Monthly recap | May '15. Surprise party.

This post recaps my month, from personal life to books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and links to posts that interest me.
We celebrated my sister’s birthday and it was a surprise party! I first made a Tangled inspired cake to pay back her awesome HP cake for my birthday. It wasn’t as good as hers, but she loved it anyway and it tasted pretty good! I am too ashamed to share a picture though, haha. We had a great evening filled with chatter and, again, board games. I had to miss the book club sleepover though, which was a little sad, but I am very close with my sister so I wanted to stay through the whole party.

We also had days with warm, sunny weather, so when I visited my grandparents I took the opportunity to sit in the sun on their balcony with a good book. Another day I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and we made an evening walk at the beach with some ice cream. I helped my sister out with her thesis and we ordered some sushi, yum. I went to the beach again today with my boyfriend to visit a fair, but we went to the wrong side and ended up eating poffertjes instead. Delicious! I also celebrated my grandfather’s 79st birthday and I had a great book club meeting despite the terrible service.
An exciting thing is going to happen, but it also leaves me with mixed feelings. Like you might know, I unofficially live together with my boyfriend. He has a (small) apartment and I always sleep over there. We are going to look for a place together once I graduate and find a job (hopefully this year too.). My stuff is still at my parents house, but we are going to start moving my sister to my room. I have/had the biggest one in the house and she needs the space now that she has a boyfriend. It feels strange to lose my place in the house I grew up in. I finally seem to realize that it’s another step I’m going to take – and I’m not going to lie, it’s great, but also a bit scary.

Internship: I crossed of intensive care, fluors, cerebrospinal fluid and blood culture. IC and blood culture are definitely two of my favorite topics so far! It’s a shame both were only for one week, but now I’m off to specials, which means sperm reprocessing, fungi and molecular diagnostics. I’ve also been helping out with some immunology tests. It’s weird to realize that I’m already half way. I’m having such a good time I hardly notice how fast it goes.

43. Rosamund Hodge - Crimson bound. 3.5/5.
44. Naomi Novik - Uprooted. 4.5/5.
45. Kasie West - The fill-in boyfriend. 5/5.
46. Shannon Hale - Princess Academy. 4/5.
47. Danielle L. Jensen - Hidden huntress. 4/5.
48. Virginia Boecker - The witch hunter. 3/5
49. M.G Reyes - Emancipated. 1/5.
50. V.E Schwab - Vicious. 4/5.
51. V.E Schwab - Warm up (novella) 3/5.
52. Eowyn Ivey - The snow child. 4/5.
53. Cammie McGovern - A step towards falling. 3/5.
54. Alex Flinn - Mirrored. 2/5.

Pretty good reading month! Emancipated was definitely a low point and I also DNF-ed one book, but I fell in love with Uprooted and, surprisingly, The fill-in boyfriend.

Rewatched Friends with benefits. I really like Mila Kunis.
The three next days, did not finish this one. I was so bored.
Jack Ryan: shadow hunter. A typical action movie with expected twists, cliché story lines and impossible situations, but it was a quick movie.
Into the woods: LOVED IT. I’ve heard lots of negative things, but I don’t know, I really liked it and the song Agony is brilliant. Watch it.
The rise of evil: impressive. About the rise of Hitler.
Welcome to me: Uhm. Not what I expected.

I finished Dexter and THIS IS NOT OKAY. My heart *sobs*
All caught up with Big bang theory, New girl and Game of thrones (despite all the complaints around a certain situation, I still like the show. Sue me.)
Ripper street season 1, episode 2-3. I loved the third one, with a possible Cholera outbreak.
Better call Saul: even better than Breaking bad if you ask me.
Book haul
Edelweiss, thanks Harper!
-Garth Nix – Newt’s Emerald.
-Mindy McGinnis – A madness so discreet.
-Cammie McGovern – A step toward falling.
-Sherry Thomas – The immortal heights.
-Alex Flinn – Mirrored.

Netgalley, thanks Clarion books!
-Betsy Cornwell -Mechanica

I also received two physical ARC’s from Harper, thank you!
-Kasie West – The fill-in boyfriend.
-M.G Reyes – Emancipated.

I got Eowyn Ivey – The snow child, a time-turner necklace and the first season from Once upon a time from my sister in law. I bought the Funko Belle doll, because they finally had it in stock over here!

My copy of A court of thorns and roses arrived, but it’s damaged :( Ripped dust jacket on the front and side. I will return it and get a new one. You will see it in my next haul, together with my new e-reader (yeay, my parents pre-ordered it, so it will arrive soon) and case. Is anyone interested in a review from the Kobo Glo HD? I did one for my current e-reader (review Kobo Glo)
This is something new I want to add to my monthly recaps. You can always find tons of links to interesting posts on Christina reads YA and I thought it would be fun to highlight some articles and news that interest me. It is divided in Whozits (random stuff with gadgets and gismos for YT and scientific articles) and Whatzits (bookish).

-I love microscopes, so when I found this article that features our amazing and gruesome world, I was blown away with all the images. I think the green chloroplast picture is my favorite one.
-Steve Axford made a lovely set of photos from diverse Australian fungi. Isn’t our nature fantastic?

Gadgets and gismos.
-If Disney got his hands on Game of Thrones. Just look at Brienne and Jamie, how adorable, haha.
-People always tell me I have a ridiculous sense of humour and perhaps that is right, but these Rick Grimes jokes (from The Walking Dead. There are no spoilers) made me laugh so hard. Just take a look and tell me this isn’t funny.

-Jodi Meadows – The mirror king cover was revealed.
-BEA 2015 happened.

How was your month? Did you read/watch anything good?


  1. I'm sure your Tangled cake was just as wonderful! You guys are a adorable. This is why I need a sister. :)

    Moving in (officially) with your boyfriend will be great! I can understand the weirdness of your room disappearing in your parents' house, though. Our childhood bedrooms are such a huge part of growing up.

    You always do such interesting things at your internship. Is it helping you decide what you want to do as a career? Or do you already know?

    I read a few excellent books this month: The Piper's Son, All The Rage, The Fill-In Boyfriend, P.S. I Still Love You, Uprooted, The Wrath and the I guess it really was a good month!

  2. How lovely that you made a Tangled cake! I bet it looked wonderful. :) I'm hoping to read Uprooted and The Witch Hunter in June - so far I've heard nothing but great things about Uprooted.

    Looks like you had a great reading month - good luck with the move! :D

  3. THANK YOU. Someone who still likes Games of Thrones. I *get* why people stopped watching it, but eh, I'm still enjoying it. A Tangled cake sounds ADORABLE. Ooh, so glad to hear you liked Uprooted. That's a really good rating you've given it. Not surprised, though, as most of the feedback I've seen of that one has been consistently positive. Have a great month -- and best of luck with your move. :)

  4. Ik kijk ook nog steeds Game of Thrones, ook al was de bepaalde scene niet heel fijn om te kijken. Maar laten we eerlijk, de meeste gruwelijke dingen zijn niet zo plezant om te zien en daar zijn al 4 hele seizoenen mee gevuld :')

  5. Wow so many things happened in a month! Leaving behind your room and giving it away to your sister really is another step to take. I hope everything goes well with how you planned it to be! :-) And I've never seen a Tangled cake before. I'm kind of curious with how it looks like, but I'm sure it looks beautiful!

    I've always wanted to read Emancipated and The Fill-in Boyfriend! I've been seeing a lot of reviews of them lately, and I'm kind of curious :P That's annoying, how your copy of ACOTAR was destroyed on the way :(

    I hope you have an awesome time this June! And more books to read by then!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your grandfather, Mel! It's awesome that he's 79 years old <3 Also, congratz for your new e-reader! Getting new stuff is always exciting and I hope you'll love your new device :D

    THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND. The story seems all fluff and cheese but I'm still looking forward to it because it's Kasie West and she's one of my fave authors <33 I'm glad that you loved it, Mel! Now I can't wait to get my hands on a copy :)

    I clicked on that microscope article and omg, those pictures somehow gave me chills! Reminds me of the time when I googled trypophobia (fear of holes). I guess I'm not suited for this kind of job haha. The most disgusting one would be that marine worm pic in my opinion xD

    I'm happy that you're enjoying your internship. I hope that everything will go well until the end. Good luck and have a great June, Mel! ^^

  7. A Tangled birthday cake - I'm totally jealous! You should have taken a picture. :) I'm sure it was a lot better than I ever could do. :)
    I finished The Immortal Heights last week and loved it. Excited to see your thoughts!
    Happy reading, Mel!

  8. Ah~ so amazed how you managed to read tons of books even though you’re busy. I wish I’m organized like you! Anything related to blood creeps me out; I can’t believe it fascinates you, haha. But I hope everything is doing well with your internship.

  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel Mel with your sister moving into your old room. My niece who lives with my mother wants to take over my room and it just feels like I'm losing something hah. But I'm so happy to hear that your internship is going so well! AND A TIME-TURNER NECKLACE! I want one SO BAD! Maybe I'll ask for it this christmas? And I love that you made a Tangled cake! I am sure however it came out that it is better than my attempt would be hah. Glad to hear you had such a great month!!

  10. Wow it sounds like you had a crazy busy month Mel, but it also sounded like so much fun! Unfortunately my month was super busy with work, but I tried to get back to watching Once Upon a Time, but I fell behind once again, next month for sure. I hope your new move goes well, I know how scary it can sound, but it looks like you have so much awesomeness to look forward to!

  11. Aww, a Tangled cake! It doesn't matter if it wasn't as good as the HP cake - that's the sweetest. Makes me wish I had a sister!

    Ohh and it's exciting that you will officially be moving in with your bf soon, though I understand your feelings about having to leave your space behind. But you'll just have to make your new apartment your new special place with your bf! It will be good :)

  12. Wow, you certainly had an action packed month^^ Leaving your room at the house you grew up in is definitely bittersweet, but with change comes growth and new opportunities :) I'm sure your Tangled cake was as lovely as your sister's HP cake - we tend to be harder on ourselves don't we? If she loved it, that's all that counts though! It's finally getting warm on my end too, but I missed a nice heatwave while I was in NYC, which is a little sad since today is my first day back and it's cold and rainy.

    Oh and I love Mila Kunis too, FwB is really fun, I've watched it a few times already. Seeing that^^ makes me want to see it again XD PS your time-turner is GORGEOUS. Mine is clearly made from some kind of plastic but yours looks like the real thing ♥♥♥ Here's to a wonderful June xx

  13. Sounds like a great May! I'm so glad that you liked Uprooted. I just finished it and am experiencing major world hangover. It's been a while since I've read a fantasy that's so lyrical and magical, like stepping into a fairy tale.

    I'm with you on Game of Thrones.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  14. May sounds like a fantastic month for you! I am always envious of people who can bake because I do not have that skill. Lol.

    I'm so pumped for A Madness So Discreet. I hope it's as awesome as it sounds. That time-turner is soooo gorgeous! It makes me want to get one of my own and pretend it actually works. ;D

  15. I always love reading your monthly recaps, Mel! I always forget all I do over the month, even though it's not exciting. I'm not exactly where you are in terms of moving out, but I get it. I'm living at home right now looking for a permanent job, but I can't imagine how it's going to feel when I don't have my place at home anymore. I guess it's part of growing up! :)

    Ohhh, I'm so excited you loved Uprooted! That's one of the next books I'll be reading and I want to love it so badly. :)

  16. As long as she loved her cake, that is what counts! Happy belated birthdays to her and your grandpa!
    You had a fantastic month for reading. A few of those I'd love to read! Happy June reading!

  17. The Fill In a Boyfriend was sooo good! It wasn't perfect but I did love it overall though, I haven't read Emancipated yet but I've been hearing mixed thoughts on it mainly. I'm glad you overall did have a fantastic month though Happy reading Mel<3 Benish| Feminist Reflections

  18. I'm sure your Tangled cake was great! I am utterly terrible at baking, unfortunately, but I'd like to get more into it.

    That's exciting that you'll officially be moving in with your boyfriend but I can understand that it's scary finally moving out and relinquishing ownership of your childhood room! <3

    It looks like you had a good reading month and that you read some good books.

    Hope you have an excellent June! <3

  19. I shall not sue you for liking the GoT show. XD HEHE. Okay I'm not all caught up yet! I'm trying to be a good bookworm and only watch it after I've read the book, but that's pretty hard because spoilers are everywhere. I know which characters die and erghhhh. That really bugs me. STILL. I love that disney-fied version of it. ZOMG SO CUTE.

  20. Change always feels a little weird I think, but it will be exciting to move in with your boyfriend officially. My parents have a new house since I moved out and it's super weird when I visit because I still don't know where stuff is because I've never lived there.

  21. So much awesome last month for you! Birthdays are always fun and I bet your cake was awesome ;) It's always scary to take a big step in your life but it sounds really exciting! I was sad when I moved out of my childhood home too, those memories are the ones that stay in your mind forever. I'm really excited for The Fill-In Boyfriend, glad you liked it!

  22. Oooh the big move in Mel, it definitely is a scary step but you will grow to love it! How lovely of you baking a cake for your sister. What beautiful pictures you have as well! That necklace looks so pretty and I love Belle hehe. How sad your ACOTAR was damaged! Nooo! Haha totally going to check out your Rick Grimes jokes now XD

  23. So exciting about the big move! Change is always the worst but I hope everything goes well <3

    Booo about your copy of ACOTAR :(( but yay for a new e-reader!

    I never noticed this but I love your wrap up headings, they're so cute and paired so well.

  24. Wow, Mel, you must be really good at baking to be able to make a Tangled cake! No matter if it didn't turn out as well, at least it turned out as a cake, right? xD (I HOPE IT HAD MAXIMUS ON IT, THOUGH.) I can't cook or bake to save my life, so I'm always in awe of people who can do impressive things like that. :D Also, your sister wins for making a HP cake for you. Jealous!

    Good luck with the move, too! I've only moved house once in my life, but I'll be moving to America in August for my studies, and I'll pretty much be leaving behind everything and everyone I've ever known and going to a country that's thousands of miles away and yup... it's scary, but exciting at the same time. I have no doubt that you'll settle into your new place soon, though. :) And all the best with finding a job!

    Aw, kind of disappointed that you weren't able to finish The Next Three Days because I really enjoyed it. It wasn't the best movie I've seen, and I agree that it got boring at parts, but overall I liked how clever it was. And the ending was awful... in a good way. And heh, I was one of those people who disliked Into the Woods. I thought it had a really good premise, mashing up all the fairytales into one epic story, but it just didn't deliver and I felt that it had some really unnecessary story arcs and kind of bad character development. But I did enjoy the music, and I loved Emily Blunt. I will love anything Emily Blunt is in, tbh.

    Looking at your pictures and HOLY CRAP, MEL, IS THAT A TIME-TURNER? IT'S A FREAKING TIME-TURNER AND AHHHH FANGIRLING A LITTLE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO FUCKING PRETTYYY. <333 Sounds like you had a fabulous May, and I hope June is just as great for you! (Wear that necklace often!)

  25. Ahh, it seemed like you had an awesome month Mel. <3 But eeek! I want to see the cake you made :) I'm sure it looks gorgeous. <3 Yay for Tangled ;) You read so many books. I'm so happy you loved a lot of them :) And lol, Into the Woods. I actually disliked the movie a lot :p My sister said it was the worst movie she had ever seen o.O I didn't hate it that much, though, lol. Some scenes were pretty great :D I'm thrilled you loved it a lot. <3 Anyway. YAY for new ereader coming too :D That is awesome. I would love to read a review of it from you :) Hope you are having an awesome June sweetie. <3

  26. Ooh a Tangled cake sounds so cute! I liked Into The Woods (Agony is the best song haha), but I would've preferred if it had been a bit shorter. It dragged on a bit too long for my liking.


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