Monthly recap | December '14. Vacation.

I always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture
This month was the highlight of stress this year. Like I said in my previous recap, I couldn’t work at the hospital for my second part of the research and I found another place. But in the end, the guy decided I couldn’t bring the bacteria into his building, so I couldn’t work anywhere.. After two days of stressing out and wasting even more precious time, I finally found a place and everything is settled now! The only thing that is bugging me right now is the method. I don’t have much time left and my supervisor keeps switching between methods, so at this point I’m not sure what she expects from me. The good thing is: VACATION! Two glorious weeks of freedom.

Other things I did: I ordered two new glasses. There was a special deal and I’m happy I got both of them, because I couldn’t choose. I get them January 10th. I decorated my (parents) house and my boyfriends apartment for Christmas. Decorating our colourful tree is always fun and something we do together. My boyfriend’s apartment is too small for a tree, so we made one with Christmas lights on the wall and it’s cute. I celebrated Sinterklaas, which is a Dutch holiday, and I got some great presents. I had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all had a good Holiday as well. The last book club meeting from 2014 was great. We had delicious food and we shared our Secret Santa presents. Tomorrow is already the last day from 2014.. I can't believe how fast this year went. Keep an eye on the blog for my 2014 recap and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

148. Sherry Thomas - The perilous sea. 4.5/5.
149. Kimberley Griffiths Little - Forbidden. 1/5.
150. Heather Dixon - Illusionarium. 2.5/5.
151. A.G Howard - Ensnared. 3/5.
152. William Ritter - Jackaby. 2/5.
153. Katherine Longshore - Tarnish. 3/5.
154. Nova Ren Suma - The walls around us. 4/5.
155. Mira Grant – Feed. 4.5/5.
156. Mira Grant – Fed. 3/5. (Alternate ending)

I finished watching Arrested Development (4 seasons) and while it was funny, I’m happy that it’s over now. The story was getting thin. I was blown away by the finale from The 100 season 1 and I can’t wait to catch up with season 2.  I’m up-to-date with the always lovely Once upon a time, New Girl and Big Bang Theory. I saw 22 jump street and loved it just as much as 21 jump street. If you look for something funny and easy to watch, I highly recommend these two movies. Blended was okay. Not mind-blowing, but a nice feel good movie. I have no idea what they were thinking with Looper, but I was distracted by Joseph’s failed facial make-up and the plot holes with time jumping. I got started in the series Robin Hood (and I admit without shame that it’s mostly because of Richard Armitage) and it’s okay so far. I saw Captain America: Winter soldier for the third time, I laughed at Tammy, I really liked The box trolls and I was annoyed by Liar Liar. Jim Carrey just isn’t the actor for me, he’s always too much. Nothing to lose wasn’t bad. I finally saw The holiday for the first time and what a perfect Christmas movie. I’m not a huge Cameron Diaz fan, but the other actors were great. I decided to watch Pitch Perfect and Matilda again and I saw The Maze Runner. Not too bad, even when the main character has the annoying hero-sacrifice-syndrome. I went to the cinema and I was blown away by The hobbit: the battle of five armies. Hands down my favorite fantasy movies with LOTR.
The end results:

Goodreads -  155/150 (first goal was 115) = 103%
TBR pile – 54/50 (first goal was 21) = 108%
Review pile -  65/50 (first goal was 21) = 130%
Dystopian – 19/19.
Series – 16/12 = 133%
Fairytales – 30/16 = 188%
Bingo – Filled, 25 squares.
Book haul

EnchantedIron hearted violetRed queenThe archived
-Victoria Schwab - The archived. A surprise present from my pen pal Aditi from Pleased to read you.
-Kelly Barnhill - Iron hearted violet & Merrie Haskell - The princess curse. Won on Great Imaginations.
-Alethea Kontis - Entwined. Gifted by the sweet Nicole & Ashley from The quiet concert. Ashley also send me a pretty homemade bookmark with Disney princesses on it!
-George R.R Martin – A feast for crows. Sinterklaas gift.
-Ransom Riggs – Hollow city. Sinterklaas gift.
-Abigail Haas – Dangerous boys. Gifted by the awesome Ellis who joined Paperiot.
-Juliet Marillier - Wildewoud (background story: I’ve been looking for this book for 4 years, but it was always out of stock. I collect her books in Dutch, because the covers are so gorgeous and I had to get this one to complete my collection. A month ago I FINALLY saw a copy and my mother bought it as a Christmas present <3)
-Signed copy from Sarah J. Maas – Heir of fire. Because I was part of Thirteen Maas.
-Patrick Rothfuss – The name of the wind & Christopher Healey – The hero’s guide to saving your kingdom & Sharon Biggs Waller – A mad, wicked folly. From my wonderful Secret Santa book club member Daisy.
-Edelweiss: Megan Shepherd – The cage. & Gail Carson Levine - Stolen magic (I wasn't aware that this is a second book..)
-Blog tour copy: Victoria Aveyard – Red queen.
-And last but not least, I got to borrow Samantha Shannon – The mime order from the lovely Debby.
I feel so spoiled. Thanks for the presents sweet blogging friends <3 I will make a vlog later this week.

Christmas & Sinterklaas DVD’s:
81e Wo1mUFL._SL1500_11003511176783_800download (1)downloadmegamind-gallery0_h_720poster-largeSeason_1_DVD

Awesomeness from Christmas:
-Olaf (Frozen) tote bag.
-2 HP t-shirts.
-A nice warm blanket to snuggle under when I read.
-A frozen etui with a pencil, sharpener and eraser.
-40 euros from my four grandparents to spend on books.


  1. Aaww, I'm super bummed to see that you gave Ensnared 3 stars; I was so looking forward to listening to it until I saw this post. Boo! I just watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies today, and although I enjoyed it I didn't love it. Mainly because of the overly long crazy Thorin scene + Alfred (why didn't he die?).

    1. Yeah, it was not what I expected. The world-building is excellent, but the ending.. weird!

  2. I am kinda sad that you didn't love Ensnared, I am definitely excited to get my hands on it
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings
    Enter my blog birthday giveaway!

  3. Ah, yes, I am really enjoying my blissful winter break, and I'm getting lots of reading and blogging done. I'm so glad that you liked The Battle of the Five Armies, because I'm going to see that movie soon. I just rewatched the first movie yesterday, and I'm going to rewatch the second movie tomorrow before I see the movie. I think both the books and the movies are stunning, and they've kind of made me like fantasy more because I wasn't really a huge fan of it. I'm thinking I should try Heir of Fire and the rest of the series because I've heard such great things about it.

    1. I believe I'm the only one who loves the movie though, haha.

  4. I feel like you've done so much this month and all I've managed to do is watch gossip girl and read 5 books! How do you find the time? (or maybe I'm just lazy).

    1. Let me see.. I guess I just know how to balance my time? I always watch movies before I go to sleep, I do a lot in the weekend and I read whenever I can.

  5. I hope you enjoy your two weeks of vacation Mel! I know what that crazy end of the school semester rush feels like and I am glad that it is behind me as well! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. I got my card today :) I hope you liked the bookmark, I thought the fabric was fitting! I cannot wait to read The Red Queen, the cover of it is also pretty scary cool. Ahh Jackaby... I really struggled with that one. I just did not think it was super original.

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  7. I need to catch up on OUAT. I started watching it during Thanksgiving of this year and oh my goodness. BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! I think I'll just wait for season 4 to come up on Netflix. Hope you have an awesome new year's! And wowza, you read a lot of books this year. :) Awesome job!

  8. Oi, the situation with your supervisor sounds remarkably similar to what I go through with my supervisors in my research. Hopefully things get worked out soon and in the meantime I hope you've been having a completely stress FREE holiday!!

  9. Even though you had some issues at work, at least your Christmas looks fun, Mel! And I'm just sitting here, staring in awe at your challenges because you nailed them all! I'm even more certain that you will complete your 2015 challenges as well :D

  10. Looks like you had an eventful month,Melanie!I hope everything will be great with your work soon,I am sure all your hard work will be rewarded.
    One can never get tired of TV series,right?Even when some of them are totally pointless.I love Once Upon a Time as well,and I never fail to swoon over Captain Hook-who knew that he will be this hot?:),and Big Bang Theory,especially Sheldon Cooper.
    I am so jealous of all the books you've got!But don't worry,it's a healthy envy:)
    Looking forward to read about your eventful year as well!

    Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I'm also a bit jealous when I see someone hauling certain books ;)

  11. Wow what an amazing haul Melanie! I once again I'm in awe about you've stayed on top of all your TV shows and managed to read so many books, I so want to be as organised as you have been for next year. The Book Thief was a film which I totally loved, make sure you keep many tissues at the ready though!

  12. Sounds like a stressful month indeed, but I am glad you found a place eventually! Enjoy your vacation and I hope your surpervisor decides on a method soon. You got a lot of reading and watching done this month. Enjoy your new books and happy new year!

  13. Aw, hugs. <3 The whole intern thing sounds so STRESSFUL :( I'm sorry. I hope it will go much better in 2015. <3 Fingers crossed :) But the rest of your month sounds all kinds of awesome. <3 You are the best :) And you got so much done. Ack. Is jealous, lol :D December has just been lazy for me, as I've been so tired all the time :p But hoping next year everything will be better :)

    The Perilous Sea. <3 Sigh. So much love :D And The Walls Around Us! I loved it. Glad you thought it was a four star :) Yay. <3 Eeek! You need to finish catching up with The 100 :D IT IS THE BEST. BELLAMY. So so much love. <3 I'm dying to re-watch it, lol :)

    The Boxtrolls! I really want to watch it. <3 Not out in blu-ray here in Norway until March. Sigh. So I must wait a little bit, hih :) But glad you liked it. <3

    YESSS! So so happy you loved The Hobbit movie. <3 I loved it too. So much. These movies are amazing :) Still think LOTR are my favorites, though. <3 Maybe :)

    And yay for completing all your reading goals :D You are awesome. <3 And sigh. So many new gorgeous books. <3 Red Queen is just so so pretty :D Christmas presents sounds awesome too. <3 You got so much amazing this month :)

    Thank you for sharing about it all Mel. <3 Happy New Year sweetie :D

    1. I hope you'll get to do more things in January and that you feel less tired! I know, I'm going to watch The 100 today :D

  14. Looks like you had a pretty great month :) ME WANT RED QUEEN!

    And yes, I agree, Once Upon a Time and New Girl = PERFECTION.
    Will go watch the 100 now, everyone's been telling me to go see it ASAP. Best wishes for 2015, Mel!

  15. I find this time of year the most stressful too, but as you get older you will relate more. I got quite a few years on you. LOL
    I loved The Maze Runner movie but hadn't read the book. Not sure if I will now or not.
    Happy 2015 reading!

  16. I'm glad you were able to have a wonderful time off of work and watch some awesome TV shows! I still really need to watch THE 100. And eep, I'm excited to see that you received a copy of RED QUEEN! I loved that book so much, hopefully you do to! Here's to an awesome new year and month of January!!

  17. Sorry to hear you went through so much stress this month, Mel :( This was a lovely recap though, gave me warm and fuzzy feelings seeing all your new books! Wishing you all the best for 2015, and happy new year!

  18. That really does sound stressful, I hope everything works out. Glad you had a nice holiday with family and the boyfriend though! I also just saw 22 Jump Street and agree-it's a really fun comedy! Sad about Illusionarium, I had really high expectations-guess I should lower them xD Happy new year!

  19. Why haven't you caught up with The 100 yet, Mel? WHYYYYYY? I tried watching Robin Hood but I had to stop after the first couple of episodes because I was bored. Maybe I should continue. Robin Hood is one of my favourite characters so I would like to watch/read more adaptations.

    You did so well with your Goodreads challenge D:

    THE NAME OF THE WIND. I'm starting it today XD

    Happy New Year!

  20. I'm so glad everything ended up working out at work Mel, it seems like you are off to a good start for the new year though! Happy Christmas, you received some pretty awesome books out of it, I've been wanting to read The Archived forever. I hope you enjoy all of your reads! Reading your post just made me realise all the shows that I haven't been watching, I'm all caught up on Big Bang Theory, Gotham and the rest of the series I watch are on break so it's time to watch some new ones. Glad to hear you enjoyed The 100!

    Happy New Year Mel, I hope 2015 is the year for you.

  21. First things first, I hope you enjoy this well-deserved break! December was definitely a stressful month. I was up to my eyeballs as well and life completely overwhelmed me. I'm glad that everything worked out with work, Mel. Hopefully the little issue works out as well. Well see what 2015 brings. I just finished The Perilous Sea as well and my heart is swelling because OTP man. Titus. No words. And seeing The Archived has just reminded me that I've yet to read The Unbound o_O SOOON

    Have a Happy New Year, Mel!

    1. I did :D It was great to not think about blogging for some days!

  22. Oh lord, where do I start!
    I'm always the one who decorates the house around here. I flew in, and my first job was to go buy a Christmas tree and start decorating it. And the rest of the house as well. As usual, I did a pretty good job, I think. ;)
    I'm really sad that December was so rough for you. Here's to a better 2015!
    Also, new glasses! I bought some new ones in December, too, but they turned out to be faulty, so now I am waiting for the corrected ones. It's taking forever! I also got green contact lenses. Guess what, my eyes still look dark brown. Now they're just even more shallow. :)

    1. I'm scared of contact lenses, haha. I got to pick between spare glasses or those; I'm terrified to put something in my eyes :p

  23. I absolutely love reading your recap, Mel! I'm actually really excited at the stuff you watched and the DVDs you got. I feel like I'm the only one who still watches and is caught up with OUAT (I really wanted the first season DVD to rewatch) and 101 Dalmations! Classic. Have a great January!

  24. Yup, 2014 was a year of stress and business for me as well! Honestly, I'm so glad that year is over -- it was a horrible year for my country as well (we had THREE plane disasters, can you believe it?). Coolio, your Christmas celebration sounds wonderful, especially what you guys did at your boyfriend's place! I just had a simple dinner with the family, haha.

    And omg, you watched so many shows last year! I haven't seen 21 Jump Street yet, and have to admit that I wasn't planning to, but I think I'll be needing something light and funny to watch, so I'll keep it in mind! So disappointed about Looper, though. I'm sorry you didn't like it much. :( And ugh, who dare ruin my precious Joe's face with lousy makeup?!?! *shakes fist* But YES. The Winter Soldier was amazing. I watched it twice and loved it both times. I thought the directors did a perfect job with conveying Steve's emotions, and of course, both Seb Stan and Chris Evans looked glorious. ;D

    Looks like you're all set for the new year with that awesome haul of books, too! I've been dying to read The Cage by Megan Shepherd; didn't realize it was up on EW already! Oh gosh, I'm going to have such a tough time resisting all these new ARCs... But anyways, Happy New Year, Mel darling!!! Wishing you all the best in '15, and here's to another year of our friendship! <3

    1. It's so sad, all those plane disasters :( 21 jumps street is so funny and easy to watch. They ruined his face to make him look more like his 'father' Bruce Willis in the movie, but it just sucked.

  25. Your recaps always make it look like you have very eventful months! I still haven't read The Perilous Sea yet, but I'm so excited to see you gave it 4.5 stars!! I must do that nooow. Ooh, yes! The Winter Soldier was amazing! Captain America is far and away my favorite Marvel superhero. :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year! :D

    1. I guess it's because I write everything I do down in my Q&A a day. I bet you have an eventful month too if you'd look at everything you did :D

  26. Red Queen is so good!! I loved that book :) Awww sorry about all the stress :( At least you got to decorate TWO place for Christmas! I still need to see the new Captain America movie... I'm so glad you enjoyed the 100, season 2 is pretty great as well! Happy New Year!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  27. I just saw The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies today and I actually cried at the end. Not just for the movie itself but because it's the last movie about Middle Earth that we will ever have. It's much like Harry Potter -- I am so proud to be a part of the generation that saw it start and saw it finish, and was there in the in-between. *lame emotional speech*

    I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! Mine was sort of mediocre and nothing exciting, but that's usual for me. I don't think I'll have a truly enjoyable Christmas until I'm out of my parents' house because my dad doesn't like Christmas and his family are blah about it, too. It makes the entire celebration a bit sad. :/ So I'm hoping for a much better Christmas come 2015!

    THE CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE. /dies I absolutely loved it. That, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Hands down my favorite Marvel movies. Robin Hood is a pretty good show! I remember loving it when I first saw it. I think some of it is a bit cheesy and goofy, but overall it's a good show. And it's hard to dislike Sir Guy when he's so handsome. ;)

    1. I cried too. Without shame. It's indeed like ending HP all over again (and admitted, the ending was painful too :p)

  28. Yay for vacation! It definitely sounds like you needed it after the month you've been having >.< So ridiculous how much trouble you've been having with this internship thing.

    And go you for filling all your reading challenges. Dang girl! I pretty much failed at all mine, but we won't talk about that... ;)

    And wow! Look at that Christmas haul. Looks like you have enough books (and DVDs) to keep you busy for a while. Hope they're good!

    1. Definitely, you can never have too many books and DVD's :D

  29. Vacations are the best. Just spend the next two weeks relaxing :)
    Only 3 stars for Ensnared? Oh no. I was really looking forward to the last book. I love 22 Jump Street! Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill are brilliant together! Season 2 of The 100 is even more AMAZING than season 1!
    You did so well with your challenges! I totally failed at all of mine. You got so many amazing books and DVD's this month! The Archived is fantastic - I hope you enjoy it!
    Happy reading, Mel :D

  30. Oh wow, you got some lovely books and dvds over the holidays!! Red Queen and The archived are on the tbr shelf for 2015! YAY for a Signed HoF copy, I SO WISH I had been aware of that event and able to participate >.< And considering my quest for my ToG hardback, I can totally relate to your dutch Wildewood edition quest so I am thrilled you finally got it :D LOVED Maleficent and I vow to get into OUaT in '15 as well!

    I am sorry for all the stress you had to suffer with your research though :( Here's hoping things will smooth out considerably for you on that end in the new year. Happy New Year lovely!! I wish you nothing but success, happiness and lots of fun bookish things xxxx

    1. We should try to read The archived together :) YOU BETTER WATCH OUAT. The more we can fangirl about ;) Happy new year <3


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