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Q: Back to school. Create a reading list for the imaginary English Lit class you’ll be teaching this semester.

Like some of you might know, I’m studying Medical & Biological laboratory research and this year I’ll specialize myself in Microbiology. So of course I’d pick some books about epidemics that happen by micro-organism. Perhaps not something you would expect when you take an English lit semester, but hey, I'm the teacher here. It's fun to spice things up instead of going for the classics.

The first one is Justin Cronin – The passage. The world is transformed into a dark place when a project to develop a immunity-boosting-drugs fails. It’s based on a virus carried by a species of bats in South America, but it turned the human test persons into vampires – and when they break free, they create a complete army. This book is huge, dark and well-written. The world-building is stunning and there is more than enough to talk about in class.

The second one is a bit lighter. Dan Wells – Partials talks about a virus in the air called RM. It’s a weaponized virus crated by the Partials and only a small fraction of humans is immune. Which means that almost every baby dies right after birth. The humans are on the brink of extinction and it’s up to the young Kira to find a cure. The biological aspect was interesting.

The third one and probably my favorite from the three is the upcoming book from Mira Grant – Parasite. This book has the best researched subject I’ve read so far and I love the fact that it’s about a different micro-organism. In this book, every human has a genetically engineered tapeworm in their intestines. This worm is modified to help our immune system to protect us from illness, but this are starting to spin out of control when Symbogen (the created) withholds information about the strange sleepwalking symptom.

These three books are great examples of why humans should stay away from modifying the nature and I think they would make interesting topics to talk about. And how about you, would you follow this semester?


  1. Love your imaginary book list! That would be one class I'd be highly interested in taking.

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    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  2. Great list! Haven't heard of them except for Partials, that which I've always wanted to read. They all sound great though!

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    Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  3. As a biochemist, I think I'd pick very similar books! I'd love to be in your classes. Great choices. :)

  4. Awesome choices and I love Mira Grant, the Newsflesh tril made the list for my dystopian class :D

  5. Ooh I'm so excited for Parasite! Mira Grant rocked it with her Feed series so hard! And that definitely sounds right up your alley! :)

  6. I haven't read any of those, but I love your idea of spicing it up! You need kids to enjoy reading first before throwing them the hard stuff like the classics. Thanks for stopping by my FF :)

  7. great books! All a first for the posts this week!! I'd love to take your class, where do I sign up??

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    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  8. Wow! It's been so long since I've gone to an FF that I didn't realize they'd changed the logo.

    "So of course I’d pick some books about epidemics that happen by micro-organism." <-- YOU ARE AWESOME. And you've just given me some new science fiction books to add to my TBR. I think I remember you talking about Partials, but I still haven't picked it up yet o.O.

    Should we never modify nature? But isn't that something we do almost every day? If these books have good discussions on the topic, 1,000X POINTS TO THEM.

  9. OOoh nice collection of reads! Haven't read any of them myself.

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  10. First, I want to be in your English class! Great picks. Second, yours is one of 5 blogs that I actually type the URL in for to visit because they are must visit every day blogs ;-) Love your blog, Mel!

  11. Ooh, Partials. Sounds like that could spark some great discussion. Thanks for stopping by, I'm also an old follower :)

  12. Great picks. Thanks for sharing :)


  13. All your books start with the letter "P"! Not only is the list scientific; it's alliterative, as well!

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  14. Great titles, Mel! Parasite would probably freak me out, I still need to read that.

    Thanks for sharing, Mel! <33

  15. Sounds like awesome books Mel :D Thank you for sharing. <3 May have to check out the two I haven't read ;p

  16. Thanks for stopping by my Feature & Follow!

    Interesting choices! Definitely new ones that I've haven't seen throughout the F&Fs - or ones that I've heard of. Think I need to check some of them out!

    ​~​​Andrea @ ​Beauty but a Funny Girl
    Old follower

  17. Love your list!!, I think I would enjoy that class as well

    I'm a new follower through GFC, I'm also a new blogger, I look forward to coming back and reading some more reviews

    Sarah/Vanessa @ http://theultimatebookworm23.blogspot.ca/


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