Monthly Recap | October '14. Halloween.

recapI always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture it in vlogs every now and then.

This month was a little slow and I haven’t done a lot of exciting things. I’ve been to the gym every week, so go me! I went to the cinema with a couple of friends to see Dracula Untold and it was aaaahaamazing! I went shopping with my mother and sister and we had a nice lunch at Bagels & Beans. I went to a Halloween themed park and while it was a little disappointing, I had a great time with everyone. This year I was dressed as a ventriloquist dummy. We also had my boyfriend’s friends coming over to play some video games and I had a bookclub meeting.

The reason for the slow month was the start of my internship. The first few days were nerve-racking. I was all alone writing my plan, but I was asked for lunch by some people next to my office. You might remember how socially awkward I am, but I still managed to have a normal conversation. After two weeks of sitting there 9 hours a day I was starting to get bored. I was happy when my supervisor accepted my plan and I moved on to the lab. I was first helping out two guys, because they are working on something similar, but yesterday I finally started my own project! It’s fun, but also a bit stressful. I definitely need to get used to my new schedule.

This is for the people who are interested in more information about my internship. I'm not sure how much I can tell about my research, to be honest. The main idea is that I'm going to make extracts from certain plants and I will put these in a bioassay to see if there is an antimicrobial effect on Helicobacter pylori. This is a stomach bacteria and it’s the major cause of gastric ulcers and cancer. The Helicobacter is starting to get more resistance to the normal treatment and plant extracts might be a new solution. I wish I could tell you more, but I might be able to tell you all about it once I'm done and the article is published!

Disappointing amount of books (for me), but I did read some good stories! Hook's revenge was by far my favorite book this month, thanks for pushing this book into my life Debby and The burning sky was also exactly what I needed.

131. Miriam Forster – Empire of shadows. 4/5.
132. Cat Winters – The cure for dreaming. 4.5/5.

133. Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children. 4/5.
134. Sara Raasch – Snow like ashes. 2.5/5.
135. Heidi Schulz – Hook’s revenge. 5/5.
136. Natalie Parker – Beware the wild. 3/5.
137. Claudia Gray – A thousand pieces of you. 3.5/5.
138. C.S Evans – Sleeping beauty. 3/5.
139. MarcyKate Connolly – Monstrous. 3.5/5.
140. Sherry Thomas – The burning sky. 4.5/5.

Most of the things I watched this month were TV shows like Expedition Robinson, Arrested development, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Hart of Dixie, Once upon a time and Doctor Who. I re-watched La Belle et la bĂȘte, one of the best real movie versions of Beauty and the beast, Happily ever after and Keeping mum. I saw Playing for keeps, Step up (don’t get the hype), Oorlogswinter (Dutch movie about the war, terrible.. Most Dutch people can’t act) and like I said, I went to the cinema to see Dracula Untold and was blown away. Hot guy, lots of action, interesting spin to the original tale: I loved it.
TBR pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 2: 39/32. (122%) COMPLETED.
TBR pile challenge 3: 50/50 (100%) COMPLETED.

Review pile: 21 / 21. (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 2: 45/45 (100%) COMPLETED.
Review pile challenge 3: 54/50 (108%) COMPLETED.

Dystopian: 19/19. (100%) COMPLETED.
Series: 14/12. (117%) COMPLETED.
Fairy tale:  24/16. (150%) COMPLETED.
Bingo: 25/25 squares. (100%) COMPLETED.

New Goodreads challenge: 140/150. (93%) (ALMOST!)
Halloween Bingo Card: 8/25 squares. (32%)
Book haul
20454626I had to buy this book after the bookclub meeting a month ago. I’m on a book buying ban, but I HAD to get Hook's Revenge and I’m happy I did. It’s absolutely adorable. Whatever you are doing right now, stop and go buy this book!

I also downloaded a couple of books from Edelweiss, but I’m too lazy to find the covers on Goodreads.  Titles: A cold legacy, Etherworld, Death marked, The thickety: The whispering trees, The chosen prince, No place to fall and Conspiracy of blood and smoke (!!)

Yesterday I also received three books from the bookclub. Debby really wanted to get rid of some of her ARC's, so I took the opportunity to take Jackaby and The vault of Dreamers. Daisy was giving away her copy of Tarnish by Katherine Longshore. I already own (and liked) Gilt, so I couldn't pass it.

That’s it for this month! How was your October? Did you have a fun Halloween?


  1. You've got me. I want to read Hook's Revenge. Although maybe Peter Pan is like my favouritest fairytale/classic that definitely has something to do with it. ;) Ohhh, but I completely even forgot to put the earcs on my recap. Hehe. I always forget about them because I don't stare at them all day (I tend to stare at my physical TBR a lot). XD Glad to hear your internship is going well!! It sounds pretty nerve-wracking to be honest, but I bet you'll be fabulous. :)

    1. YES I think you will love it Cait! Let me know what you think about it.

  2. You're recaps are amazing, and I absolutely love reading them, you know that, right? ;)
    While you worked out all month, I was a sloth and unwound all my winter workout efforts this month due to exams. But I'm getting back into it for November and hopefully I can stick with it! You're giving me motivation :D
    I was ambitious and read that part about your research be honest, that went in and out of my brain. I'm not very scientifically-enabled BUT I love reading about it. Have fun with the duration of the internship, Mel!
    Oh oh oh! I can't wait to hear what you think of Jackaby. I started it but completely forgot to finish it but I didn't get that far. I definitely have to pick it up again though!
    Have a good November Mel! x

    1. Hehe, thanks Jess <3 I love writing them. Yeay for motivation! I could use some now, because I haven't been to the gym for 2 weeks now.. *kicks butt*

  3. Good luck with your internship, Mel; it all sounds science-y (<-- is this even a word?). And I really think that you're still quite productive even though you thought it was quite slow for you. Girl, look at your challenges! A-ma-zing!!!

  4. Best wishes on your internship, sounds interesting and I can't wait to see what your article has to say.
    Happy November reading!

  5. A ventriloquist dummy? I want pictures!
    Happy to hear you loved The Burning Sky. I read it just this year too and loved it. The characters are so loveable. I even liked book 2 a bit better, so I hope you can get to it soon. :)
    Happy November, Mel. <3

  6. You're welcome :P always happy to push the joy of Hook's Revenge on more people muwahahahahaha.

    Good luck at your internship!

  7. I remember when I started my first internship.. it was nerve wracking! I was an intern on one of biggest companies in the world (CC). I was assigned at the HR department (Because I'm a Psych student) and I did most of the hiring. The first few days was awkward. I was so awkward it took my supervisors days to get me on a conversation LOL.

    I hope you get through your internship! Enjoy it and have a blast. :D

  8. I never read Hook's Revenge but now I think I will (eventually). Too bad A Thousand Pieces Of You didn't live up to that amazing cover. I'll try my luck with the book soon.
    I love New Girl & Hart Of Dixie. Such fun shows.
    Good luck with the internship! I get the social awkwardness so I'm glad that went well.

  9. Wow, I am so lazy next to you!! XD nice job on completing most of those challenges :) You read lots of great books it seems. I really want to read Burning Sky. Everyone loves it! I've seen Keeping Mum. I remember thinking it was kind of funny. Happy November!

  10. Your October sounds VERY busy! Mine was pretty normal, and lacking in anything fun. :( I didn't do anything for Halloween so that was sort-of a bummer. I'm still trying to balance my life between school, work, friends & family, and my hobbies. I've never had so much to do before so I'm still a little "whoa" about the whole thing, haha. But I do like it!

    I've heard so many things about Hook's Revenge. I don't enjoy middle grade but I might give it a shot. :P I mean, why not??

    Here's to a happy November! :D

  11. I'm sure you'll get around to your schedule, Mel. You'll do great with this internship. ^_^

    It definitely looks like you read a lot of awesome books in October. Great to see that you gave The Cure for Dreaming 4.5 stars, since I just purchased it! Hook's Revenge definitely looks cute.

    October was a big month for exams here, and I just hope I did okay in all of them. >_<

    Have an awesome November! <3

  12. I'm glad that your internship is going well Mel! I hate it when your going through an awful slump, but I'm happy that you were able to read some great books too, I got a copy of The Burning Sky a few weeks back, so glad that it was a top read for you. I hope November is another wonderful month for you! :)

  13. Way to go for working out every week in OCtober. I can never stick to a workout plan, but I do walk a lot in nature trails we have around here. I walked 2-3x a week every week so I guess that's something ;-) And your reading might have been disappointing for you in October but you still managed to read more books than I did *cringe* You read A LOT of books on my tbr shelf and you watched a lot of good television, gotta love that :D

    Glad for the updates on your internship too, I'm sure it'll keep getting better and better for you ♥ Here's to a wonderful November xx

    1. Walking around definitely counts as something :D! As long as you are moving around it counts, haha.

  14. Dracula Untold was amazing? It's been a while since I've been to the cinema. I think my next one will be Mockingjay. I will try to see it on the first day :D

    ~ Dre @ Sporadic Reads

  15. Glad to hear that you're settling into your internship and that it's going well.

    And I'm seeing more and more 2 to 3 stars review of Thousands Pieces of You and now I'm nervous to read it sigh. Also, now I'm sure that I'll like The Burning Sky 'cause you gave it such a high rating. =D

  16. Checked out the edel titles you mentioned - I had only decided to grab Death Marked - I haven't been up for YA lately and not into contemp really or historicals.

    Looks like you still had a decent month even though you only had a small handful of fab reads.

  17. Yay congrats on starting your internship Mel! It sounds really interesting like it is all going well. Glad to hear that Dracula Untold was amazing, I'll have to get it out on DVD now. Hook's Revenge looks like a cute book!

  18. Yay for amazing recap. <3 Thank you so much for sharing about it all Mel. You are awesome. And ohh. I am now more excited about Dracula Untold :D Fingers crossed I will love it too. <3 I'm hoping November will be all kinds of amazing for you :)


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