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Last time I found a new collection of Disney wedding dresses and it inspired me for this month's topic. Today I want to make a modern look based on my favorite Disney princess:

Belle, of course! When I think about her, I think about simple, clean and elegant clothes. I decided to go with a pretty grey coat that still shows off her lovely figure. Her hair is in a bit of a messy ponytail with a golden hair cuff in it. I decided to stick with simple black for her bag, skirt and shoes. I wanted to bring the gold from her hair cuff back by adding a watch with golden tones. Her simple yellow top is of course based on her dress from the dancing scene and I wanted to add some colour and Beauty & the beast details into the outfit, hence the rose earrings. It will look great in combination with a red lip and red nail polish.

Belle wears different clothes during the movie. She starts out with her simple white dress with blue accents, later on she adds a coat to it. She wears a green dress in the library scene, a pink one with a cape when they are having fun in the snow (later also without cape) and there is the yellow gown in their dancing scene. Here is a funny chart where you can see all the different dresses:

Released by Disney. Look at Tatiana by the way!

If you like, you can go ahead and create your own modern version from one of these Disney princesses. I used the website Polyvore, but you can use whatever you want. Let me know in the comments what your favorite dress/outfit is from a Disney princess and how would you modernize it?


  1. I love how you recreated a look that's pretty much wearable off the page as well! I really like the rose earrings for subtle hint of the Beast. Love it!!

  2. Glad I caught this post. I keep forgetting to update! I've read 11 retellings so far this year, and look forward to even more.

    I love the look you've created for Belle.

  3. I might have to create an outfit to post along with my update.

  4. Ahhh I love this post Mel, I can totally see a modern day Belle sporting that outfit and accessories!

  5. This outfit is so extremely elegant :) I agree, Bell was my favorite too (After Ariel, though because I couldn't get enough of her pretty red hair) and this idea to modernize their attire is so deliciously amazing and it looks extremely inviting! July link up? WHERE.

  6. I love the outfit you put together for Belle! It's perfect :)

  7. I aaaadore this post Mel :) Thank you so much for sharing. <3 And ack, I love that outfit for Belle :) She would look gorgeous in it. Sigh. I want to see all the Disney princess'es in these days :)

  8. I love your modern Belle outfit!! It's so appropriate for her and so cute! I don't wear yellow generally, but I'd totally wear this if I was having a "Belle" day. And the coat is gorgeous.


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