Monthly recap | July '14. How to train your dragon.

I always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture it in vlogs every now and then.
-I helped my sister decorating two birthday cakes. After that I went to my nephew’s birthday.
-I went to the Primark and I found 3 awesome Harry Potter shirts. Finally! It was my reason to go twice, haha. Two have the Hogwarts crest and one Slytherin (although I’m in Ravenclaw)
-I went to the beach two times and to an outdoor swimming pool. We had some nice warm days.
-My parents gave me and my boyfriend a hotel voucher and we had a great time, especially because there was a swimming pool and free bowling.
-I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and one of his friends. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2.
-My boyfriend and me practiced setting up our tent, because we are planning to camp for 5 days. I’ve never camped before and I’m a little nervous, but excited as well.
-Book club meeting! We had some delicious food, especially the dessert.
-I was interviewed by Siiri from Little pieces of Imagination.
-I brightened my hair with Sunkiss jelly from L'oreal and I really like the natural effect! Picture taken from my Instagram.

I did some other things too, but I'm lazy and I'm not sure if anyone finds this interesting in the first place.

”about a beanstalk and an ogre and..” Credits if you recognize this ;)

81. Jodi Lynn Anderson - The vanishing season. 3/5.
82. Sara Manning - Adorkable. 4/5.
83. Leigh Bardugo - Little knife 4/5.
84. Erica Johansen - The queen of the Tearling. 4.5/5.
85. M.R Carey - The girl with all the gifts. 4.5/5
86. Robin LaFevers - Dark Triumph 5+/5 (reread)

87. Mary E. Pearson - The kiss of deception. 3/5.
88. Kristin Cashore - Fire. 4.5/5
89. Amy Zhang - Falling into place. 3/5
90. Elissa Sussman - Stray. 3.5/5
91. Jenni James - Cinderella. 3/5.
92. Libba Bray – The diviners. 4/5.
93. Robin LaFevers – Mortal heart. 5+/5.

94. Philippa Gregory – Changeling. 3/5.
95. George R.R Martin - A storm of swords. 4/5.

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter. Wasn’t as bad as expected! Lots of action, but you must not think too much about the overall story.
2. The monuments man. BORING.
3. Drink buddies. TRAGIC. Really. Don’t watch it.
4. 300: rise of an empire. Was okay. A lot of blood and death, haha.
5. Lars and the real girl. Interesting.
6. Jane Eyre (2011) This is the first time I saw this edition (I’ve seen the miniseries from 1983 so many times I lost count) and I loved it!
7. Man of steel. Wasn’t blown away by it..
8. I finished the last episodes from Awkward, The originals and 2 broke girls.
9. The sword in the stone, another #DisneyJourney watch.
10. How to train your dragon 2. AMAZING MOVIE. The story, the romance, the characters! Love it.
11. Bridesmaids. Re-watched this one, so funny.
12. A million ways to die in the West. Silly humor, haha.
13. Angriest man of Brooklyn.. Not what I expected.
14. Currently in the middle of Divergent, will finish it tonight.
Link to my reading challenges page.

TBR pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 2: 28/32. (88%)
Review pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 2: 41/45 (91%)
Dystopian: 15/19. (79%)
Series: 9/12. (75%)
Fairy tale:  21/16. (131%) COMPLETED.
Bingo: 25/25 squares. (100%) COMPLETED.
Summer bingo card: 12/25 (48%)
Book haul
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this picture. I requested Cat Winters - The cure for dreaming from Abrams & Chronicle and Tina was kind enough to send it to me! I loved In the shadow of blackbirds, so I can’t wait to get started in this one. Pivot Point was gifted to me by Debby and I won Fangirl over at Gabby.

Harper on Edelweiss happened. Click on the covers for Goodreads.


  1. Of course I recognize it. It's from Beauty and the Beast. That other one too before the book haul. Pivot Point is awesome! I also got A Wicked Thing, Red Queen and Monstrous. I already read that last one actually. It's amazing! If you love classic fairy tales like I do (which I think is the case) you'll probably like this one. =)

    1. Yeay! I'm not surprised you recognize it ;) I can't wait for Monstrous, that's what I was hoping for!

  2. Yay, hope you like The Cure for Dreaming! I've already finished it, and it was really good. Sounds like you had a pretty great month, and I LOVE the Hogwarts shirt! For once I wish a Primark was near

  3. Some great titles this month! Happy August reading!

  4. Aww man! Why don't we have any Primark shops around here :(. The shirt in the picture looks really good. You got some really interesting books that I need to learn more about. Especially Red Queen looks interesting.

    1. Awh, that's a shame. I wish they had an online store!

  5. OMG THAT SHIRT!! I'm dying, that is SO awesome! X) Love the Beauty and the Beast titles, as well! Sounds like you had a pretty great month - you certainly had a more exciting month than I did! Accomplished more too, heh. And here's to a great August!

  6. Oh my gosh I totally LOVE your Hogwarts shirt, I am totally fangirling right now! Sounds like you've had some awesome summer days with the swimming and the bowling and everything! I'm excited that you enjoyed The Queen of Tearling, I'll be picking that one up soon. Have a wonderful month!

    1. You should have seen me dancing in the store, haha.

  7. Must go to Primark. But they probably don't have the Harry Potter stuff anymore by the time I take the travel :/ I love your shirt though!

  8. I know I already liked it on Instagram but it bears repeating: I FREAKING LOVE that shirt!!! And the Beauty and the Beast titles :D Yay for hotel vouchers, swimming, bowling and upcoming camping trips! Me and the bf used to camp all the time, we really should get back into it. I hope you have fun!!

    I saw Man of Steel too awhile back and wasn't blown away by it either. Man that fight scene at the end lasted for like half the movie. I want to see A Million Ways to Die in the West and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Looks like you had an awesome July, here's to an even better August ♥

    1. Ha, I'm proud of all you guys for guessing where the lines are from :D


    5+ for both LaFevers' books? I need to start those soon!

    Agreed with Man of Steel. I expected more - it was decent, but not something I'd go out of my way to watch again. Bridesmaids! So hilarious.

    "Harper on Edelweiss happened." - Looks like you managed to restrain yourself! I, on the other hand, got a little carried away and downloaded basically all of the review copies. E-ARC's are my weakness!

  10. I love your shirt. I'm in Ravenclaw too on Pottermore which I never go on anymore. lol I should sometime.

    And holy crap, Mel! You read so many books! That's amazing! And all of them are or look to be great books. I need to read Dark Triumph and The Diviners sometime soon as I have both of these. And amazing book haul! :D Looks like you had an exciting month!

    1. I made an account for that short story, haha, and I'm not even in Ravenclaw there. I'm Slytherin, so I guess it's okay to wear the shirt :p haha.

  11. I love hearing about what you watched that month - I never have time to watch much other than what the toddler wants to watch - which is usually Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Hotel Transylvania, Wreck it Ralph, Arthur Christmas, Frozen and various other movies like that. Not that I don't enjoy those, just not every freaking day ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Well, I see someone with a good taste in animation movies :D

  12. Are those Beauty and the Beast quotes I see? ;)

    I'm really interested to see what you think about Fangirl, Red Queen and Pivot Point once you start them.

    Looks like you had a great month Mel! :D Hope August is just as good - if not better - for you. <3 Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    P.S. I LOVE the Hogwarts shirt! :)

  13. Woooo another recap of yours c: But omg that means it's already August?! :o Shit girl, time really does fly.

    Wooo, I love to bake cakes. But cake decorating?? Omg, I'm the worst, anything I try ends up being so messy. Wish we had a primark here, I really want some Harry Potter shirts in my life. I loved How to Train Your Dragon 2, not only super adorable/funny but actually quite emotionally touching. I love to camp! It's so much fun, I'm sure you'll love it [:

    Still so jealous about The Cure for Dreaming c: I did e-mail the same person as you, turns out it was only for Europe though. It got directed to North America, but haven't heard anything back yet /: Can't wait to see what you think of The Cure For Dreaming though.

    Edelweiss is being off for me, I'm not seeing any of the titles you've got. Like at all, perhaps it's a territory thing?? Either way, ahhhh. So excited regarding Red Queen and A Wicked Thing, they seem to full of potential and I just love fairytale retellings.

    Great recap girl! I always love reading about what you've been up to.

    1. It surprised me too when I was filling in the last details from this month. Where the hell did July go?? I'm starting to get pretty good in decorating, it's fun :D I really hope I like it, because it sounds like horror to me. I've always been to vacation houses with luxury so it's going to be a huge switch for me.

      And awhh, I hope you get to hear something from them! And they took down their titles on Edelweiss, so that's why you can't see them ;)

  14. EEEEEEK. I need the Slytherin t-shirt. It needs to be in my life because of reasons (mainly for Slytherin street creds ;D).

    I hope camping goes well! I've never went camping either. (I'm not fond of the great outdoors, so it's not surprising I never went.)

    Man of Steel was such a borinnngggg Superman movie. I only was amused by the obvious product placement throughout the entire movie.

    Yesssss, I have The Cure of Dreaming too, and I can't wait to get creeped out.

    1. I'm not fond of that either, haha, so it's going to be.. different from my normal vacations.

  15. Sounds like an epic month!!! I love reading blogger's monthly recaps. I've never done one, but I'm considering it since I haven't been doing stacking-the-shelves or anything for a while. :) OH. But I fell asleep in Man of Steel, I just...ugh. It was boring. Marvel just wins ALL THE THINGS for the superhero movies (they know how to use humour. XD) Yay for two 5-star reads this month, also! I love it when I hit some gems. I think I rated about three or four books 5-stars this month? I've found some insanely good books. x)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Notebook Sisters!

  16. YAY :D Amazing post Mel. <3 You read so many awesome books. And watched awesome movies :) Sigh. HTTYD 2 <3 So perfect. And ohh! I LOVED The Cure for Dreaming. I hope you will too :D And I really loved Monstrous too. <3 Excited to see what you think of it. Thank you for sharing. <3 Happy reading :)

  17. Love how you say you don't know if anyone likes these posts. They obviously do! :P

    Eek! Camping! I really want to go camping. I hope you guys have figured out how to do the tent. At least you're trying to figure it out before you go. I probably would just assume it's easy and get out there and then end up sleeping under it like a sleeping bag because I can be so full of fail sometimes ;)

    I really really want to see How to Train Your Dragon 2! The boyfriend hasn't even seen the first one though, so I think I need to make him see that before we see the second one.

    And go you for completing some of your challenges already! I'm wondering if I'll even finish one challenge before the year is over. So much fail. Challenges just aren't for me, I guess! :P

    1. Haha, we had some struggle with the tent, so it's a good thing we practiced! Watching those two movies after each other is a great idea. You will fangirl <3

  18. YES! I love the Jane Eyre 2011! So glad to see it get some love :) I LOVE the t-shirt!!

  19. I'm glad that July was such a fun but busy month for you Mel! You are seriously amazing at all the multi-tasking, I wish I was able to fit in as many books and films as you did. And that Harry Potter t-shirt is amazing! I hope August is another great month for you! :)

  20. I'm so jelly of your HP shirts! I quite like your blog- it's so fun! This is how my month wrapped up...

  21. Um. I just had to say that I'm jealous of the HP shirts. Seriously. Lol! ;)

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

  22. I can't wait to read The Cure for Dreaming! It sounds so good! I hope you love it. You'll have to share your thoughts ASAP! And Pivot Point is sooo good! I liked the sequel even more. :) Happy reading, lady! I hope August is another great month for you!

  23. Nice HP tshirt! Love the design!! I also watched Dragon 2 and loved it. I hope that you and your bf enjoy camping. It's been a while since I've gone, but it's a lot of fun :)

  24. Love your vlog Mel :) I seriously wasn't even interested in Kristin Cashore books but when you explained Fire, it sounds SOOO interesting, I really want to pick this one up now!! I started The Diviners about two years ago but haven't finished it. I might pick it up again now that I like historical fiction much more than I did than.

    I really hope you love Fangirl, I adored it and it took me by total surprise!! OMG Pivot Point, I CANNOT wait to see your review of that one. It was one of my favorite reads of 2013!!!

    I hope you have an awesome August ahead mel <3

    1. Thanks Lauren :D And yeay, I do hope you pick up Fire :)

  25. I'm jealous of those HP shirts too. And I LOVED Fire by Kristin Cashore. I'm supposed to read Stray, so I'm curious about what you thought about it, but I feel the same way about spoilers that you do, so I guess I'll just have to hurry up and read it myself. Also--I got A Wicked Thing and Red Queen from Edelweiss too, and I think they look AMAZING. Very productive month, Mel! Have fun camping ;)

  26. I love your monthly recaps at the start! I always read them every month :)
    I definitely need to get myself into Primark and grab one of those t-shirts! Yay for the warm days! I don't think I could ever go camping. I'd be terrified to sleep outside! But I really hope you enjoy it and have fun :)
    Oooh, lots of great books read this month. I think I'll definitely have to move The Diviners and the Grave Mercy series up my TBR list.
    I watched Monuments Men this month too, well, the boyfriend watched while I read. I've been wanting to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for months. I hope you enjoyed Divergent!
    4 challenges completed? Congratulations Mel!
    I hope August is as fantastic as July for you!

    1. Okay! I will keep writing them, because I like showing snippets of my life :) Sleeping outside was actually not so scary. The rain (which we unfortunately had, but it was the last day so it wasn't bad) has a very comforting sound when it taps on the tent :p

  27. omg melanie YES I FIND THESE INTERESTING!! Everyone in Holland is getting those pretty Hogwarts T-shirts and I'm so jealous T_T and omg CAMPING that's so much fun!! I hope August will be as fun!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

    1. Awhhh, I wish you could have a pretty Hogwarts shirt as well!

  28. Your hair looks really pretty in the recap video! And I want to hear more about your camping experience! Will you do a post about it? I probably will never camp. I am afraid of the dark, and bugs, and being in the middle of nowhere and pretty much all things having to do with camping. hah.

    1. Thanks Nicole and I've written a story about it in my August recap!

  29. Sounds like you had an amazing month! Especially because of all those Harry Potter shirts. And hell yeah, I got the reference (it's from Beauty and the Beast and I love its gif). =D

    I don't have high hopes from Divergent.

    Dying to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2.

    Yes to Red Queen and A Wicked Thing! =D

  30. Woah The Cure for Dreaming looks really weird in a good way! I'm really intrigued by that cover. I'm also excited to read Red Queen!


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