The GIF tag.

I was tagged by Reviews of a bookworm to do this tag. I tried to hunt down who started this tag, but I couldn't find it.. Please let me know if you know the creator! The tag is very simple. I got a list of 10 books from Reviews of a bookworm and I had to find a GIF to describe my feelings. At the end I will tag other people with a list of 10 books I came up with.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
I was very late with this series; this is the time where I tell you I saw the movie before I read the book *hides* It was the first movie that made me curious about the series and after that, I fell in love. I think these movies are one of the best adaptations I’ve seen so far and I can’t wait for Mockingjay part 1 (although I’m still not sure why they cut it in half.) I picked this GIF, because I thought it was an impressive scene with a lot of meaning to the story. This is the moment where she started to gain loyalty and where I really admired her character.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling.
I had the hardest time trying to find a GIF to match my feelings.  I decided to pick a GIF with one of my favorite characters and this one made me laugh. Thinking about Harry Potter makes me happy & smile. I also think about this emotion, because despite the horrors that happened, there was always hope. I still can’t believe there was a time in my life where I decided I didn’t want to read HP. I’m grateful that my aunt & uncle bought me the book anyway and introduced me to one of the best fandoms there is.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
It was so easy to identify with Cath and how she’d rather stay in her room writing than going to a party. Her friendship with Levi was heart-warming and she reminded me immediately of this scene from Frozen. Catch was shy and a bit awkward around people too.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
I haven’t read the book and thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the complete movie. I’m not sure what it is. I’m planning to see it soon though, because I do like watching classics – and I have the book somewhere on the shelves.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.
This series slowly destroys me (and not only because I have to wait for the fourth books) It’s making me feel all these feelings and sometimes it’s too much to handle it. I have so much love for these characters. I also found another very appropriate GIF I had to include, because I definitely prefer to use that term. 

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
This movie *double facepalm* I have NO idea that they were thinking. Most of the scenes made me cringe, Rose and Dimitri had zero chemistry and what was going on with his hair? But if we talk about the book, I must say I felt very underwhelmed. 

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.
I mentioned this book in my TBR tag as one of the books I feel everyone has read but me; I hope I’m soon one of those people too. It’s high on my TBR pile and I hope to read it before the end of this year.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
I’m pretty lonely when it comes to my opinion about this book, but I disliked it. I don’t get the appeal of √Čtienne and why everyone loves him so much and I didn’t like all the drama.

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.
I saw the movie and I liked the concept, but I’ve never bothered with the books.. I might need to change that soon. Has anyone read the books? Are they worth it?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.
For some reason, I’m just not interested in this book. Almost all my friends on Goodreads loved it, but there is something about it that doesn’t speak to me.

I tag all my followers, so if you feel like doing this tag, go ahead! Here are my 10 books:

1. Leigh Bardugo - Shadow and bone.
2. Marissa Meyer - Cinder.
3. Markus Zusak - The book thief.
4. Rae Carson - The girl of fire and thorns.
5. Robin LaFevers - Grave Mercy.
6. Kristin Cashore - Graceling.
7. Maggie Stiefvater - The raven boys.
8. Julie Kagawa - The immortal rules.
9. Marie Rutkoski - The winner's curse.
10. Laini Taylor - Daughter of smoke and bone.


  1. This looks so awesome! I especially love the Fangirl one, lol.

  2. Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials is just one of the best fantasy ever!!! The first one Northern Lights is really good, but the other two are way better:)

  3. Oo this looks like fun.

    Under the Never Sky is all types of wonderful so I hope you get to it soon! And call me crazy but I do NOT like Jane Austen. Said it. >.>

    I'ma try to do this before the week's end! :)

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

  4. HAH!! As a fellow gif lover, I love this post Mel in every way, shape, and form <3

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. You have NOT read Northern Lights by Philip Pullman?! It is THE BEST MIDDLE GRADE BOOKS EVER. Truly. They are stunning. So damn perfect. And heartbreaking. And perfect. And the best. And you better read them RIGHT AWAY! Dooooo it. You will not regret it, Mel. <3 Anyway. Amazing post sweetie, hih :D

  6. Haha, the Ron Burgundy gif is perfect for Throne of Glass! And also the Frozen gif for Fangirl!
    The Northern Lights is AMAZING. Honestly, it's one of the best series I've ever read. I tried to watch the movie, but it's an abomination compared to the book. I only lasted about 20 minutes. I'd definitely recommend the books!

    1. Thanks Samantha, I will go ahead and read the series then!

  7. Ahh!! I've been looking for someone to share in my Anna and the French Kiss disgruntlement!! I did not like that book very much. It just didn't sit well with me. Too much drama, and I didn't really like any of the characters. Loved just about everything else you mentioned though. :)

  8. Haha this tag is awesome! I really wanna do it, so yay. :) I haven't read Northern Lights, but I like Pullman's other books, so I'll have to look into that. I don't wanna read We Were liars either :P

    1. I'm going to read Northern lights, because based on the comments it's something I HAVE to read.

  9. Ugh Harry Potter makes me feel happy, too haha. I only read the first book though but I will definitely read the entire series probably during my winter break or read some during Thanksgiving. I actually thought Snape was the bad guy when I saw the movies ages ago, but omg I loved him in Sorcerer's Stone! He's so sassy but I love how he looks out for Potter lol.

    1. Sassy, definitely, haha. You are up for some really good books then! Book 5 is my favorite one and 7 is also fantastic.

  10. I identify with the ToG gifs so much xD Perfect choices! I love the Hunger Games and Harry Potter ones too :)

  11. Ahhh. This was such a fun post to read, thanks for sharing! I loved seeing your GIF's and reading your opinions about these books. :)

  12. This is such a great post Mel! I have to agree with you on so many of the gif's you've used, but especially the ones for Fangirl and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! :)

  13. Haha, I'm going to pretend I'm not one of your followers because I don't do GIFs. This tag does not compute for me.

    You're not alone when it comes to Under the Never Sky. I actually own the complete series (got the first two books in a giveaway and the last book from a work placement) and yet haven't read a single one. I definitely need to though. I'm not quite sure what I'm waiting for. Maybe when you start it you should nag at me to start it too so we can both do it together!

    I haven't read Northern Lights, so can't help you with deciding whether or not to read the books. I haven't even seen the movie! I do want to check the story out sometime though. It seems like one of those series/authors that everyone knows... except me. I guess I was too swooped up in HP to pay attention to anything else when younger!

    And We Were Liars. I go back and forth between wanting to read this and not wanting to. I was spoiled for the big twist (SO ANNOYING - AND IT HAPPENED IN A BOOK CLUB! UGH!) and I feel like that's the main pull for reading the story so I just don't know if it's worth it. But I'm sort of curious about the writing and what not so we'll see. It's one of those that I sort of look at each time I go into the bookstore and then walk around conflicted and confused. Being a bookworm is hard :(

    1. Haha, you don't HAVE to do it if you don't want to of course ;) I found a copy for a bargain price and decided to go for it. Everyone seems to love Under the never sky. I will keep that in mind Asti, might be fun to do a read-a-long!

      It's good to hear I'm not alone in this.

  14. SO I teared up over your GIF for The Hunger Games. And I LOVE your GIF for Fangirl SO PERFECT. So are your GIFs for Throne of Glass for that matter. And I love what you put for We Were Liars, The Vampire Academy, and Anna even though I felt a little different about some of these :) This tag was fun too - I may have to participate although I could probably sum up my feels for all ten books in one flailing GIF (well 4 and 8 would give me pause)

    1. I can't wait to see what you come up with if you decide to participate :)!

  15. hahahah oh this is awesome, such a fun tag post!! The gifs you chose for Throne of Glass & Hunger Games are perfect ♥ They 100% accurately represent my feelings for those books too! Oh and don't feel too bad about seeing HG before reading the books - I had a similar experience with the first HP book/film *cringe* And I definitely agree with you gifs for Fangirl, Pride and Prejudice and Under the Never Sky for reasons you mention :D I saw The Golden Compass before reading the His Dark Materials books but the books are (of course) as usual, MUCH better than the film. I highly recommend you checking them out, in fact, I'd be curious to compare notes with you Mel!

    1. I already liked the movie, so I'm definitely going to read the books :)

  16. THIS TAG IS SO COOL MELANIE! I completely agree with every GIF you've listed and your explanations. ♥

    The Hunger Games: This would have probably been the GIF I used as well, and for exactly the same reason. There is just something about this scene that really transforms the series, you know?

    HP & the Deathly Hallows: First, let me just say that GIF was absolutely perfect and hilarious! I absolutely adore this series too, and I love how many fabulous themes it tackles. Like you said: hope, friendship, love...this has it all.

    Throne of Glass: Haha! ;) I knew this was coming. ;) So many feels, right? *cries*

    Under the Never Sky: For some reason I was a black sheep with this one and didn't like it much, but I really do hope you end up enjoying it!

    We Were Liars: doesn't appeal to you Mel? :( This was one of my favorite books of the year, but I can completely see how it might not be up your alley.

    Thanks for sharing, and wonderful post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. THG: Yes, it's such a powerful part of the tory.

  17. Ooh I really want to do this tag and since I'm a follower I guess I can do it, so thanks!! I love your answers, especially the one for Throne of Glass. Professional crazed fan for sure, and PROUD ;)

    You're not missing anything, We Were Liars was boring and unoriginal. I quite liked Under the Never Sky, I hope you do to :)

  18. I laughed so hard at your choice of gif for Fangirl. It's funny because she's awkward. Also, love the Snape gif - he has such great moments, it's hard not to love him. Really well done! :D

  19. Haha that Snape GIF is perfect. I love all of the GIFS, though and the pairings! =D

  20. Love this tag, it's so simple but really gets an impression of the book across. I agree The Hunger Game movies are fab. They really capture the feel of the books and I'd say they turned lots of people onto the books so that's great.
    And the Fangirl gif made me laugh, that is Cath exactly!

  21. Great gif for the hunger games.It's one of my favourite scenes,it holds so much meaning and depth.I read the book after watching the movie too,and I agree that it's one of the best adaptations ever.
    I hope you'll love Under the Never Sky as much as I did.It's my favourite dystopian novel and I love the main characters.

  22. LOL. This is so much fun!
    Yes, Under the Never Sky is very wonderful! I've told you twice tonight now, so you have to read it. =)
    Even though I love Anna and the French kiss, I love the gif you chose! Would be appropriate for a lot of books, I think.
    Love the one for Fangirl too!

  23. Great tag Mel, I enjoy seeing people's reactions because they are all so unique. I'm the same with the Northern Lights, I haven't read the books yet even though they have been recommended to me. Too bad about Anna and the French Kiss, I did start reading the book a while back but never got into it. I'll give it another go later on, because I know people love it so much. I love the Frozen gif for Fangirl, it's totally perfect hehe :)

  24. Great gif choices! I especially like your Pride and Prejudice one. I picked that book because I kind of wanted to see if I was the only person who hadn't read it. Apparently not! Northern Lights and the whole His Dark Materials series is one of my favourites. I haven't reread them in years, something I really need to do.

  25. Every post I've read for this tag has been great, mainly because the gif are so funny!! I really liked this once. Strangely I felt the exact opposite about Throne of Glass and Vampire Academy than you did. And the Harry Potter one was my favourite (as usual... you just can't beat HP!) Hmmm I've never heard of the girl of fire and thorns but it sounds a lot like the title of a book by Laini Taylor... that I can't remember now (LOL). Great post!



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