The book blogger test – tag.

I was tagged by Stephanie from Bookfever for this book blogger test. I don’t do tags often, but I liked the questions, so here we go:

What are your top three book hates?
-A fantasy or dystopian book with a lacking world-building. For those two genres I feel like it’s vital to provide a good background story and descriptions to understand what is going on.
-Dumb, dependent and judging main characters. Some characters are SO stupid it hurts. When they says things that don’t make sense..princess-bride-you-keep-using-that-word-After reading a book that was filled with this: self created swear words that don’t make sense. I also dislike it when they are repeatedly used.  I get it, it’s your favorite word, now stop using it every sentence or keep your mouth shut.

Describe your perfect reading spot.
Some place comfortable. I always like lying down on my bed with a lot of pillows in my back and the sun shining in my face.

Tell us five book confessions. (It's three, but I want to do five, haha)
-I always buy paperbacks, because I find them easier to read and they are cheaper, so I can buy more books.
-Some people find summer the perfect time for contemporary reads. For me, it’s picking up huge fantasy books. I don’t know what it is, but I always have a fantasy mood in the summer.
-I can read EVERYWHERE (okay, there are limits like I don’t read under the shower, but you get what I mean.) I don’t need silence; better yet, I prefer to have at least music on the background. When it’s quiet I only seem to focus on little noises and that bothers me.
-I love re-reading and do it often.
-I always read several books at the same time.

When was the last time you cried while reading?
I hardly cry. I do get teary eyes, but full on crying is something that never happens. I think the last book that gave some tears on my cheek was Tiger Lily and my re-read of The book thief. 

How many books on your bedside?
None, I don’t have a bedside.

What is your favorite snack while reading?
I don’t like to eat while reading, because I’m afraid to make stains on the pages.. But I always like to snack some milk/dark chocolate.

Name three books you would recommend to anyone.
3? Okay, so I’m going to cheat and I’m going to give you 3 stand-alone recommendations. I think I can do that:
-Markus Zusak – The book thief.
-Jodi Lynn Anderson – Tiger Lily.
-Juliet Marillier – Heart’s blood. 

Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf on your bookcase.
That is difficult, because I have quite some shelves and I love them all. But here is a picture I also posted on my Instagram with some of my favorite books: (I’ve already changed the look of the shelf, haha, I like to switch around)

Write how much books mean to you in three words.
Very easy: EVERYTHING!

What is your biggest reading secret?
I don’t have secrets. I’m never ashamed for the books I read and I think you know most of my reading things.

Tag 5 people:
-Everyone who wants to do this.
-You don’t have a choice, do it.
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  1. I can understand the reading everywhere. :D
    I once read a book while everybody was screaming (it was like a school pageant ). And its true! I read every 2-5am so I hear weird sounds occasionally, and it freaks me out!

    Great answers :D

    1. I read on birthday parties, haha. I really don't mind where I am.

  2. That shelf is perfection! Love. :)

  3. I think you're the first person I've met that also likes to have background noise playing while they read! I get agitated if I don't have at least some music on, but I frequently marathon TV shows while I read as well :P

  4. Aw, amazing post Mel :D I love all of this. <3 And yesss. I very much agree with the book hates, hih :) I don't like stupid characters. Ugh. Thank you for sharing. <3

  5. Yay! Glad you decided to do it. I agree the questions are great. And I love your answers! =)

  6. Ha I am one of those weird people who just reads whatever I want to read, I don't really think summer is a better time for reading any particular book because..well I WANT TO READ IT ALL. I also cannot read everywhere. Reading on a bus or any moving vehicle gives me a headache :/ I don't need complete silence once I am immersed in the book but I am also easily distracted so it takes time for me to get into the 'zone'.

    ALSO .. I LOVE YOUR SHELF! I want to see all of them!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

    1. I also pick up whatever I want, but for some reason thick fantasy books are the thing I binge read.. guess it's because I can read all day without thinking about school :p

  7. Stupid characters are the worst!

    I can read most anywhere, but prefer my comfy bed with my cat!

  8. Lol I love that gif! I pretty much never cry when reading either. The last time I really cried when reading a book was when I was a lot younger and it was a horse book. Animal stories get to me which is probably why I don't usually read those type of books. I love rereading books too. Usually though I just read my favorite parts of the book when I have some free time. This was a cool survey =)

    1. Yes, sometimes I like to go back to my favorite chapters/scenes <3

  9. I love that you reread! I wish I let myself do that more often. Le sigh.

    It was fun reading this about you! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I hate stupid characters and like you I don't get the whole lets read contemporary books in the summer. i just don't get it. I'm not a contemp reader so that's probably why. But it seems every summer everyone is like just pushing for the contemp books *blah*

    1. We're the same about that! I don't read it often anyway and it's not like summer makes me want to pick it up more. Fantasy is my thing :D

  11. I snorted out loud when I read your 'tag 5 people' list!! Hehe, funny!
    Had GREAT fun looking at your bookshelf picture!! I spy, the shadow and bone books, lunar chronicles, graceling -eeeep, divergent books, robin hood scarlet series, hunger games, iron king -eeep, smoke and bone, eversomething (which I know, just can't remember), hunger games, the girl who thingy to fairy land and thingy, thingy (I'm losing my memory, I know) THRONE OF GLASS -EEEEEEEP, HIS FAIR ASSASSIN -ANOTHER EEEEEEP, and POISON STUDY, EEEEEEP, EEEEEP EEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! You have frabjous tastes in books, lets be friends!
    I think I just about named every book(s) in your bookcase. I can't decide if that is cool or creepy. Siding on the latter.

    Lovely post!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! You're are now officially stalked, haha!! ;)

    1. Haha, I just had no idea who to tag :p

      You spy them all correct! I've also added my copy from The girl of fire and thorns, because I was reading it at that time <3

  12. "Dumb, dependent and judging main characters. Some characters are SO stupid it hurts. When they says things that don’t make sense." <--- This! AAHAHAHA I totally know what you mean! Sometimes there are the funny stupid characters and then there are the ones that you just wanna slap in the face.

    It's so bad that I've never read any of the books you'd recommend to everyone! I kind of just want to watch The Book Thief but I should still read it first. Tiger Lily is definitely on my list though!

    1. Slap them in the face, smack them around, smash them, haha.

  13. I don't usually do tags either, but this one does seem fun! I wish I preferred paperbacks over hardbacks, but I worry about the wear and tear so I buy my favorites in hardcover. I tend to read more contemporary in the summer. I crave Fantasy all seasons. :) And I can read ANYWHERE too. I don't need silence. I can read in the car. Wherever. And it's rare that I sob during books but I will tear up often. I get emotional pretty easily. hah.

    1. Tearing up, yes, sobbing almost never. So when it happens, it's very special!

  14. Fantastic post, Mel! I hate made up swear words too :))

  15. Tiger Lily made you teary? WOW I MUST READ THAT THEN!!! Like you, full on crying isn't something that happens often with me (it has happened, just not very often) so I'm looking forward to a book that can make me bawl my eyes out :P

  16. It's always so much fun learning more about everyone's unique habits and quirks on reading <3 Ugh! I still remember how beautiful and amazing Tiger Lily was... *-* The two sob-fest books in YA in the past two years are Clockwork Princess and The Fault in Our Stars, haha! I love soft background music when I'm reading too :)

  17. I'm having one of those moments where I have never heard of something before and then hear of it twice in 2 days. I just learned about tags as far it concerns BookTube, and I'm still trying to sort out what they actually are!


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