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Review 234. Megan Shepherd – The cage.

23215450Title: The cage.
Author: Megan Shepherd.
Pages: 400.
Published: May 26th 2015 by Balzer & Bray/Harperteen
Sort: The cage #1.
When Cora Mason wakes in a desert, she doesn't know where she is or who put her there. As she explores, she finds an impossible mix of environments—tundra next to desert, farm next to jungle, and a strangely empty town cobbled together from different cultures—all watched over by eerie black windows. And she isn't alone. Four other teenagers have also been taken: a beautiful model, a tattooed smuggler, a secretive genius, and an army brat who seems to know too much about Cora's past. None of them have a clue as to what happened, and all of them have secrets. As the unlikely group struggles for leadership, they slowly start to trust each other. But when their mysterious jailer—a handsome young guard called Cassian—appears, they realize that their captivity is more terrifying than they could ever imagine: Their captors aren't from Earth. And they have taken the five teenagers for an otherworldly zoo—where the exhibits are humans. As a forbidden attraction develops between Cora and Cassian, she realizes that her best chance of escape might be in the arms of her own jailer—though that would mean leaving the others behind. Can Cora manage to save herself and her companions? And if so . . . what world lies beyond the walls of their cage?

Shepherd’s previous series, The madman’s daughter, had its up and downs. I loved her writing, so I had hope for this book. It started as a promising story, but it went downhill and ended up being nothing special.

Cora wakes up in the middle of a dessert. She has no memory of what has happened and her new environment is confusing. She teams up with a guy, Lucky, and soon they stumble on a group of other cliche people. They have no idea what is going on, but there are puzzles spread through the village and they are rewarded with coins. Slowly they start to unravel the meaning behind their imprisonment.

The idea of people being studied by others in a world designed for them was fascinating. It’s a shame that the animals in this zoo aren’t that interesting. Starting with Cora, the girl with trust issues, which doesn’t make her very popular. She is captivated by Cassian’s good looks and in those moments she seems to forget he is the enemy. I liked her spirit and how she kept fighting against the rules, but she was also pretty naive and bad at maintaining relationships with important people. I could understand her frustrations, because the others were just plain stupid, but it would have been smarter to keep them close.

There is also Lucky, who has a severe  case of possessiveness over Cora when he finds out what their main goal is. He started out okay, but soon turned into a creep. He completely lost his mind and I didn't care about his fate. I also hope the author doesn't turn him into one of the love-interests, because that romance is even more doomed to fail than the other option. There are also some other teenagers, but to be honest, I forget their names (that is how impressive they are)

The story is inconsistent. Cassian and Cora was just a big fat no. I did like the writing-style and the idea, but it failed to deliver. The ending was okay, but the overall story isn’t good enough for me. I think it’s time for me to say goodbye to Shepherd’s work. We just don’t click.

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Mel is a microbiology technician who is obsessed with Disney, fairytale retellings and fantasy. If she's not reading or blogging, she's either busy with gaming, hanging out with family or watching a TV show. She loves summer and bright nail polish. One of her dreams is to travel the world. She has found her Prince Charming and they are together for 7+ years.


  1. I'm sorry to see that you didn't enjoy this one. I have been looking forward to it but I still haven't read it. I hate inconsistency, but I may still give it a try. Thanks for the review.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I've been wanting to read Megan's books for awhile and have most of them in my TBR stash! So I'll get to it eventually. I have been hearing mixed things about this one. There are highs and then there are lows. Guess I'll have to wait and see how it reads for me.

    Nice review!

  3. I don't think I have yet to read a review of this book in that the reader enjoyed it, think I shall avoid it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

  4. Wow, this one really sounds like a dud :( I'm sorry that you had to go through that *hug* I'd never even heard about this book (although I have heard of the author) so I certainly don't feel like I'm missing out now that I've read about your experience with this one. I do believe I'll pass on it. Thanks for sharing Mel ♥♥

  5. Ah, sucks you didn’t like this one. I am about to read it next actually… I have about moderate hopes just because I do love the author but I have heard a lot of “meh” reviews about it and that kinda sucks. Still, I’m gonna try it out. I tend to think she does better with the gothic / past and historical setting because that is really where she shines. Also, I don’t usually like the sort of dystopian/post apocalyptic books lately since it’s overdone (or maybe I’ve just read too many?!) lol :P
    Good review, Mel.

    Diamond @ Diamond’s Reads

  6. Aw, that sucks you didn't like this one much. :/ I haven't read any of Shepherd's books, even though I was interested in The Madman's Daughter when I saw it. I guess I just didn't hear enough about it and it didn't grab my interest on its own. This one didn't have my interests much either. May be the dystopian thing, which is a trend I'm not really loving right now. :(

  7. I’ve been meaning to read this like for eons now LOL but the sound of your review might leave me upset if I do. Will still try but not highly prioritize anymore. T.T

  8. I agree that that premise definitely sounds fascinating and I'm sure it is full of potential... So that's why it's lame that this one was so unmemorable for you. And just from your description, I am not at all interested in Lucky or Cassian. So yeah, I guess I'll be skipping this one!

  9. Aww no! I actually really enjoyed Shepherd's previous work, but this one just sounds like a mess. It's horrible when the characters just don't work out in the story, isn't it? And to think that the potential love interest is a total creep... *shudders* I may still pick this one up, just because I'm curious about the storyline and plot, but I'll definitely go into it with more hesitation and warning. Thanks for your honest thoughts, Mel!

  10. Oh yikes! I had been so excited for this one, but it seems like the characters are what really killed this book. Throw in a bad romance, and a writing style that didn't work and you've got a bad book... Wonderful review, I hope your next book is more enjoyable!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  11. Ugh this doesn't sound good at all. and who would name their son Lucky? Seems like there is some irony in his name if he went crazy haha. Naive characters can really bug me. Like did you live under a rock for part of your life? It's just hard to like a MC who is always making decisions you wouldn't make yourself :/

  12. I've kind of been put off by the blurb, because it sounds just weird. Sucks to see that you didn't like this one though, putting the plot aside. I hope your next book is better Mel!

  13. Nice review, Sorry to read that this book wasn't for you, hopefully you'll read one that is! Not alot of people didn't like this one either, so I'm kind of hesitant to pick this one up, but we'll see :)

  14. Aw, hugs :( I'm so sorry that this book was disappointing Mel :\ That is never any fun, sigh. I regret buying this one, to be honest. I doubt I will like it, which is just so depressing. It sounds good, but then reading your review, which is awesome, I also see that I would not enjoy this one :p Thank you for sharing about it sweetie. <3

  15. aww that's too bad you did not like The Cage. I remember reading it a few months back and completely loved it. Not sure about the romance though. It was kind of weird. I just liked how the concept is original and so mysterious.

  16. Nope this book doesn't appeal to me at all. I just hate possessive love interests and it sounds like she's letting her heart get in the way of sensible choices! Lovely review Mel!

  17. Ya know, I was skeptical that I would like this book from the moment I read the synopsis and now I know I am not going to read it. I doubt I will like Cora and will probably hate Lucky. And if it ends up being nothing special... I'm not sure if I will continue with Shepherd's work either...


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