Review 303. Heidi Schulz – Hook’s revenge.

20454626Title: Hook’s revenge.
Author: Heidi Schulz.
Pages: 304.
Published: September 16th 2014 by Disney-Hyperion
Sort: Hook’s revenge #1.
Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of becoming every bit as daring as her infamous father, Captain James Hook. Her grandfather, on the other hand, intends to see her starched and pressed into a fine society lady. When she's sent to Miss Eliza Crumb-Biddlecomb's Finishing School for Young Ladies, Jocelyn's hopes of following in her father's fearsome footsteps are lost in a heap of dance lessons, white gloves, and way too much pink. So when Jocelyn receives a letter from her father challenging her to avenge his untimely demise at the jaws of the Neverland crocodile, she doesn't hesitate-here at last is the adventure she has been waiting for. But Jocelyn finds that being a pirate is a bit more difficult than she'd bargained for. As if attempting to defeat the Neverland's most fearsome beast isn't enough to deal with, she's tasked with captaining a crew of woefully untrained pirates, outwitting cannibals wild for English cuisine, and rescuing her best friend from a certain pack of lost children, not to mention that pesky Peter Pan who keeps barging in uninvited.

ADORABLE. Delightful. Magnificent. Those are three words that pop up in my head when I think about this book. I want to thank Debby and Daph for the book club meeting, because it pushed me to buy this book despite my book buying ban. This was exactly what I needed.

Jocelyn’s grandfather sends her away to school to make sure she turns into a fine young lady. It doesn’t work out. Jocelyn has always wanted to be a pirate like her feared father Captain Hook. When her best friend Roger is send away from school and a mysterious letter from her father arrives, Jocelyn sets sail to Neverland. She must avenge her father’s dead.

"If Ambrose wanted a display of manners, she would give him one. For the next quarter of an hour the girl laughed too loudly, slurped her soup, dribbled gravy in her lap and used her sleeve instead of a napkin."

You cannot stop yourself from falling in love with Jocelyn. This girl is feisty! She is a true rebel and she doesn’t let anyone stop her from becoming the person she wants to be: a pirate. Jocelyn is also a clever and brave girl. You have to admire her confidence and she often made me laugh with her actions. You better not try to tell her what to do, because she will do the exact opposite. I also need to talk about Roger and I have to agree with Debby: I SHIP THEM. Roger is exactly the kind of boy Jocelyn needs. He seeks adventure and he supports her without question. The first time they meet he immediately accepts her role as Captain and they were the cutest thing ever.  But I’m happy that they have a friendship for now, it made the story much more realistic.

There are also a couple of other adorable characters. There is Smee, who is a little messed up after losing his Captain and the crazy crew who made me laugh out loud. It was fun to see how they react on Jocelyn and how there is no one questioning her because she is a girl. This book speaks of so much girl-power! Especially in the scenes were Jocelyn meets Peter Pan, who is insufferable. This book also features one of my favorite things: beautiful illustrations.

The next thing that amused me was the sarcastic voice from the storyteller. I think this way to tell Jocelyn’s story would be perfect to read as bed-time story for your kids – and it makes the story feel more grown-up and suited for adults as well. I don’t listen to audiobooks, but this would be great with a good voice actor! I image Tom Hiddleston reading this with his Loki-sass.

"For example, I once read a book about getting rid of unwanted pests. I felt that I was quite the expert, and yet here you sit."

I can’t wait to return to Neverland and see more of the adventures from Jocelyn, Roger and her unique crew!


  1. I've seen some good reviews of this, but you really sold me on the story! Sass and strong female characters are always appealing to me. It's great that this is such a unique take on the Pan stories!

  2. I LOVED THIS ONE TOO!!!!!!! New favorite, so glad I have the hard copy the illustrations are amazing. I loved Jocelyn and really hope they decide to do a sequel! It was my favorite MG of the year :)
    -Dee @ Dee's Reads

  3. Both you and Nicole really enjoyed this one. I do love a sarcastic voice as the story teller, it is one of the reasons I like The Lynburn Legacy books! I will have to try this out!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert


    At first I wasn't sure because I haven't been reading any MG lately but you make it sound so good, I want it!

  5. Oh wow, this sounds like so much fun!! It reminds me a bot of The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates, but this sounds even better :D Sarcastic storyteller, fiesty headstrong, female lead and PIRATES! What's not to love?! I'm sold. Thanks for the fantastic review Mel! xx

  6. Good to know! I've heard such good things about it that I've been thinking of trying it, but this rave review just might get me to actually do it. Thanks!

  7. Brilliant review. I haven't heard of this before but I love the sound of it. I have always loved Peter Pan, but I've never found any Peter Pan inspired books that I have really loved. This seems like one I could really enjoy, especially with such a strong female character leading the charge.

  8. Aw, yay :D Amazing review Mel. <3 I'm so glad you loved this book. I do think it sounds all kind of awesome. Hoping to buy it one day :) Thank you for sharing about it. <3 so happy you ejoyed it. Though you have now made me want it a whole lot. Hmph. :)

  9. I have to thank you for encouraging me to read this book Mel. I loved it - the characters, the narration, the fun feel to the story - everything. So thank you!

  10. Hey you! I wanted to comment on one of your most recent posts but I didn't want to read anything about TWC since I've already forgotten everything except for something slavery and Kestrel (if I even wrote her name right) and I tend to keep it that way until I've read the book. Hopfully soon :) Anyway, this (HR) has gotten a ton of hype! I'm so glad you loved it so much! I want to met this Jocelyn kid! She sounds adorable and someone you'd want to spend time with. Haaa! I ship it too, especially seeing as how supportive Roger sounds. Beautiful illustrations always add to a story and this is one MG story that I'd love to explore. Maybe someday :)

  11. OH MY GOD TOM HIDDLESTON WOULD BE THE BEST NARRATOR FOR THIS BOOK EVER. I want this to happen so badly. I would gladly buy the book a second time in another format. LOL.

    I'm so glad you loved this one :) WHEE. JOCELYN AND ROGER FOREVERRRRRR. I really hope the series will end with an adorable first kiss between them. Can't expect much MORE than that, but seriously I want it.


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