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We are half way, can you believe it? So, to celebrate the fact that we are already six months into 2015, I wanted to do a challenge. If you are behind on your goal, this might be the time to read some extra fairytales. I want to remind you though, that there is no 'failing' in this challenge. You must have fun, so don't stress out if you are behind. I wanted to do a themed challenge. Let me introduce you to my 6 favorite Disney/fairytale villains.

1. Maleficent from Sleeping beauty. What I mainly like about her is that she stood up for herself. If someone didn’t invite me I would feel sad about it, but she’s all like ‘BITCHES, you think you can shut me out? Here, I curse your child.’

2. Jafar from Aladdin. This guy has a funny sense of humor and he is sarcastic. He will destroy anyone he sees as a threat. You have to admit, that’s determination and he would be great in Slytherin. Also, deleted scenes from the original movie show that she’s not entirely evil. He grew up in poverty and was bullied by the populace of Agrabah.

”Light isn't always good neither shadows are always evil. Light often plays with human eyes and pranks shadows.”

3. The snow queen. In the original fairytale she’s actually not portrayed as evil, which is why Disney turned her into a good character in the form of Elsa. In the legend that inspired Hans Christian Anderson she was some kind of Hades. She was saving lives en she helped the souls to pass to the other side. She changed when people she helped murdered her mortal lover and kidnapped her son.

4. Captain Hook. I would also be very annoyed by an arrogant flying boy. Imagine you are stuck with that for your whole life, I’d probably try to kill him too. He also has a past of being bullied, which could explain his dislike for Peter and his lost boys.

5. Bluebeard. He manages to keep a room filled with bodies without having it smell. You got to admire that. Also, he rocks a blue beard. It's a shame there is no answer to the question how it all started. His first wife couldn't have found the room, so what started his sick hobby?

6. Queen of Hearts. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you sometimes could fix things by screaming ‘OFF WITH THEIR HEADS’ ? She also got people to paint roses red, you got to admire her power.

Your side-challenge for this month is to read a fairytale retelling with one of these villains in it! It is up to you how ambitious you want to be. I'm going to aim for 3. To help you out, here are some ideas:

1. Elizabeth Blackwell – While beauty slept.
2. Cameron Dokey – The storyteller’s daughter. or Renee Ahdieh – The wrath and the dawn.
3. Anna Ursu – Breadcrumbs.
4. Heidi Schulz – Hook’s revenge.
5.  Jane Nickerson – Strands of bronze and gold.
6. Coleen Oakes – The crown. or A.G Howard – Splintered.

Tell me, what are your favorite villains? You can do this in the comments or by writing your own post.


  1. Jafar is a great villain. I also like the evil queen from Snow White. She is the typical crazy evil lady out to get her young, beautiful step-daughter.


  2. This sounds like a fun challenge, I'll see if I can join it. I have one with Maleficent on the bookshelf, but the rest might be a challenge.
    Though I've already read Splintered.

  3. Oh this is a fun side challenge! :) I recently bought Isle of the Lost which features the children of both Maleficent and Jafar, so I'm sure they both make an appearance ^-^ Great post! I laughed at the 'BITCHES, you think you can shut me out? Here, I curse your child.’ haha.

  4. Oooh, I can't wait to do this challenge. I love a good villain! I'll have to think about them, though... And Hook from Once Upon a Time is pretty awesome :)

  5. Jafar is one of my personal favorite Disney villains as well! He's hilarious! I didn't know about the deleted scenes though, so I'll definitely have to look those up. Also Bluebeard. He probably had a thousand bottles of perfume to spray at the bodies. ;) I'll have to check Strands of Bronze and Gold out now! <3

  6. Yay :D Awesome post Mel. <3 Yay for bunch of awesome favorite villains ;) I like them too. Well.. I'm not sure who my favorite villain is. I can't really remember it at the moment, hah :p But I did love Maleficent in the new movie, Maleficent ;)

  7. I can't believe it's June already either! Definitely Maleficent, what a kickass villain. Jafar is hilarious as well, and I'm so glad the Snow Queen was reinvented with Disney! Lovely post!

  8. I love villains! And Disney villains are the best! Along with their villain theme songs. Scar's theme song from The Lion Kind still gives me goosebumps.
    My favourite from the list is probably Jafar. I just loved the twisted, evil mind of that guy:) And Captain Hook! Well, my opinion of him can be totally biased on my love for Once Upon a Time Hook:), but nevertheless, he's awesome!

  9. YAS HOOK <33 I might be biased because Once Upon a Time omfg. I haven't watched that series in a long time, tbh! Time to go and catch up, no? xD

  10. Whoops! I totally forgot to do the link up this month! I had a bit of a crappy reading month in May but I managed to read ACOTAR which I LOVED!!

    Also, I love this side challenge! Disney villains are great! Captain Hook is definitely one of my favorites (largely because of OUAT but even before that too) and the Queen of Hearts is insane but I love it! The Wrath and the Dawn was a part of my latest book haul so I'll add it to my TBR this month. I seriously cannot wait to read it! I'm partially biased since my name is Jasmin (even though no one calls me that and I'm 100% sure that name is strictly Disney) but still an Aladdin/Arabian Nights retelling has been something I've been wanting to read for the longest time!

    - Jazzie @ The Book Dancer


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