10 random facts about me.

My first personal post for this event. I always like to know personal things about bloggers and this seems THE perfect way. I’ve done this before, which you can find here and here. It took me some thing to think about more random facts, but this is what I came up with:

1. I love chocolate and I eat it every day, but I don't eat white chocolate. My favorites: Choco toffs, chocolate + hazelnut and Toffifee.

2. Christmas is my favorite Holiday, but I hate the season. I prefer the summer and I think I was born in the wrong country.

3. My favorite covers are the ones with art on it. I don’t care for most covers with faces on it, especially when they are floating. Big dresses do work for me. Here are some examples of covers that appeal to me:


4. I love other cultures and history. Documentaries on channels like National Geographic & Discovery Channel fascinate me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about war, food, science or places you really must visit, I want to know it all. I'm very studious and interested in a lot of things.

5. I can't whistle.

6. I've only had one job for 6 months and I hated it. I was cashier at a drugstore and people can be so rude/stupid. This is definitely not my call, but I liked the money and the certificates.

7. If I think about 4 attractive actors, I would go for: Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddlestone, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey JR.. I’m definitely attracted to guys with dark hair and these guys have THAT spark.

8. Eight is my favorite number.

9. My daily look when I’m at home is an oversized sweater (or tank top in summer) and a legging with a print. I’m all for comfortable clothes that still look like I tried to make an effort. I do like to dress up for parties and school (but I despise winter clothes.)

10. I’ve had more male friends than girls and my 2 good friends are guys. I guess I just like male humor? I feel more comfortable around them.

Do you have some interesting random facts about yourself?


  1. 1. Chocolate is my favourite food *high five*
    2. Dude, we totally should have been born in Australia.
    3. Covers with faces on are THE WORST. And the girl-in-a-dress covers were pretty when they first started a few years ago, now they're overdone, boring, repetitive... etc. I agree, covers with actual artwork are much more appealing.
    4. Yassssss, human geography/history/anthropology are my favourite subjects. I would love to study them in more detail. You should talk to Tatum, she's also a huge history geek :D
    5. Aw!
    6. People are indeed rude and/or stupid. I'm glad I don't have to work with customers.
    7. Jake Gyllenhaal is gorrrrrrgeous. Especially in Prince of Persia. Also, dark hair is the best.
    9. You're making me feel like a slob XD

    1. 1. Owh yeah :D
      2. YES!
      5. I know :( I'm the only one in my family, so they are always laughing at me when I'm trying, haha.

  2. You should come to my country. And melt with all that chcolate you love for Christmas :P

    I think I love the covers you love :) AND I have a shared interest in cultures in history. I love anything and everything and if we had payTV I'd no doubt spend hours in front of those channels.

    I also have a similar dress style but I hate getting dressed up full stop. Though I never go anywhere so it's okay. Most days I stay in my PJs XD

  3. Yes, this post is awesome!

    I like chocolate a lot but I can survive without it. I think. Ha ha.

    I'm a winter person through and through. The colder the better.

    I never liked covers with girls in dresses on them unless it's like you said, flowy ones like on the cover of These Broken Stars. I love the covers of Shadow and Bone series.

    I'm interested in all the things. Curiosity gets ahold of me everytime and if something interests me, I've to know everything about it.

    I can't whistle either and believe me, I've tried. Oh well.

    Oh yes, people can be so rude. Sigh.

    I'd add Joseph Gordon-Levitt to that list of yours. xD

    My favorite number is three.

    I'd live to live in my PJs even though I don't mind dressing up. That much.

    I have never had many friends in general because I'm a pretty reserved person and I never know just what to say to a stranger.

    1. Thanks Sana! Chocolate is definitely needed to survive some days. Iehh, I really can't stand cold :( And yeay, non-whistlers unite!

  4. Yay for Chocolate! Robert Downey JR all the way, but you forgot to add James Franco :)
    Also LOVING this new Blog Design omg its sooo pretty

  5. 1. Choco toffs! LOVE those. But I am too obsessed with them, when we have them I eat them all in a day. So that's why we almost never have them haha.

    2. I feel the same way! I hate cold and winter and ugh. Christmas is the only good thing about winter! I also feel like I've been born in the wrong country. Clearly I'm meant to live on a tropical island ;)

    3. "Girl in a dress" kind of covers are everywhere but I still love them. They can be so pretty!

    4. Yes learning new, interesting things is the best.

    5. Me neither! This has been bothering me! But I gave up with trying to learn it, I think I never will be able to.

    6. Ugh customers can be so rude. I used to work in a supermarket, but luckily mostly got very nice customers. Although I wasn't a cashier, so maybe that's different? I worked at the bread department and people didn't *necessarily* have to talk to me. So I didn't get so many rude people.

    7. Ryan Gosling! Tom Hiddleston! *faints*

    10. *has recovered from fainting* Besides my job at the supermarket I also used to have a summer job where almost all my co-workers where guys and it was the best. Sometimes I'm definitely more comfortable with a group of guys!

    1. 1. I'm eating them at the moment <3 *chews*
      2. Yes, somewhere with a nice, warm climate.
      5. Another non-whistler, yeay :D

  6. 1. Chocolate is my biggest weakness. I love a solid, milk chocolate Cadbury bar; I'll eat the whole thing in one sitting if I'm not paying attention!
    2. AGREED! Although, Christmas wouldn't feel like Christmas without snow.
    5. I can't whistle either - I can make a whistle like noise if I suck in the right way though haha
    6. I've been at my current job for over four years! It's weird, when I think about it like that actually.
    9. When I'm at home, if I've made it out of PJs and into sweats, I call it a success!
    10. I've always had more guy friends than girl friends. Although, all my guy friends have girlfriends/are married, so I'm starting to accumulate just as many girl friends! Haha

    Love these kinds of posts <3

    1. 2. True, true!
      5. Haha, yes, I can produce a low tone, but that's it.

  7. I love learning about other cultures as well and I like you just randomly say 'I can't whistle' lol I can, but I can't snap my fingers for the life of me. It's impossible and I don't know how people do it! Nice facts :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  8. Yay for chocolate! I actually really love white chocolate, it's my second favourite after milk :)
    I totally feel like I was born in the wrong country as well! Rain and cold just doesn't work for me. I need the sun and heat! People are really rude when you work in a store. It just completely puts you off after you get really horrible customers. I hate covers with people on the front as well. They all start to look the same after a while.
    Robert Downey Jr is a babe <3 :)

    1. Sun always makes me happy. I feel down and lazy in the winter. And yes, customers can be terrible. Unbelievable how rude they can be.

  9. Yes yes yes! Especially for the chocolate part and the whistling part! I can't believe it's your 2nd Blogaversary! I'm actually doing my blogaversary for my 2nd year this year around March/April!

    Happy Reading Mel!
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  10. I love this post, I always enjoy reading about the bloggers themselves and it's great to know more about you, Mel! THOSE COVERS. I'm drooling. My Shadow and Bone looks so pretty on my shelf. Non-whistlers unite!

    1. I hit reply, but stupidly forgot to comment on those babes of actors. Whew, I wish I could whistle for them. Also, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! 2 years, so exciting :)

    2. Hahaha, yes! I always attempt to whistle, but I fail so miserably.

  11. I am sooo #10. I just can't get a long with girls. No matter how hard I try. Fun to learn more about the bloggers behind the blog.

  12. So with you on #7, Tom Hiddleston and RDJ are just <33. For #10 I've never had a lot of guy friends, mainly girls but I have wanted to have more guy friends, it just hasn't happened unfortunately since I'm in a more girl-centric environment at school.

  13. Great post Mel, I'm the same I do not enjoy anything about Winter either except maybe the comfort food! Robert Downey Jr. definitely has a spark, that's a great pick lol.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  14. You don't eat white chocolate?! :O That's actually my second favorite type of chocolate. Of course, my favorite's milk chocolate. Classic.

    I love the covers you chose, but I prefer the Shadow and Bone cover instead of Siege and Storm. The white part of the SaS cover kind of hurts my eyes. .___.

    Lol, normally I could whistle, but with my braces I'm having a hard time. T_T I can't snap my fingers. Which sucks 'cause everyone else can.

    Lovely post, Melanie!

    Aimee @ Read by the Undead

    1. I've tried different brands and types, but I just don't enjoy the milky taste (don't drink milk either)

  15. I think number 10 kind of applies to me too. I don't have any good male friends but like you, I like male humor. Because they always make me laugh and I'm kinda more comfortable around them.

  16. I can whistle!!! very loud! like a bus driver! (yeah, that's what people think of whistling in my country, very funny!)
    Ramdon fact #2: I LOVE your new blog design, my internet connection has been very bad these days and I wasn't able to visit my favorite blogs, so, when I came and saw this design I was like :O seriously, love it!!
    Happy Blogoversay, keep as amazing as you and your blog are!
    Lis @ The reader lines

    1. Awesome! I really wish I could whistle at least one loud tone :D

  17. 1. haha I'm the odd one here, my favorite is white chocolate and yeah I could eat that every day too :D
    2. I also feel like I was born in the wrong country, I'd go for Mediterranean climate any day - like southern France. I could also get used to Rainy Britain since that means comfy reading days ♥
    3. Covers with faces are THE worst. Ugh!
    4.LOVE documentaries from discovery channel and National Geographic too - unfortunately we are t.v.v free atm. I don't miss it except for documentaries like that >.<
    7. ALL yummy picks!! I definitely go for darker haired guys too - with some exceptions in the copper/brown category ;-)
    9. I am also about comfort but looking like you kind of made an effort too haha. Leggins and comfy/stylish tops are the best...but dressing up sometimes is fun too. I almost ONLY shop for Spring/Summer clothes too!!

  18. 1. *gapes* White chocolate is my favorite! I'm a huge hater of dark chocolate, chocolate with almonds, crunchy chocolate, etc. I just can't stomach it. But white chocolate I could eat every single day with minimal regrets.
    2. I live in Las Vegas, so our summers can peak at 115 F, which is CRAZY. It should never be that hot! I wish I lived somewhere where the summers were mild and the winters were snowy and called for cuddling indoors. I'm originally from the east coast, so I miss that.
    3. This made me think of the Throne of Glass cover -- the cover with the female model is so boring and ugly, but the art one is ah-may-zing.
    4. I love the documentaries too! I'm just picky about which ones truly capture my interest. I really enjoy documentaries about history and mythology, but there aren't many of those on TV sometimes.
    7. I sort-of (really) got all fangirl-y when I saw you love Tom Hiddleston! I find him so attractive, and that smile. /melts
    9. I lovelovelove this look, and it's pretty much my look too. I own so many leggings and boots and sweaters JUST so that I can wear them all the time. During the summer I switch to leggings and tank tops/crop tops and Converse. The look rarely changes per season.
    10. I have one super close girl friend and a bunch of close guy friends, but we all hang out together in one group. I love having guy friends -- they can give good advice, provide quality entertainment, and are always a lot of fun to be around. I totally second you!

    1. 1. Haha, totally the opposite of me :D
      2. We could swap? :p
      3. YES, I thought about that cover too, but it didn't fit, so I had to delete it.
      7. His smile is goohorgeous.

  19. We actually have a good bit in common, just looking at this list! 1. LOVE chocolate (white too), really all candy/sweets. I have a problem. 2. Christmas is my favorite holiday too! The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is my favorite time of year. I don't mind the cold though. I actually really like my seasons and I learned that NJ is one of the few states that fully experiences all 4 seasons! So I guess I live in the right place. 3. Those covers are beautiful. And big dresses get me too - The Cover of The One by Kiera Cass is just breathtaking. I don't mind faces in general so much but they probably aren't often my favorite. 4. Like you I am studious and curious about the world. It's why I travel as much as possible. I want to see it all! 5. I can't whistle either :( You are not alone. 6. My first job sucked too but making money is always nice hah. But just wait, you will get a great biology-related job when you finish school and get paid for doing something you love! 7. Those are some handsome men. I too like the tall dark and handsome look. 8. I kind of like 3? I also kind of just picked that at random. I don't know if I have a favorite number really. 9. I really like getting dressed up on occasion but mostly I just want to be comfy, but comfy without looking like I'm homeless. 10. I get along with guys SO MUCH BETTER. I am not that girly and tend to have more in common with boys, and am much more comfortable around them. So I can totally relate.

    Thanks for sharing Mel! I was thinking of doing a similar post! It's always great getting to know other bloggers better and seeing what else we have in common!

    1. I live on candy/sweets. I'm very lucky that I stay slim, because I eat it all day long. I can't wait 'til I can travel a lot too. And yes, another non-whistler! Definitely, I can't wait 'til I find a job I like. 9. Precisely!

      You must do a post like this, I'd love to see more random things about you.

  20. Interesting facts! I found myself identifying with a lot of them c:

    1. Dark chocolate's my fave! Peanut butter & chocolate is basically the best combo ever. But I definitely agree with you, white chocolate is the worst.
    2. I love Christmas (: But like you, I live in a colder climate. Canada, to be exact. I'd much rather be somewhere with more sun.
    4. Same! I love watching documentaries, especially ones about animals and history ^.^ I just find learning so interesting.
    5. Can't whistle either, or snap my fingers. Or wink. I'm lacking a lot of skills
    6. I feel you on rude customers, I work currently as a cashier at Toys R Us. People don't seem to understand that cashiers have basically no power over anything, so ranting to us about steep prices and not finding a certain item is just pointless. Haha this was the worst during Christmas, there was really an endless amount of frustrated last minute shoppers.
    7. Good choices, I find all of those men quite attractive also [;
    9. I'm currently wearing an oversized sweater and leggings. I really do prefer summer clothes though, I feel like there's many more possibilities.

    1. 5. Not winking? That's funny! I don't think I know someone who is a non-winker :D
      9. YES, I feel so much prettier in summer clothes.

  21. Yay for chocolate! I'm not that into white chocolate either.
    I love documentaries too, but not the history ones. I'm totally weird and LOVE the murder type of mysteries ones: Unusual Suspects, Deadly Woman, Dateline, etc.
    High five! I can't whistle too.
    Ugh, I totally get you. I work at an afterschool and the parents can be so not understanding sometimes. We have 2 teachers in a room and 14 students - they expect us to have time to help EVERYONE and check all their homework in 2 hours. Yeah, right.
    Two is my favorite number. :D
    Ohh, I miss having guy friends! I'm more comfortable with guys than girls too, back in middle school and high school, guys were my bffs. Now, I hardly talk to any. ):
    Awesome post Mel; I loved learning about you! (:

    1. Those documentaries are interesting too, especially the deadly women, haha.

  22. Reading your random facts makes me think that we can be friends! :D
    I do eat chocolate everyday, so my fridge is never out of stock. I do love NG and DC, and that's where my channel is on when I'm watching TV. I'm so sorry you can't whistle...I can, but not really good at it. And if you love summer, you'll love my tropical country! And all those men you're crushing on? DITTO! Happy 2nd blogoversary!

    1. Tropical country, ahh <3 Such a shame that we live so far away, I think I could be best friends with a lot of you guys!

  23. First off, HAPPY 2ND BLOGOVERSARY. I wish you the best reading year, and more blogoversaries to come! Second, I am in LOVE with your new blog design (though I also love the previous one). It's so adorable and just soothing haha. I love chocolate too, but not a fan of white chocolate. I looooove Christmas too! I actually love it more than my birthday haha. For favorite covers, I usually end up loving covers that has the color purple or white.

  24. I somehow read Chocolate is my favourite holiday O.O But that would be a pretty cool holiday lol

    Happy blogverse! <33

    1. Haha, that would be an awesome holiday. National chocolate day :D

  25. Hoorray for chocolate!! I can't live without a taste of chocolate for a day ;n; And happy blogversary! Stay awesome :D

  26. Aw, I love this post Mel. <3 You are awesome for sharing this. But ahh. I'm no good with random facts. Most about me is just depressing, lol. But I also love Christmas the most. <3 And I love the summer, and I'm very depressed with how kind of cold summers are here at the top of Norway. I love to take a bath, with very, very hot water. Which I kind of need when I'm swimming too, hih. Ohh. I do have a good random fact about me. Probably. I don't drink water. Because I don't like the taste of it; think it tastes bad. Which my mom do not get :p But still :D Anyway. Thank you so much for sharing. <3

    1. It took me some time to think of them, but once you get started it's not that difficult :D Funny! Water is so.. tasteless, haha.

  27. Love this post!
    I refuse to eat white chocolate as well ;) It's not even really chocolate, only the fat that gets squeezed out of the dark and milk chocolate.
    Also: YES ON THE DESPISING WINTER THING! Why can't it be Summer all year round?

  28. 1. I'm with you, white chocolate is not my thing. Anything else? Totally up for grabs (although I can't say I've heard of Toffiffee before)
    2. So that sums up my feelings on life
    3. So does that
    4. I've been really lucky in that my family all has wanderlust so I've been able to travel a lot which has been so fantastic! If I could move to South America, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
    5. ME EITHER! It's one of my largest failings in life. It sucks! And all the best songs have whistling in them :(
    6. I worked as a waitress for a year, so I totally understand why life in customer service SUCKS
    7. Eh, cute boys but not my top 4 (Eddie Redmayne, Gong Yoo, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Colin O
    Donoghue if we're going for straight (to my knowledge), alive, and at their current ages)
    8. So's mine!
    9. Winter clothes make me a little sad :( I always get really sweaty when I play, so sweaters always end up feeling uncomfortable fairly quickly :-/
    10. I'm probably about half and half now, but I've almost always had more guy friends as well. Not really sure why, I guess it just worked out that way?

    And last but not least, happy blogoversary!!

    1. 1. It's delicious <3 Praline, chocolate, hazelnut, yum!

  29. Can I swap places with you? I love the cold and the coldest my city gets is rain! :/ I love chocolate as well! I can't go a day without it.
    Ooh, I enjoy documentaries, mostly about culture and food and lifestyle. I'm not a fan of war but that's because I haven't seen any war documentaries.
    I wear the most stretched out T-shirts at home. I'll add Dave Franco to the list :p

    Aw, I know how rude people are to shopkeepers! I feel so bad for them!

    I hate faces on covers. Its such a turn-off for me! I prefer abstract covers. I'm a quiet person but I find it easier to talk to guys as well.
    I don't know if I said this in the previous post(must check!) But Happy Blogoversary!!! :D
    Your design! *.* I'm in love! <3

  30. I'm so behind, Mel, happy blogoversary! to many more! :)

    I am so with you. White chocolate is not chocolate! And RDJ is yummy, always has been, always will be.

    One random fact I will tell you that no one else in the universe knows right this minute: I am having goldfish crackers and iced tea, and it's 3:30 am in Los Angeles. DON'T TELL ANYONE.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  31. I dislike the cold, too! Too bad it's perpetually snowing where I live when it gets to the winter. It's -17C out right now and ughhh I just want to move myself somewhere warmer.

    1. I like chocolate, too. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa) is my favorite, then milk, and finally white. I find white chocolate really sweet, but I'll eat it on occasion.

    2. I love Christmas, too! A snowy Christmas is the best but too much snow in general is very meh.

    2. Christmas is my favorite Holiday, but I hate the season. I prefer the summer and I think I was born in the wrong country.

    3. I don't have a favorite type of cover, but I guess ones that have good typography and color scheme float my boat.

    4. I love history, too! It's always so much fun reading and learning about different histories. I used to spend a lot of my free time on Wikipedia reading articles and clicking the hyperlinks, reading that article, clicking a link, etc. etc. I don't as much anymore but I do like a good historical fiction. I actually don't mind documentaries, too much but they're not really something I'd spent time watching. In general, I prefer reading over watching.

    5. I can't whistle., either!

    6. Having a job definitely makes me appreciate people and customer service so much more. Also, it reminds me to have more patience and kindness in general. :)

    7. Add JGL please! Joseph Gordon Levitt is adorable!

    8. I don't have a favorite number... :/

    9. I tend to wear heavy sweaters around and knits in the winter (gotta stay warm somehow, right?) and random unisex t-shirts in the summer. I lounge in sweats. Comfort is huge when I'm alone, hahaha.

    10. I, too, think guys are easier to be around and I get male humor most of the time. Right now I think it's at a fifty-fifty gender wise, I think?

    1. 1. Dark chocolate can be very good too, I especially like it in brownies and muffins.
      2. Snowy Christmas is good, but I want the snow to be gone right after it :p
      4. I also like to read about it :) that's why History was one of my favorite things in secondary school.
      5. Yeay! Non whistlers unite.
      7. Oh yes, he's a cutie :D

  32. These were fun, Mel! You can't whistle....I can't wink. Yup. Pretty lame. :)

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

  33. 1. CHOCOLATE!!! I have no coherent thoughts about this except amazement that you are able to eat it every day. I am a total slob when it comes to chocolate, so I'd actually eat way way way too much of it if I was to eat it every day. I don't know what Toffifee is like, but if it is what it sounds like, HOW DARE YOU DEFILE CHOCOLATE WITH TOFFEE. Ew. The rest sound perfectly acceptable though ;).

    2. Yesssssssss. The summer is my favorite too. And Christmas is the best holiday until you're like 30+ and have to buy gifts for everyone. While we're still young and being given gifts without giving too much of small income, it's okay... but then later... just imagining how the small income I'll be making goes towards gifts o.O *gulps* (I'm selfish like that I suppose....). Will you move away from the Netherlands in the future?

    3. Those are the best. The ones with faces don't do anything at all. I seriously sometimes question why they even exist. If they've got really stunning faces, like the girl in Before I Fall, it acts the same way a pretty dress cover does for me, but you rarely ever get those kind of face shots. Most are too far away to have that same effect. So I'm 100% with you on art or some sort of symbol to represent the book.

    4. Aw, look at you! I'm fascinated with other cultures and history, but I think you beat me there. I don't watch Discovery Channel much... I used to love National Geographic, though, and especially for the REALLY gorgeous photography. Go you and being studious! I'm surprised you find the time :). You're very organized, aren't you? Manage your time well :D.

    5. Eh, whistling. I can manage only a little. :P Who cares about dem whistlers?

    6. Ahhh your cashier at a drugstore job sounds like the job I had when I was in high school and worked at a pizza parlor. People can definitely be rude/stupid. And yet you still lasted longer than I did at my job :P 6 v. 4 months huh?

    7. Jake Gyllenhaal yes. Gosling yes. Robert Downey Jr, I can't separate from his role in Iron Man and I hhaaaaaaated that movie. Tom Hiddleston... My friend always said that he had a sad panda face and I can't get past that either :P. Go for the sparks though!

    8. Oh, woah. I didn't even think to have a favorite number! 1 more than the most magically powerful number, huh? :)

    9. I'm like you with comfortable clothes, though I've been told it doesn't completely look like I tried to make an effort bwahaha. You despise winter clothes??? But oversized sweater and sweatshirts and jackets are like the most comfortable clothes out there!

    10. Ha, that's the exact opposite of me. I've never really had super close guy friends. I've had some guy friends, but they're never my closest friends and I've lost touch with almost all of the guy friends. I've always wondered what it would be like, though, to have mostly guy friends.

    Though I'm months late... I hope your blogoversary went well!
    Also... isn't your birthday soon? I remember you telling me about it for the Raven Boys bit but I can't remember anymore what exactly the date was. I want to say the 17th...?

    1. 1. Toffifee is all kinds of good stuff in one <3 A hazel nut, praline cream, chocolate and a layer on caramel on the bottom part. It's delicious!
      2. No, I don't think I would move at least any time soon. I'm very close with my family.
      4. I don't watch it a lot, but most of the times I have it on the background and I do pick up things while doing something else :)
      7. Hahaha. Sad panda face.
      9. I know, it sounds silly, but I'm more for the summer comfort clothes. A nice short with a tanktop kind of outfit :D

      Yes, it did! And yep, that's correct :D


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