Monthly recap | August '14. Camping adventure.

I always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture it in vlogs every now and then.
I’m going to include a couple of pictures this time, because I’m going to tell you all about my camping adventure. My boyfriend and me went on a little trip from August 4th to August 7th. For both of us the first time camping and also officially our first sort-of vacation together. We biked around 75 km.

I deleted the story and pictures, because at the moment (after the whole drama that's going on about the author stalking someone) I don't feel good about having this on the internet..

Short adventure, but we had a great time together and the nature was stunning. Camping isn’t THE thing for me. I’m used to more comfort (yep, I totally admit I’m spoiled). Although, I’m definitely open to try it again.

Other things I did:
-I met my sister’s boyfriend for the first time (it’s so cute)
-Celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday.
-I had a shopping day with my sister.
-I’ve been stressing over my internship, because nobody responds and my last option was declined by my supervisor because it was ‘too academic.’ I can’t start this month, so hopefully I find something for October! It’s frustrating.
-Book club meeting! We had Sushi, delicious.

96. Kristin Cashore - Bitterblue. 4/5.
97. Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl. 4/5.

98. Heather Demetrios - Exquisite captive. 2.5/5.
99. Jennifer A. Nielsen - The false prince. 3.5/5.
100. Kasie West - Pivot point. 5/5.101. Bethany Griffin - The fall. 3/5.
102. Susan Ee - World after. 5/5.
103. Laini Taylor - Daughter of smoke and bone. 4/5. [reread]
104. Laini Taylor - Days of blood and starlight. 5/5.
105. Laini Taylor - Dreams of gods and monsters. 4.5/5.
106. Edgar Allen Poe - The fall of the house of Usher. 3/5.
107. Amy Ewin - The Jewel. 1/5.
108. Marie Rutkoski - The winner's curse. 4.5/5.
109. Kiersten White - Illusions of fate. 3/5.
110. J.D Salinger - The catcher in the rye. 1/5.
111. Shannon Hale - The goose girl. 4/5.
112. Shannon Hale - Enna Burning. 3/5.
113. Shannon Hale - River Secrets. 3.5/5.
114. Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory - The house of the four winds. 2/5.
115. Jenni James - Jack and the beanstalk. 2/5.
116. William Goldman – The princess bride. 2.5/5.

I participated in bout of books and achieved all my goals. (Participated in a twitter chat, found lots of new blogs, commented a lot, finished 6 books when I was planning to read 4 and I did some challenges. I read a total of 2594 pages.) I surprised myself with the amount of books I’ve read and there were some amazing books too!

We got Netflix, so we’ve been obsessed with watching movies and TV shows. Here is a short recap.

1. I finally started Doctor Who. I’ve seen 5 episodes from 2005 and it’s entertaining. Netflix.
2. I finished The Musketeers (10 episodes) and we are eagerly waiting for the new season.
3. I saw Divergent and wasn’t blown away by it, but it wasn’t terribly either. Cinema.
4. I continued watching Supernatural and it’s so creepy, haha. Netflix.
5. Disney re-watch Finding Nemo and Frozen. Jungle book with #DisneyJourney. Collection.
6. Sex tape in the cinema. Funny, but we weren’t blown away.
7. The lone ranger, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Netflix.
8. Austin Powers, international man of mystery.. Just.. horrible. Netflix.
9. Tinker bell & the great fairy rescue. Netflix.
10. Tinker bell & the secret of wings. Netflix.
11. The pineapple express. Netflix. Stupid humour, but that’s what I was looking for.
12. Into the storm. Cinema. Very intense. I will post a review.
13. Arrested development, 3 episodes. Netflix. I like Jason Bateman.
14. I re-watched a couple of movies on Netflix: Jane Eyre (2011), Thor the dark world and The 40-year-old virgin and some episodes from New Girl season 1.
15. The mall-cop. Netflix. Bit silly, but okay.
16. I found out that my ‘guilty pleasure’ is available on Netflix, so I watched the first 8 episodes from season 1 Say yes to the dress.
TBR pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 2: 39/32. (122%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 3: 39/50 (78%)

Review pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 2: 45/45 (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 3: 45/50 (90%)

Dystopian: 16/19. (84%)
Series: 11/12. (91%)
Fairy tale:  24/16. (150%) COMPLETED.

Bingo: 25/25 squares. (100%) COMPLETED.GR challengeI completed my Goodreads challenge last week!

I also completed my second TBR pile challenge, so now I’m going to aim for 50 books. The same with my second review pile challenge. I’m almost done with Dystopian and Series too! I’m happy with my progress.

Book haul
Yeaaay, another awkward book haul. I actually had to edit a lot, so 10 minutes of material went to.. this. I'm still trying. Next time I will include more information, but I was planning to do a recap of all the books I've read (like The false prince, first book from Jennifer Nielsen) but I read so many books I was overwhelmed. I might record it in two parts :)

-Jennifer A. Nielsen - The runaway king.
-Kasie West - Split second.
-Laini Taylor - Gods of blood and monsters.
-Heather Dixon - Entwined.
-Jackson Pearce - Sweetly.
-Veronica Rossi - Under the never sky.

How was your month? Did you watch anything good? Did you read something awesome? Did you get many books? Tell me everything!


  1. Seems like you've had a great month! I've never gone camping and I'm not sure if it's my thing because I'm really not the outdoors type. As for your bike ride, I feel you. I went on a 40mile bike ride through NYC mostly Queens and Brooklyn last week using google maps and it took us 7 hours! (I'm not very athletic so it was a long one) We also ended up in a lot of small dark streets. It was an experience though :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. It was definitely different from any vacation I've ever had before, but much more fun than expected. It was SO LONG, especially when Google promises you it only takes you '10 more minutes' and you're still not there after 1 hour..

  2. You had a really eventful month! I've never tried camping but I've traveled with my boyfriend a lot of times. I wanna try camping soon because it looks like you had a lot of fun!

    I have to agree with Divergent being not great. It wasn't terrible and it didn't stray away from the book. But there's something missing.

    - Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder

  3. Love the camping photos!! I am not a bike rider myself. I recently was given a bike but riding it is way hard then going to the gym and riding the bike there. WAY HARDER.

  4. What a month! The camping photographs were lovely--I am desperate for a good bike ride now!

    Ps. congrats on finishing 115/115 books. I set mine quite low this year (50 something) but I'm close to doubling that now..

  5. Ooh what a great month you had! Sounds like u had a great trip, and you are such a good looking couple :D
    Congrats on completin your book challenge! I'm almost done with mine as well. I still gotta read Pivot Point. I see you didn't like Exquisite Captive too too much, looking forward to your review on that, I have high hopes...kinda scared Also about to rd the Fall..

    -Dee's Reads

  6. I love this post - your fairytale titles fit so well and they're really cute!

    The camping looks great! My boyfriend and I have been thinking about going (and I put it on my 24 before 24 list) but I'm nervous about it - like you I'm used to comfort! But your photos look great and seems like you had a good time (despite the google maps error!) so that's encouraging for me ;)

    I have to admit I'm in awe of everything you got done this month, I feel very unproductive now! Congratulations on all your challenges, you are doing amazingly!

    Enjoy all your new books and good luck with sorting the internship out :) I've got Under The Never Sky but I've not started it yet.

    1. Yes! *Score*

      It took some time to adjust to, but as long as you have a great time together it's no problem ^^

  7. Too bad your camping experience was a bit blotched. I love camping, I used to be a scout for 9 years before they got lame (lost touch with nature). I love to bike as well, prefer it to running because of my messed up knees...

    Yay for the books, you read alot! And yay for shows! I LOVE Arrested Development and Doctor Who (although the episodes with Matt Smith are weeeeird). I also really enjoy Supernatural, it was awesome, then got a bit awkward, but it picked up again. :)
    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and happy reading!

    1. Arrested Development is quite funny so far! :D I can't wait to see more.

  8. What a fun month! I love all the camping photos, it looks like a really pretty spot! I went camping this week, too. Always fun :) I love that you include your Netflix stuff in this post...I'm always looking for new stuff to watch!

  9. Wow,you've had an amazing month! I love when we go camping,the only thing I hate about it is the lack of internet:)
    You've also read a lot! And looks like you've loved a lot of them.
    I had a great month too.Since August is a month of vacation,I always manage to read a lot.This time,I came across a few books that eventually became my favourites.
    I loved my first time of participating in the bout of books as well:)

    1. It's great when you read books that become new favorites :D

  10. Gah, I've never been camping. The photos are amazing and really make me wish to go one one. 5 hours journey, though. The book-house and pannenkoek look amazing and whoa, bicycling! I haven't bicycled in ages, not since I was a teenager.

    I also loved Days of Blood and Starlight the best and yay for World After and Pivot Point.

    I like that Supernatural is creepy.

    Congrats on completing your challenges! I'm on track so it's good at the moment.

    1. I like that it's creepy too, but I found out I better can't watch it in the evening. Haha. Scary pants.

  11. Lovely photos! I haven't been camping in years but I think it would be fun to do again.
    I really enjoy seeing monthly recaps - you had a good month! I really need to read the Laini Taylor series soon.

  12. Where did you go camping? I once went camping, but just like you I prefer a bit more comfort and luxury, it just isn't my thing. The nature and scenery around your camping looks beautifull though!
    Good luck with finding an internship, I had some trouble back when I had to find an internship and finally got one through my supervisor from school.

  13. I've never really had many good camping experiences, but it's always good to be out in nature :) And I'm ridiculously addicted to Netflix; I keep starting new TV shows and then not finishing them because I end up starting something else.
    I've heard good things about Split Second, but I really need to get Pivot Point, which I've been wanting to read for the longest time.

    Happy reading :)

    1. Haha, true. There are so many things I keep jumping around hoping to catch up with everything. I'm now going to try to stick with these series *most probably going to fail*

  14. You are so cute! Camping is always an adventure but it looks like you guys did a good job and had some fun. I'm always amazed at how many book you can read a month, it's impressive. I've been wanting to start Laini Taylor's series and think I'll try to get to it this month.

  15. Looks like a delightful trip! Next time go glamping!! :-)
    You had a great month for reading too! Happy September reading!

  16. Yay :D It sounds like you had an amazing month sweetie. <3 Thank you so much for sharing. And aw. I love all the camping pictures :) Such a cute photo of you and your boyfriend. <3 Hope September will be just as good :)

  17. Oh my gosh, you've been busy! Camping definitely wouldn't be my thing either, but it looks like you had fun! :) It looks beautiful, too. Ooh, you loved Pivot Point! I need to read that ASAP. :)

    I hope September is wonderful for you, Mel! :D

  18. You had an amazing month and read so many amazing books! The trip looks awesome, I wish I could get my husband to do some more camping!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  19. I've never gone hiking or camping before, but your trip looked so fun! I'm sorry the weather wasn't better though. AND YAY, congrats on finishing your Goodreads Challenge! You are an insanely fast reader. :P I hope you get your internship too!

    Lovely vlog as well, you cut it so short! I prefer short videos, so good for you. :D Under the Never Sky is such a great book!

    Have an amazing September!

    1. Haha, I know, I'm such a loser on camera :p good thing you like them short!

  20. Awesome month for you! You read some great books!! I'm glad you met your goal for Bout of Books. August was pretty good for me, but I'm hoping for a great September. :)

  21. Your camping trip looked like a lot of fun! I'm totally with you on climbing stairs being hard exercise, haha! Aww, I really hope you manage to get an internship in October! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
    Doctor Who! Yay! It's gets a lot better when you get to the 10th doctor :) I finally managed to fully catch up with Supernatural this month! What season are you on? I wasn't sure whether to see Into the Storm or not, but I think I might now. Looking forward to your review!
    Congrats on completing your Goodreads challenge! You've almost completed all of your challenges for this year! I think I'm completely failing at mine.
    I'm so glad you loved Pivot Point, World After & The Winner's Curse! You read a lot of fantastic books this month! I definitely need to start on Laini Taylor's books soon. I adore the cover of Entwined as well. It's so beautiful <3
    Happy reading! :)

    1. Those special effects on Doctor Who are now a bit.. lousy. I hope it gets better when I get to the new seasons :D I'm halfway the first season from Supernatural!

  22. OMG I have to start by saying WooHoo, to you starting watching Doctor Who ♥ I absolutely adore that show so I'm thrilled that it's been entertaining you so far as well :D YAY! Oh and I'm *almost* as excited to see you're watching Supernatural too!! Me and the bf are currently re-watching the series since I was creeped out the first time and figured I must have missed some things haha I'm enjoying it even more this time cause I know what to expect LOL Oh and I should really rewatch Finding Nemo - it's been too long and I love that story!

    Your camping journey sounded fun but I agree with you, camping isn't really my thing either. I need more sleep and less bugs haha but I'm glad you guys managed to have fun, see pretty wildlife and take gorgeous pictures too! You read some amazing books for August and I see you have some wonderful new ones to keep you busy in the coming months :D Here's to a wonderful September and happy reading doll ^^ xx

    1. I was happy, because we had no bugs bugging us, haha.

  23. Well done on completing your Good Reads challenge! My goal is 40 books but looking at yours I feel so amateur! I can't believe how many books you've read this month - I'm amazed! It's such a shame that you had to cut your camping trip short, but least you're open to going on another one! I have to admit, I'm not the greatest when it comes to camping, I hate not having the luxury of a toilet and a shower, but it's nice to see nature at it's best!

    Happy September! :)

    1. It's not about how many books you read, but it's about how much you like them. 40 is a great goal too!

  24. Your trip looks and sounds like it was lovely, except for the not great weather. And I am super impressed with a five hour bike ride. I don't know if I would have made it, haha.

    1. There was a point I thought I was going to collapse, haha.

  25. That is so much biking! I'm definitely not much of a camping person, although it sounds like you had a great time.

    I loved Divergent, and I want to start watching Doctor Who sometime soon (I've heard a ton of amazing things about it). I hope you enjoy all of your new books, too! :)

  26. First, I want to say that you're really pretty:)
    Second, your camping trip sounds like it was fun. I've never been camping before but it's definitely something I want to try one day.
    Also, I'm not sure what's available on Netflix where you are or what you've seen before, but I highly suggest LOST. Best show EVER.
    Great post! Talk to you soon:)

  27. Awesome Mel . 5 freaking hours !!!!!!!! . I'd collapse . I love the nature pics

    1. Haha, I sometimes had a feeling I was going to collapse!

  28. Man, camping looks really fun (albeit arduous :P). I wish I had places to camp here... I'm too chicken to try it out, hate mosquitos, and hate what's lurking in the dark especially since I can be "sensitive" sometimes (if you know what I mean). Kudos for walking and biking all those hours! I don't know if I could have handled it. I'm not in shape and running for thirty minutes is enough to make me sleep the whole day complaining of muscle pains. Haha.

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. It was surprising, because I never thought I could handle it either. I guess I'm stronger than I thought :D

  29. What a fantastic reading month! I'm so glad you enjoyed the DoSaB trilogy and you got some great books this month. Also, what gorgeous scenery on your camping trip! This reminds me that I really need to start watching Doctor Who!

  30. You've read a lot of brilliant books this month. Your camping trip looks amazing, those pictures are gorgeous! Congrats on completing your challenge, I am still trying to get mine done. I'm only 8 books ahead, but at least I am not behind.

  31. Heck I barely have time to watch TV but I did finally watch STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, oh and I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy - loved it.

    I went to DragonCon - that was fun, won't go again though too far away, so much money and so so so crowded lol.

    Excellent job on the reading challenge. I'm so behind!

  32. YES! I am so glad you are watching Dr. Who!

  33. Your camping trip sounded awesome :) Such beautiful sites you visited!! You read so many books, that's amazing!! I need to start Kristin Cashore's series soon! I hope you have an awesome September Mel!!


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