Mission impossible: tackling series (update 4)

I thought it was time for another update! If you don’t know about this mission, you can read all the details in my Tackling series introduction - my first update & second update & third update. With this mission I'm trying to cut down the huge amount of series I'm reading.

These are the series I hope to finish this year:
1. Gail Carriger - Parasol protectorate (Heartless & Timeless)
2. Rae Carson - The bitter kingdom (novella's optional)
3. Juliet Marillier - Seven waters (Flame of Seven Waters)
4. Veronica Roth - Divergent (Allegiant)
5. Adam Gidwitz - A tale dark and Grimm (The Grimm conclusion)

6. Dan Wells - Partials sequence (Ruins)
7.Marie Lu - Legend (Champion)
8. Leigh Bardugo - Grisha (Ruin and Rising)
9. Mary Pearson - Jenna Fox chronicles (Fox Forever)
10. Lauren DeStefano - Wither (Fever)
11. Kendare Blake - Anna dressed in blood (Girl of nightmares)12. Julie Kagawa - The forever song (Blood of Eden)

These are the series I already finished:
1. Juliet Marillier - Seven Waters (6 books)
2. Dan Wells - Partials sequence (3 books)
3. Julie Kagawa - Blood of Eden (3 books)
4. Veronica Roth - Divergent (3 books)
5. Amy Tintera - Reboot (2 books)
6. Rae Carson - Girl of fire and thorns (3 books)
7. Leigh Bardugo - Grisha (3 books)
8. Alison Goodman – Eona (2 books)
9. Robin LaFevers - His fair assassin (3 books)
10. Kristin Cashore - Graceling Realm (3 books)
11. Laini Taylor - Daughter of smoke and bone (3 books)
12. Kasie West - Pivot Point (2 books)
13. Kat Zhang - Hybrid chronicles (3 books)
14. Mindy McGinnis - Not a drop to drink (2 books)
15. Megan Shepherd - The madman's daughter (3 books)
16. Kendare Blake - Anna (2 books)

As you can see, I’m not the type of person that sticks to lists. I’m a mood reader, so it’s always hard for me to predict what I’m going to read. Luckily I made my list as a guideline. I’m happy that I made such a progress this year. I’m definitely going to challenge myself again next year, because it’s motivating to see that I can finish series if I want to.

Here are the statistics so far:

Let me know how you are doing with your series!


  1. Aw, yay :D You are awesome for having finished so many of them already. <3 My favorites will always be the Graceling books, hih. :) Best of luck reading more series. <3

  2. You're doing fantastically, Mel! I've pretty much finished most of the series' that have been completed (bar the Partials sequence, hence seeing yours ticked off has reminded me that I should do the same!) Other than that, everything else that I've began and am midway through is due to the books not being released yet. And the sad thing is, I can hardly remember anything, gah. Actually, I've got to finish His Fair Assassin so I'm going to crack into that one tonight! :) Good luck with the rest of your challenge x

    1. Great job on finishing almost all the published series!

  3. *applauds* That's fantastic! My reading (and everything else) has been severely lacking. So many series finished...and good ones at that! I love seeing your statistics too :)

  4. Wow you're doing great knocking out those series, Mel! I have a habit of reading the first two books in any series and then stopping, not that I don't want to--I just don't lol. Maybe that's why I am loving all the duologies popping up lately! :D

  5. Wow, you're really checking off those series -- congratulations! I, too, have a major problem with having too many series on the go, and I've been working hard to check them off the list. One of the things that I really struggle with is remembering what happened in the previous book(s), which is probably why the unread series books sit on my TBR for so long ... I'm trying to do better at finishing up series that I've started and/or waiting until all the books are out before I start reading so that I can binge read from beginning to end.

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm quite pleased with my progress :D I always write down notes from books, so I tend to look through them if I'm confused. You could also check the Recaptains before you read the sequel!

  6. wow that is a huge accomplishment! I think I want to do a post like this one. You should pick up Champion! especially since it is only one book to finishing the series. for the chemical garden trilogy… i only liked Wither tbh.. the other two weren't that great.

    awesome post Mel!
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  7. Nice job, Mel!! I need your organization and motivation to do something like this ;) How is the Parasol Protectorate series?? I have the first 5 books but have yet to read them. I think there's a 6th one coming out... Have you read Unearthly by Cynthia Hand? I really liked that series. Keep up the good work, you're doing great ;)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Its not bad. I loved the first 2 books! And yes, I've read (and finished) the Unearthly series :)

  8. Wow you are doing a great job! I think the only series/trilogy I finished is Across the Universe by Beth Revis haha. I need to read Allegiant and Mockingjay so I can finally say I've finished 3 series lol.

  9. I think you're doing seriously well on this! I...I'm hopeless with series. But I AM mildly proud of myself for finishing The Mortal Instruments. I'm so happy I did! I love them, but usually I wonder off mid-series. My next massive series project is probably all the Skulduggery books. But I DO want to finish my trilogies. I've got Wither on my shelf actually. ;) Exciting!

  10. Congratulations! I know I am doing terribly with mine. I have started so many series this year, but I have barely finished any of them. I have a serious problem, haha!

  11. This is pretty neat! I may have to type out all the series I need to complete because there are quite a few that are both finished and still unfinished that I need to do myself. I'd actually planned to make a goal for next year to finish them as well. Great progress!!

  12. I know how the mood reading can interfere with everything Mel, I have so many review books, but a lot of them just have to wait until I'm in the right mood for them :/ your post has reminded me that I really need to update my list, I don't think that I've been as successful as you have, but I always do enjoy updating my series tbr lists! :)

  13. Wow! What an accomplishment Mel! It seems like you're really getting through a series! I'm horrible at reading series, so making a list like this sounds like a great way to get me invested in them. :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. This reminds me I have so many unfinished series. Doubtful I will get to them all one day as they keep piling up. But I see Wither there! It's one of my favorite books. I love the whole series actually. The last book made me break down and sob so much. Not sure if this discourages you now more than anything, though... lol

  15. You've done really, really well. I did this challenge a few years ago and I finished a lot of books but I ended up disbanding the challenge, it felt like it was dictating what I read and i'm way, way to picky to do that.

  16. Way to go on making progress with your series! I have to say I love your organization here, I feel like I should tackle a project like this next year maybe...like you, I have a huge amount of series on the go. I'm a huge mood reader too BUT like you said, a list like this is a good guideline :) Keep up the good work hun! xx

  17. Oh jeez you put me to shame! I need to get on the ball with some of the series. Though I do decide frequently after a first book not to continue.

  18. Wow, you're doing great reading all of your series, Mel! I haven't set myself any goals to finish a certain number of series this year, but I recently made a spreadsheet to keep track of my series and my stats are as follows:
    Series finished: 29
    Series given up on: 15
    Series caught up on: 13
    Series need to catch up on: 22

  19. You're so close! I recently decided to do my own series challenge (basically, I'm gonna read at least one series a month for the foreseeable future) because I'm such a mood reader and keep pushing all these series down on my TBR pile. I started with the Raven Boys and success! :)

    Good luck to you!


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