Monthly Recap | January '15. Diving instruction.

I always enjoy watching recaps from other bloggers, so that’s why I’ll be posting my own recaps. This wrap up is also my new ‘Showcase Sunday’ since I don’t have the time to do weekly hauls. Instead, I hope to capture
largeThis was a pretty quiet month. One of my highlights was an hour diving instruction! I LOVED it and I can’t wait to return this year; I want to get a license. You might not know this about me, but I’ve wanted to dive for a long time and I’m so happy I finally did it. Navigating required some patience, but after a while I felt like some kind of mermaid.

I had a couple of dinners. First, I went to diner with my boyfriend, sister and her boyfriend. It was fun and we had nice food, especially the chocolate dessert. We ordered Indian food and it was good! Later that week, my parent’s invited their friends and we ordered sushi, yum. I should have gone to the gym to train all the food off, but we (sister) couldn't find the right time to go together and I hate going alone, so in February we're back in action. I had my book club meeting and we went back to a place that seems to become our favorite; the food is delicious there. We ranted, we laughed, we talked books; it was great. I went to a book fair with Debby & Daph and we stayed for dinner at Debby's new place. Fun times :)

My internship had it’s ups and downs. My materials didn’t arrive on time, which meant I had to sit down and wait, because I couldn’t do a single thing without it. This was stressful, but I had a positive conversation with my internship mentor and I feel better now. They even gave me a letter of recommendation to use after graduating and I will be highlighted on the website. I also had to give a final presentation in English for 14 people. I was so nervous I felt sick, but I did it without screwing up! Good feedback and I feel more confident for my thesis defense.

1. Mary E. Pearson - Fox Forever. 2/5.
2. Samantha Shannon - The mime order. 4/5.
3. Merrie Haskell - The princess curse. 3.5/5.
4. Sarah J. Maas - A court of thorns and roses. 5+/5. (!!)
5. Abigail Haas - Dangerous boys. 4.5/5.

6. Carlo Collodi - Pinocchio. 2/5.
7. Christopher Healy - The hero's guide to saving your kingdom. 3.5/5.
8. Patrick Rothfuss - The name of the wind. 2/5.
9. Noelle Stevenson - Nimona. 4/5.
10. Victoria Schwab - The Archived. 4.5/5.
11. Lewis Carroll - Alice's adventure in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass. 3/5.
12. Stacey Jay - Princess of thorns. 3.5/5.

Downtown Abby. I saw the first two episodes.
I binge-watched the first season of Dexter and part of the second season. I'm in love.
The musketeers started their second season and I’m up to date now. I highly recommend that show. I’m also completely caught up with New Girl and The big bang theory.
My sister discovered RuPaul’s drag race and before we knew it, we saw three seasons. It’s the type of show you can’t stop watching once you get started.
I also started a new series I saw Netflix: Adventures of Puss in Boots. I’ve seen the first two episodes and it’s funny.

World War Z and damn, those zombies are terrifying.
Dawn of the dragon races from Netflix when I was looking for something short. Cute!
The double with my father and it was a little twisty, but not too unexpected.
Are you here? was mweh. It was supposed to be comedy, but there were almost no laughing moments.
Teenage mutant ninja turtles was so bad it was almost hilarious. The acting skills from Megan Fox.. Please. She was screaming and making whiny noises throughout the entire movie. And the Ninja Turtles looked like crap too.
This is where I leave you is a movie I do recommend. I'm a big fan of Jason Bateman and this movie has the right balance of real-life problems and humor.
Taken was a solid action movie. If you like Jason Statham you will appreciate this movie with Liam Neeson.
Howl's moving castle (Debby made us watch it, haha) I thought it was much better than the book.
Challenge page.

Fairytale challenge: 5/26.
TBR pile: 5/40.
Flights of fantasy: 4/30.
Mission impossible: 2/10.
Bingo card: 11 squares/45.
Book haul

Let me explain first: I ordered these books on the last day of 2014, because I set myself a book buying goal (<3 books per month). This way I could cheat my own system, haha. These arrived at the beginning of January and they are all so pretty. Click on the cover to go to Goodreads.

The next books were bargains I couldn’t resist. I’ve been keeping an eye on this box set for a long time and I finally saw a fantastic offer. You are finally mine Scholastic box set. I liked Anna dressed in blood, so I’ve been curious about Antigoddess. School for good and evil: a world without princes has mixed reviews, but I still want to give it a shot.

I was accepted for Shadow study on Netgalley (thanks publisher!), I got to borrow A court of thorns and roses from Judith (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and I bought Fairest,


My next haul will be less massive, but look at all of them *hugs pretty books* How was your first month of 2015? Did you read any good books, saw any good TV shows/movies I should know about?


  1. AHHH YESSS I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU LOVED DANGEROUS BOYS MEL xD I still need to read something by Victoria Schwab! I've heard BRILLIANT things about her. And yay for your presentation going smoothly! It certainly sounds terrifying omg.

    Here's to an awesome February! <33

    1. It was! I was quite proud of myself at the end :D I hope you have a fantastic February too!

  2. Diving sounds interesting!I am a horrible swimmer and I can't even think of diving since I have breathing troubles:(
    I hope you'll love Antigoddess Mel!That book was amazing.Kendare Blake is wonderful writer.

  3. I'd love to go diving! But sadly I can't swim and I actually have a slight fear of the sea/oceans. But diving just looks so amazing! Congrats on your presentation going so well!
    ACOTAR! ISN'T IT JUST AMAZING?! I can't believe it's not even out yet and I'm dying for book 2! I've been meaning to get around to watching Downtown Abbey & Dexter for a while now. I watched Taken for the first time last month! I need to get around to the second one now. You're doing so well with your challenges already!
    I had to grab that HP box set a couple of months ago when the Bloomsbury website had it on sale. I couldn't resist, it's so pretty!
    I saw quite a few movies this month, but my two favourites were Kingsman: The Secret Service and Gone Girl. Mortdecai was the biggest let down.

    1. You don't hear that every often you never thought about taking swimming lessons? :) I really want to see Gone girl.

  4. Ohhh Downtown Abby! Do you like it so far? My mom borrowed the first couple seasons of that show to watch with my sister and me. I think we're going to watch the first episode tonight. Seems like a show I might like :)

    1. I've seen the first two episodes and I quite like it!

  5. I'm at the 4th season for Downton Abbey! And I've started watching The musketeers today and I cannot stop! I finally see why everyone is so obsessed with them *-*

    I'm super jealous for ACOTAR!!! And I've ordered Fairest, so it should arrive any day now. I hope there will be also Winter in it cause I loved loved loved her character in Cress!!!

    Ps. I'm a new follower! I have a blog as well, if you want to stop by I'd appreciate it so much! It's both in Italian and in English :3 ->

    1. The Musketeers is so good, I'm always impatiently waiting for a new episode. The inside of Fairest is gorgeous <3 thanks for the new follow!

    2. I knowww, in two days I've watched the whole first season and I cannot stop!! I've seen the inside of Fairest and now all I can think about is: why my copy is not here yet, whyyyyyy?!?!?!

  6. Wow, all of those pretty books! That Harry Potter box set is drool worthy, but I can't justify 3 copies of the same thing. Orrrr maybe I can *waggles eyebrows* There are so many amazing books out, I hope you enjoy all of them! Glad to hear the Internship worked out well too.

    AND OMG I loved World War Z so much, the book isn't as good though.

    1. This is my third set, haha. But in my defense, the second English set I had was a mismatch of different editions and this one is too pretty.

  7. Wow you are able to watch add much tv add you read! That is awesome. Hopefully I can catch up on a few shows and movies now that my maternity leave has started. I have decided to stop doing book hauls weekly also. I'll have to compile them into my monthly post as well and count the ones that I receive and buy and against the total number I read to see if I'm getting ahead at all lol.

    I keep seeing people buying the box set of Harry Potter even tho they already own all the books lol.

    I hope your driving lessons go well! Psst something finally going out in the mail to you :-) I was cleaning off my desk and found an envelope addressed to you. I'm so terrible I know

    1. I love monthly recaps! Hehe, that's what you get when they keep releasing all those new pretty box sets. AND OH, exciting. I actually thought it got lost in the mail, so that's great news :)

  8. I'm so glad you liked A Court of Thorns and Roses, because I'd love to read that book. I also just got Fairest from my library, and I can't wait to dive into it once I'm finished with the book I'm currently reading.

  9. Quiet months are good, but it seems like you still did some fun things!! DIVING? That is so cool! And I am a HUUUUGE fan of Indian food, too. I eat so much of it, it's probably my favorite cuisine at the moment! And ahhh I'm so excited for A Court of Thorns and Roses to come out... Definitely pick up Princess of Thorns, it's a lovely read! And look at you, now an owner of the NEW Harry Potter box set!! I hope you have a wonderful month of February, Mel! <3

    1. I knooooow. Diving was awesome :D I hope you have a great February too Jen :)

  10. So glad to hear you loved A court of thorns and roses so much! Cannot wait for your review. I started Princess of thorns today. Fingers crossed it will be a hit for me :)

  11. Oooh driving lessons! How cool. After two lessons, my dad tried getting me to drive down this small slope and I drove his car into a tree on accident LOL. Beware overtaxing yourself after a few lessons :) and good luck with the license!

    Chocolate dessert mmmmm. "I should have gone to the gym to train all the food off, but we (sister) couldn't find the right time to go together and I hate going alone, so in February we're back in action." -- It's always so nice to have a gym buddy. I've fallen so far behind on my gym goals prolly cause I'm by myself :(. A book fair! Sounds lots of fun.

    "This was stressful, but I had a positive conversation with my internship mentor and I feel better now." -- Yay! I'm sorry I forgot to follow up with you about how the internship was going! I remember us discussing the frustrations on twitter, but I didn't follow up :(. Huzzah to the letter of recommendation and the website highlight though!! And GOOD JOB at the presentation :) :). When is your thesis defense?

    4. Sarah J. Maas - A court of thorns and roses. 5+/5. (!!) -- hehe. I like that little descriptor :D.

    11. Lewis Carroll - Alice's adventure in Wonderland & Through the looking-glass. 3/5. -- I really need to read this and was just thinking about doing that when I saw your GR updates + Splintered arrived...

    Downtown Abby. I saw the first two episodes. -- Will you continue? I think I watched the first season last summer but have fallen behind since.

    OMG I am so far behind on movies, I basically don't recognize most of the ones you listed o.o. Howl's Moving Castle the movie is awesome! I'm glad you liked that even if you weren't a fan of the book :P.


    "Let me explain first: I ordered these books on the last day of 2014, because I set myself a book buying goal (<3 books per month). This way I could cheat my own system, haha. " -- Pfft. But you read a bunch of these! Cruel Beauty and ACOTAR and HP! So that's totally fine. Getting books you already loved doesn't count :P.

    1. Hehe, DIving, not DRiving lessons :D I can't go to the gym by myself, I have no motivation and I don't like to work-out alone. My defense is February 19th, so it's coming awfully close. I'm definitely going to continue Downtown Abbey, I quite like it.

  12. Eeep, I hate giving presentations, as well. Glad yours went well. So stressful haha.

    Gah, I love Taken so much. One of my favorite movies ever! Taken 2 was okay but I'm excited to watch Taken 3.

    I'm loving The Big Bang Theory recently, so hilarious! I need to watch the latest episode of New Girl, though.

    Happy February, Mel!

    1. I agree, Taken 2 wasn't as good as 1, but still, great action scenes :D

  13. Wow, it’s awesome that you got a copy of a court of thorns and roses. I’m definitely looking forward to that book, too. I think you had a fab month, dinner, those movies/shows and of course lots of book. :D

  14. I'm excited that your watching Downton Abbey, it's such a great show. Hope you're enjoying it so far!

  15. I'm so glad that you're enjoying Dexter! Once I'm done with the TV show, I'm going to read the books since I've only read the first one so far. And I've been addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race too. I've watched it pretty much every single day and I'm not even a little bit ashamed about it, haha :)

  16. YAY :D It sounds like January was all kinds of amazing for you sweetie. <3 I adore reading your recaps, hih. You are amazing. And diving? I AM JEALOUS. Sounds like so much fun :D And you read a bunch of amazing books last month. <3 And saw awesome movies too, hih :) I ADORE the Howl's Moving Castle movie. <3 So cute and awesome :D Haven't read the book yet, but one day. And I pretty much love Taken too, lol :) Didn't get to see Taken 3 at the cinema :( waiting for it to come on blu-ray. Hmph. Soon. Maybe. Anyway. That Harry Potter boxset is gorgeous :D I have it too. <3 And Winterspell. Sigh. Precious. Anyway. So much awesome :D Happy reading Mel. <3 I hope February will be amazing for you :)

    1. It is a lot of fun <3 a very interesting experience I can't wait to repeat!

  17. I am proud of you for diving, Mel! I really don't think I could do it >.< I think the silence + the depth of the water would terrify me. Which is pretty weird, considering that I am a marine biologist, haha XD I did like snorkelling, though! Where the air was right above me <3

    A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES is on its way to me from the publisher and I am SO excited! Everyone is loving it, and Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale, so I am hoping that i adore this book as much as everyone else has!

    I really need to read DANGEROUS GIRLS and THE ARCHIVED because I own both of them. EEP.

    I'm so glad you liked Taken and Howl's Moving Castle! They are two of my all time favourite movies ^.^

    Your book haul is AMAZING, and I am ogling them, haha XD Enjoy your reading, Mel! <3

    1. Haha, that is a bit surprising yes. There is no silence actually, because you hear yourself breathe and exhale through the mask :p

  18. January was a pretty quiet month for me too but sometimes those are nice. YAY for driving and YAY for so many lovely new books! ANd good job on a successful presentation! :)

  19. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! I also bought Fairest as well and the cover is so pretty, isn't it! Also I hope everything turns out okay for your internship! I'm sure everything will be fine. AND YAY FOR GIVING A GOOD PRESENTATION. I hate presentations haha.

    TMNT sounds fun hahahahhah. Not. There's been so many adaptations since what, a couple years ago? And they're all not very good. I am not pleased :P

  20. Ermagersh...I'm getting ever MORE excited for A Court of Thorns and Roses - ESPECIALLY since I just finished Throne of Glass yesterday! AGH, why did I wait so long to read it!?

    Diving sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived near a big body of water, though! I'm in a city practically surrounded by cornfields. And I love Howl's Moving Castle so much :) I haven't read the book, though!

  21. OMG MEL!!! There is SO MUCH GOODNESS in this post, I don't even know where to start!! Oh who am I kidding: HARRY POTTER BOXED SET ♥ YAYYY!! ACOTAR ♥ :D A World Without Princes, Fairest, Cruel Beauty, Winterspell, Dreamer's Pool! Wow. Congrats on the successful driving lesson and getting a letter of recommendation, that's awesome! I can't wait to see how you'll like Downton Abbey, I still have to watch it myself. I'm glad you enjoyed Taken too, the first one is one of my favorite action films! LMAO @ TMNT though, totally not surprised XD

  22. Yay! Congratulations about your internship!! That's awesome! Presentations are the worst. :)

    OOH, so many pretty books! I need to get a copy of Dreamer's Pool ASAP. It's seriously gorgeous.

    I hope February is wonderful for you!

  23. THE ARCHIVED! Every time I see that yet another person loved it, I get all fuzzy inside. And then I'm perplexed all over again as to why the publisher didn't pick up the third book in the series :(

  24. Haha I saw World War Z and I thought the movie was way better than the book. The book was sooo boring and Idk how many times I yawned. The movie is nothing like the book though and I'm glad! The book was more like a documentary and not a lot happens.

  25. Oooh yay for diving! Where did you do it? I've done my open water and advanced open water qualifications so far, and I love it (though I get really nervous beforehand!).


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