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Monthly recap | June '14. High tea.

I always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture it in vlogs every now and then.
Highlights this month:
Personal life.
-We went on a  nice diner for my parents 25-year marriage with my sister and boyfriend. I had a tasty mixed grill and peach sorbet.
-Went to a little market in our city center where I ate fried vegetable chips, which is very tasty!
High tea-Stopped at a playground near my house when I came back for school, where I read in the sun for two glorious hours.
-High Tea with my mother, her best friend and my sister. It was delicious. Here is one of the pictures for the sweets, but there were also warm scones, vegetarian wraps with cheese and salmon + chicken sandwiches.
-Saw the last Dutch football game (against Mexico) with two friends from my boyfriend. We also played some shooters.
-Book club meeting! We were supposed to talk about Alison Goodman – Eona, but me and Daisy were the only two who finished it, haha. We will talk about it when we go see The fault in our stars.
-Went to Veterans Day in our city center. I was touched by all the old guys.

Despite some difficulties at the beginning of my internship, I ended up with some great results. We had some bumps on the road, but yesterday I had to present them with my lab partner and we also send our report. If that is good enough, I'm done with my minor and I've collected enough points in my third year. Can't believe next year will be my last year..

If you are interested: my research was to see under which conditions Pseudomonas aeruginosa tries to form biofilms on vinyl canvas from play objects in a swimming pool. There was an outbreak in England in 2002 and from that moment, The Netherlands have been trying to determine the conditions in swimming pools. Biofilms are easily said a special layer they make to survive in certain situations, like when you try to clean a contaminated surface with chlorine. This way, they aren’t removed when the play objects are cleaned. So if you ever go to the pool and you end up with an ear infection/skin rash, this might be the bad guy.
1. I’ve been trying to catch up with The Originals, so I watched until episode 20. It’s starting to lose it’s quality like Vampire Diaries..
2. I’ve finished Game of Thrones season 4 and now it’s going to be 10 horrible months of waiting. I love this show and I’m happy how the season ended. There were some heart-breaking moments though.
3. I saw Elysium and wasn’t blown away by it. I don’t really like space/super modern technology.
4. I saw the Delirium pilot and HAHA. No.
5. I watched Tarzan (2014) with my boyfriend and we were both very annoyed by this adaptation.
6. Hercules (Disney) was on TV, so my sister and me watched this together. Meg is sassy.
7. I’ve been following most of the football games this year. There were some great games and I’m rooting very hard for The Netherlands (of course) and Germany.
8. 12 years a slave: very impressive movie.

66. Rae Carson - The girl of fire and thorns (reread). 5+/5
67. Rae Carson - The crown of embers (reread). 5+/5.

68. Melina Marchetta - Finnikin of the rock. 2/5.
69. Lisa Ann O'Kane - Essence. 1/5.
70. Alex Mallory - Wild. 1/5
71. Rae Carson - The bitter kingdoms. 5+/5
72. Leigh Bardugo - Shadow and bone (reread) 5+/5
73. Leigh Bardugo - Siege and storms (reread) 5+/5

74. Tracy Barett - The stepsister's tale 2/5
75. Leigh Bardugo - Ruin & Rising. 3/5.
76. Robin LaFevers - Grave Mercy (reread) 5+/5
77. Danielle L. Jensen - Songbird's overture (novella) 3/5.
78. Katrine Leno - The half life of Molly Pierce 3/5.
79. Alison Goodman - Eona: the last Dragoneye 3/5.
90. Chris Colfer – The land of stories: the wishing spell. 3.5/5.

TBR pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 2: 22/32. (69%)
Review pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 2: 35/45 (78%)
Dystopian: 14/19. (74%)
Series: 8/12. (67%)
Fairy tale:  19/16. (119%) COMPLETED.
Bingo: 25/25 squares. (100%) COMPLETED.
New books
I bought two books. I also received my Stolen Songbird swag from the lovely Danielle L. Jensen.

First up is A.G Howard – Unhinged, which is the sequel to Splintered. These books are set in the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Second is M.R Carey – The girl with all the gifts. I’ve had this book on my wish list for a while, because the main character has my name! And I’ve heard great things about it.

Ruin and RisingMy pre-order for Leigh Bardugo – Ruin and Rising finally came in the mail. This is the last book in the Grisha series and if you haven’t read those books yet, go change that! I read this book in one sitting (mainly to outrun the spoilers that are bound to happen sooner or later) and while it’s not the ending I was hoping for, this book definitely delivered a good story.

TOG bag
This might be the most epic thing I’ve got in the mail so far. I tweeted asking people desperately where I could get this bag and one of the sweetest persons I know answered that she wanted to send it to me.
So again, thank you, thank you, thank you Christina. I’ve been using it every day now.
Bookish games

She was also generous enough to let me borrow her copy of Robin LaFevers – Mortal heart. You might be aware for my love of this series, so I’m super excited to get started in the conclusion of this series (His fair assassin). I won this amazing t-shirt from Oh the books! I nearly won as a bad guy in the Divergent bookish games, but I was killed.  I bought Susan Ee – World after. I was surprised by Angelfall and after such an ending.. you just have to read the sequel.

I couldn’t contain myself and I downloaded two books from Edelweiss, Kiersten White – Illusions of fate and Bethany Griffin – The fall. I was asked for the blogtour from Erica Johnson - The queen of Tearling by Harpercollins. I was accepted for Licia Troisi – Nihal of the land of the winds, Mercedes Lackey & Mallory – House of the four winds and Colleen Oakes – The wonder on Netgalley.

That is it! I thought I would try to include my Instagram pictures. Do you like this or should I leave them out? Leave a link to your recap/book haul and have a great July :)

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Mel is a microbiology technician who is obsessed with Disney, fairytale retellings and fantasy. If she's not reading or blogging, she's either busy with gaming, hanging out with family or watching a TV show. She loves summer and bright nail polish. One of her dreams is to travel the world. She has found her Prince Charming and they are together for 7+ years.


  1. So many rereads! I have a huge pile of books I want to reread but then I see how many books are on my TBR pile I just don't reread. Should I ever manage to have a smaller TBR I'm going to reread all my favorites! :D

    I never heard of Nihal of the Land of the Wind before! Sounds amazing!

    1. I like to reread every once in a while and this month it was essential for all the series conclusions :D

  2. Wow June sounds like a super busy, but exciting month for you Melanie! I'm glad that you're finally on vacation. And look how many books you were able to read too! I'm currently finishing Bitterblue, its taking me a while to read, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. I hope you enjoy all your books! And yes to The Netherlands and Germany in the World Cup!

    1. I surprised myself, because I thought I didn't have enough time to read!

  3. Congratulations on your internship and with a great school month! The Delirium pilot was horrid! xD Look at all your completed challenges!! The Girl with All the Gifts looks super good--I've been hearing nothing but good things about it. Mortal Heart! <3 I'll be reading Dark Triumph some time this month. :D The Queen of the Tearling looks interesting as well.

    Happy July, Mel! :D

    1. Hahaha, even thinking about Delirium :') I've started The girl will all the gifts and it's really good so far. Happy July to you too Aimee :D

  4. Yay :D Sounds like you had an amazing month. <3 And ohh. SO many good books :D Really hoping you will love Mortal Heart. So jealous, hih. Happy reading sweetie. <3 And yay for Game of Thrones :) Love that show so much.

    1. It was :D and I hope I will love Mortal Heart as much as the other two books :) Happy reading to you too!

  5. CAAAAAKE *wipes drool*

    Haha yeah the Delirium pilot was . . . uhm . . . well, I think it's best that I just don't comment on it because it was a mess and so full of insta-love and I could only watch the first 20 minutes and *breathes* . . . yeah LOL

    1. I had to skip some parts, because it was SO awkward, haha.

  6. I'm in this months bookish games!!

    Man you can read so much you go girl! I've been in a big slump lately. Thank goodness for Tina and Maggie joining because otherwise I would be so empty of reviews the past month or two.

    I didn't even make it but 25% into Delirium so I'm not watching the show. I wasn't blown away by Elysium either!

    1. Cool, I will definitely follow the bookish games :D

  7. Sounds like you had such a great month! I've watched really random episodes of GoT here and there, but I really want to watch the whole seasons sometimes. But right now my priority is to finish the books that are published. I still have to read Dark Triumph, which I really want to do before Mortal Heart releases. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! The Queen of the Tearling and Illusions of Fate look awesome! I hope you enjoy all of your books! :)

    1. Oh, you should. It's a very good show with real quality episodes :) Dark Triumph is amazing!

  8. You are a reading beast. I really need to catch up on Game of Thrones, but just haven't gotten around to it. You sound like you've had a busy month, hope July is good for you!

  9. Looks like you had a great month. I'm interested in The Stepsister's Tale although I haven't seen too many positive reviews so far. Its great that you had so many 5 star reads.

  10. Unhinged is a great book, hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  11. Wow! June looked like it was an exciting, busy month for you! I'm glad you enjoyed the latest GoT season, and I really need to get to watching that. And you read so many books! Go you! :D I look forward to your reviews this month!

  12. Yay for vacation! :D I'm so jelly because everyone seems to be on break now, either for summer, or because of end of term. And I'm still stuck in school studying for my SATs. But all the same, I hope you enjoy your holiday, Mel, and I hope all goes well with your internship. Sounds like you're researching some pretty cool and dangerous stuff. I hardly go into pools, but I'll be sure to keep that info in mind. :)

    I really do need to get on the GoT bandwagon, don't I? I just have so many other series I want to catch up on, and ALL THE ANIME. Maybe I'll just wait until all the seasons for GoT is out so I won't have to torture myself by waiting, haha. And yup, totally with you about Elysium: it had such a cool concept, but I felt the acting and characters kind of stiff. The Delirium pilot was a total failure. I'm so disappointed in it.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on The Girl With All the Gifts! I haven't heard much about it, but it seems to still be getting some pretty good reviews, and I love how original and strange it sounds. That tote bag is lovely, too! Times like this I really get envious of people living in the U.S. -- they get access to so many cool things.

    Thanks for sharing about your life in June, Mel! Hope July is just as awesome for you. <3

    1. Awhhhh, boooooh :( Good luck with your SAT's Meg!

      YES YES YES! If you start now, you will be up to date when the new season starts, haha.

      I hope July treats you well too <3

  13. Vegetable fries sound delicious and that photo from the hi-tea, scrumptious!

    Your research sounds fantastic!

    I've to catch up with The Originals, myself and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    Oh yeah, I wasn't impressed by the technology in Elysium, either. I haven't watched the Delirium pilot because I haven't read the trilogy yet. Still, I don't think I will. Maybe for the laughs?

    That Throne of Glass tote bag is awesome, Christina is awesome! =D I really want to read World After soon because Angelfall is such a great book.

    1. It's a shame I forgot to make a picture of the vegetable fries, but I was too busy eating it, haha. Delirium isn't worth it, if you ask me.. And Christina is the best!

  14. Looks like you were busy but had a great month! Happy July reading!

  15. I really liked Nihal of the Land of the Wind! Also, I would love to get my hands on Mortal Heart! I absolutely adore that series. :) Looks like a great month! Also, your school work is so interesting!

  16. Yesssss your monthly recap <33 shhh, don't tell anybody but your monthly recaps are my fave. I feel like they're always so personal and I can tell you put a lot of effort in them.

    Looks like June was pretty busy! That picture of the sweets from High Tea is making me hungry lol, and I just ate. It's awesome that vacation has started for you (: I hope you find yourself less stressed out and able to read more.

    I want a internship. I really do need the experience and I feel like it would be quite helpful. I just need to find a place where I'm interested in the work there and get accepted. A little more easier said than done [; Pseudomonas aeruginosa O.o That's a new word! Do I have any idea what it means??? Sure. Okay, maybe I have no idea. It still sounds interesting though, along with how you connected it with the issue of the pool toys.

    Ugh, the wait for GOT is going to be brutal. Don't really know how I'll survive these 10 months. LOL I heard the Delirium pilot was horrible. Don't think I'll be watching that, unless I want a laugh that is. And whoa O.o there's a new Tarzan movie?! Can't believe I haven't heard of it. I really don't know how anything could beat the original Disney one though, so I'm not surprised that you didn't enjoy the re-make.

    Songbird's overture, never knew this existed even though I loved Stolen Songbird. Hahaha if your recap is teaching me anything it's that I really don't know much about what's going on :p What I do know is That the Girl With all of The Gifts has been getting great reviews though c: I hope you enjoy it! I want to read it ahhh. That tote bag is also awesome, love that it's repping Throne of Glass c: The House of the Four Winds looks interesting because PIRATES! Ahhhh I just love reading about pirates, can't wait to see what you think of it.

    Great recap! :) and I enjoyed seeing your instagram pictures.

    1. I always enjoy writing them, so I'm happy you like them so much! Sometimes I'm afraid people don't like the personal details, but I think it's a fun touch to the blog :)

      This short internship was definitely an experience. I can't wait to start my longer ones. Haha. It's the name of the bacteria and I have no idea how they come up with those :p

      I DON'T WANT TO WAIT. :(

      The girl with allt he fits is very good so far. The tote bag is the most magnificent bookish thing I have in my collection <3

  17. Have I ever told you, Mel, how much I love your Monthly Recaps? Because OH MY CUPCAKES, I do. It's always so interesting and I love how much insight and facts you give to your life and just everything. I probably looked like the grumpy cat though when you talked about your internship because when I hear all these bio and medical terms, I feel like a 5 year old in a college chemistry class...oh wait, no, I just feel like me in a college chemistry class ;) Seems like you had a great month personal-wise and book-wise! Love it all!

    1. Awhh, thank Summer :) Sometimes I'm worried people don't give a shit about those personal things, haha, so it's good to hear some people like that!

  18. High Tea sounds amazing! I'm still trying to catch up on Vampire Diaries, but I'm looking forward to The Originals after I finally get caught up.

  19. LOL the Delirium pilot was crap. So disappointing! Also, like you, I'm really starting to lose interest in both TVD and The Originals. I have yet to catch up with GOT though but since it's a long wait until the next season, I'll take my time.

    Looks like you had a really great reading month, Mel! Rereading those five star books must have been fun! I'll have to some of them out still! You're totally rocking your reading challenges, btw!

  20. I have a friend that was begging me to read Game of Thrones, but all the books are sooo long. I guess I need to re-think it. I loved Grave Mercy so I'm happy to hear you did too. I have Mortal Heart as well and I hope I enjoy it just as much as the first two books.

    Looks like you've had some fun with celebrations and books, Mel! Hope your next month is just as great! :)

  21. That is so awesome! ALL OF IT. I'm a huge fan of Unhinged...like when I say huge I mean ginormous moth sized. x) Morpheus/Alyssa shipper here. *waves and slinks into shadows*

    But OMG. THE CHAOL AND CELEANA BAG!! OMG!! That's awesome. And also the "I died" tee shirt is brilliant. I love the peoples at Oh the Books. ;)

    1. I'm a Morpheus/Alyssa shipper too! I couldn't stand Jeb.

  22. Yay for the girl of fire and thrones! I loved that book even with the girl being fat. At least she lost a bit of weight HAHA It was unappealing to me at first because the book had a lot of eating and walking. HAHAHA


  23. Two glorious hours of reading in the sun, family suppers and a stop at a little market all sound positively divine! Those High Tea sweets look like they were to die for *drools* but being touched by all the old guys seems like less fun >.< Aaand finally: YAY VACATION and finishing the internship on a high note :D

    I'm sorry you found The Originals to be losing it's quality. I agree that VD certainly did but I like The Originals A LOT better now! I still need to watch Twelve Years a Slave (and Elysium) but that last one has me feeling I'll be let down by it too.

    You got a fantastic haul of books too, both Stolen Songbird and especially the Grisha Trilogy are high priority reads for me. I'm so so glad a wonderful blogger sent you the C&C&D&N tote. I was in line for ages THE first day of BEA to get mine and I've been swooning over it ever since ♥

    I still need to read the His Fair Assassin, Graceling, Angelfall and Cinda Chima Williams books myself but I need to. Soon. I was lucky enough to get House of the Four Winds too BUT not so lucky with Queen of the Tearling and Illusions of Fate - though both are still on my wishlist :) Looks like June was another wonderful month for you, bookish and otherwise! Here's to an even better July xxx and happy reading Mel!

    1. It is <3 and the High Tea was delicious. I want The originals to go back from all the romance stuff and I want Klaus to be badass and angry at everyone, haha.

  24. Yay for school! It's always the best feeling when things work out well. :) Ah, and high tea! I adore high tea, though I've only been once. And I hope you have a great vacation!

    I'm sad to see you didn't love Ruin & Rising like you did the other books. I just picked it up today, but I'm hoping I'll love it. And that was so sweet of Christina to send you the tote! It's seriously the coolest thing in the world. :)

    I hope your July is even better than June! :D

    1. I think it's because of my preference for certain things ;) so I hope you enjoy Ruin and Rising!

  25. Hahaha, loved your reaction for the Delirium pilot. Mine was pretty much the same too.

    Have a happy July! Hopefully, it will be better than your June. :)

  26. Sounds like you had a fantastic month, Mel! I honestly love hearing about what you're studying at University! It sounds fascinating!
    I still need to catch up with The Originals... I don't know if I want to, but I probably will. Mainly because Daniel Sharman's joined the cast for season 2. The GoT finale was crazy! I cried a few times at it was (Daenerys & Jojen mainly). Elysium never really caught my eye. It never looked that good in any of the trailers. I definitely won't be watching it now. I didn't even bother trying to find the Delirium pilot online. The trailer for it just looked reaaaally bad. I'm rooting for The Netherlands too (and Brazil)!
    Wow! You read a lot of great books this month! I really need to read Rae Carson's books soon. Everyone seems to love them! I've also been wanting to read Grave Mercy for quite a while.
    I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR TOTE BAG! I need one of those <3
    Happy reading, Mel! :)

    1. Yeay, I'm happy to hear that :) I love talking about it, haha. Go Netherlands :D

  27. I would like Instagram pictures too!! It sounds like you had an epic month! Congrats on finishing your 3rd year AND ENJOY YOUR VACATION! It still amazes me how much you can read with as much as you do. And your response to the Delirium pilot hahaha.

    1. Haha, that is really all I can say without going into a rant :p

  28. Looks like you had a fantastic reading month! I recently finished the Girl of Fire and Thorn series, too, and oh. My. God. Soooooo amazing! The feels are all over the place with those books. And Hector. <3 I really hope you enjoy Mortal Heart and World After - both are nearly 5 star reads for me. :)

  29. I watched the pilot for Delirium as well, and I was just sitting there watching it and it was PAINFUL. I'm not a fan of the series, but I really liked Delirium (the other 2 not so much), and even I thought it was horribly done. It's like they had no budget to work with.

    Looks like you had an awesome month :) Very interesting research! My internships have been in clinical labs and I loved my rotation in the Microbiology area. Had quite a few cultures of Pseudomonas while I was there. Some with some serious antibiotic resistance.

    1. It just made me cringe all the way through.. And yes, they do like their antibiotic resistance genes!

  30. Glad to hear that school is going well! It just flies by, doesn't it?

    Wow, you managed so many re-reads this month - I really need to read that Rae Carson series, lots of people keep going on about it and it totally looks like my kind of thing :)

    The House of the Four Winds looks great - I think I also saw it on Netgalley but I'm trying to be good and not request anything for a while :( I also have a copy of The Queen of the Tearling to read, I actually had an eARC from Netgalley then Harper emailed me to say they'd posted me a finished copy! So I'm waiting for that to arrive before I read it as I'd rather read the proper copy :)

    1. Unbelievable how fast! I'm in love with Rae Carson's series, so I don't think you would regret it :) And how nice of them. I really liked The queen of the Tearling and the cover is gorgeous, happy reading!

  31. Warm scones are literally my FAVOURITE thing right now. :)

    I'm also rooting for Germany, mainly because I have them in my sweepstake. However, I'm secretly supporting Holland too because I follow so many Dutch bloggers! When I was watching the match last night, my Twitter dash was full of capslocksy tweets from all the Dutch bloggers I follow. :')

    Books wise, I am super jealous of the fact you have Ruin & Rising! I have to wait till my mock exams etc are over before I can begin. The. Wait. Is. Killing. Me.

    Great post & happy reading! :)

  32. Sounds like you had an outstanding month! Congrats!! :) And I'm totally loving the new layout... it's so pretty. :)


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