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My Goal: I'm just going to keep it low, so at least 2 books. You can find my sign up post over here: Read-a-thon page, where I show you some titles I might be reading this read-a-thon. 
Books Read: I've already started in Megan Shephard - The madman's daughter, but I've only read a couple of pages so I'm going to include it.
Thoughts: It's good!
# of books read: 0, I'm now on page 78.
Books Read: Finished Megan Shephard - The madman's daughter, Started Jane Nickerson - Strands of bronze and gold. 
Thoughts: The madman's daughter was good!
# of books read: 1.
Books Read: I'm now reading Jane Nickerson - Strands of bronze and gold.
Thoughts: I like it so far!
# of books read: 1.
Books Read: Finished Jane Nickerson - Strands of bronze and gold.
Thoughts: It was good!
# of books read: 2
PLEASE DON'T CHEAT. Highlight to find the answers.

Challenge day 1. Unscramble titles.
1. If you find me.
2. Altered.
3. Privot point.
4. Arclight.
5. Poison.
6. Splintered.
7. X

Challenge Day 2. Pair that debut.
I'm now reading The madman's daughter by Meghan Shephard and it reminds me of this song: The Lumineers - Stubborn love (which is one of my favorite numbers to listen to at the moment). There is this part where he sings "I'd rather feel pain, than nothing at all" and I think this really fits to Juliet, the MC.

Challenge Day 3. Poemify that debut.
You know, I used to write a lot of poems. I kind of lost my inspiration a couple of years ago and I'm sometimes sad I hardly write anything. So this is fun! I must admit that I always write in my own language. It's a true challenge. I'll poemify 'Strands of bronze and gold'

In this book, the MC recently lost her father and she is now invited by her godfather to live with him. It's quite a change; the weather is terribly hot and he spoilers with a lot of presents. She is starting to feel more about him and she feels pity for him - he lost at least 4 wives and 2 children, but there is something not right.

Sometimes bad things in life happen
to those who doesn't deserve it, but
rainy days will always turn in sunny days
and behind the clouds shines the sun.
now is not the time to dwell in misery,
darkness will pass as long as there is
someone to help you up.
Oh, but how easy it is to put your
faith in the hands of a gorgeous man.

Be aware of whom you trust,
rumors can be true. 
one can be different than expected,
not like it appears to you:
zealous love can cloud your mind
end it before it is too late.

And it's easy to understand the mistake,
neither of us can judge her, but I
dread the day she becomes his other victim.

Go and flee, it's time for you to see
oh please, don't be stupid as me, my body still
lies in the tomb of this madness;
dead can hide under a beautiful mask.

Bwahah. I tried, but this is horrible. I wanted to incorporate every aspect from this story, but yeah. *Hides in a corner*

Challenge day 4. Solve that debut. 
1. Mindee Arnett - The nightmare affair.
2. Miriam Forster - City of a thousand dolls.
3. Demitria Lunetta - In the after.
4. x
5. Liz Coley - Pretty girl thirteen. 

This was a great read-a-thon and I completed my goal! I could have read 3 books, but I went to a music festival yesterday. We had some great weather (finally) and I had a lot of fun with my friends.


  1. The Madman's Daughter is a really, really interesting book. I liked it a lot. Congratulations on getting most of the titles! You did way better than me :)

  2. My goal is 2 books as well. Good luck! The second challenge is hosted on my blog, I hope you can do it! Happy reading!
    Pair That Debut Challenge #2
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  3. Good luck! And happy reading, chick! <33

  4. I am going to read Madman's Daughter soon as well!

  5. I should have bought The Madman's Daughter! *face smack* I love your song choice! Eek!

  6. I'm so glad you liked The Madman's Daughter! And the song you picked to go with it is a brilliant choice.

  7. How could you say your poem is horrible?! IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You worked with a super long title and made a fabulous and meaningful poem! Don't put yourself down, this poem is wonderfully beautiful!
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  8. I don't know what the book is about, but the poem stands really good on its own. I wish I could write as well as you!
    Debut-a-thon Post

  9. Oooh you did a really good job! I only managed to read one book lol. I'm happy you enjoyed The Madman's Daughter, as I'm planning to read it soon. I'm not sure about Strands of Bronze and Gold, since I've heard mixed things, but I'm glad you liked it! :)

    1. My review will be up soon. I gave it 3 stars in the end :)

  10. congratulations on finishing your readathon challenge!
    The Madman's Daughter sounds so great- I think I want to read that next :)

  11. Congrats on the great work! It's so great that you met your goal and participated in the challenges-I bet you had a lot of fun :)


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