no one will be able to deny her strength and her sovereignty. But what she discovers could change the fate of her kingdom, if not her world. And it will most certainly change her opinion of her younger sister.
5 stars
I don’t think I have ever rated any short book with 5 flowers before, but this book totally deserves it. Rae Carson knows how to write. After reading part one, I fell in love with her writing-style and she managed to create another fantastic story in only 54 pages. It made me extra excited for her second book – which I hope to get soon!

Alodia is Crown Princess of Orovalle and she is the older sister from Elisa, the girl we met in The girl of fire and thorns. They are on their way to a wedding from an important man: Páxon protects the borders with his castle. Alodia wants to regain the loyalty and trust from him and her people in his region when she becomes Queen. Her father spent a lot of money in his war against Invierne en and the people are suffering. There is only one problem: Páxon might not marry his beloved bride, because there are rumours she is cursed. Alodia decides to investigate the matter together with Zito, but  she might lose more than she can gain.

What surprised me is how invested I became with Alodia en Zito. I cared for them, even when I didn’t know them that well. It was also great to see how Alodia’s opinion about Elisa changed at the end. Another things I appreciated was the fact that you can read this book as a stand-alone. You can follow the story if you haven’t read The girl of fire and thorns before. It’s a good way to meet her writing-style.

Conclusion: This was such a well-written addition to the series. Rae Carson has earned her spot on my list of favorite authors.



  1. Great review, Mel! I must give this a go some time. I can be a little reluctant when it comes to short stories, but I really enjoyed the first book in this series and your review has encouraged me. :) Glad you are a fan!

  2. I adore this series and forgot that she wrote a Novella! I need to read this ASAP

  3. fantastic review! Like you i really enjoyed the girl of fire and thorns and really like Rae Carson's writing style! I am happy that this novella is a stand alone and about her sister, that sounds really interesting!

    Juhina @ MajiBookshelf

  4. Love this series so much. I'm not quite sold on the whole novella craze, but maybe I'll give this a try!

  5. I adore this series! Can't get enough of it and I loved the novella as well.

  6. I think I will have to read this one since you liked it so much. I normally don't like novellas, but I'll see if I can get this one. I haven't read Girl of Fire and Thorns yet so it will be a good introduction. Thanks for the review!

  7. Yay! So glad you loved this short story. <3 I did too. It was just so so amazing. Alodia was amazing. Wish there was a book for her too, hih :)

  8. Haven't read this yet but now I might have to! Really liked Girl of Fire and Thorns but I LOVED Crown of Embers. Seriously! I have never liked a sequel more than the original except in this case. Have you read it yet?!

    1. Unfortunately, I STILL haven't read it. Ahhh, but I hope to buy a copy soon so I can devour it :D


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