Let it go #7. Just my luck and The snow child.


George has an autistic little brother and his father suffered from a brain haemorrhage. We see life through his eyes and how he gets through every day. At school they are rewarded with hand prints when they do something good, but no matter how hard George tries nobody seems to notice him. That’s what he thinks, though, because one of the teachers and he have something in common.

I was let down by the story. It fell flat in comparison with her previous work. Perhaps it’s because George is such a young boy or simply because the story itself isn’t that spectacular. I liked George, but I was never sucked into his story. The family dynamics were great though, especially the relationship between George and his brother.

I’m starting to get the idea that Say what you will was my one lucky shot with this author.

Eowyn Ivey – The snow child.
4 stars.
Mabel and Jack are trying to set up a new life in Alaska. They both suffer from a deep-rooted sadness after the loss of their dead-born child. On one cold night Mabel and Jack find a spark of happiness when they make a snow child and weeks pass where Mabel swears she spies a girl running between the trees. After long waiting the girl finally comes into their home: Faine. She is a wild girl, but she deepens the relationship between Mabel and Jack.

Mabel and Jack are precious. It's obvious the two of them share a long past and it was heart-breaking to see how they falling apart. Faine is the one thing that connects them again and I loved seeing them grow back together.

The bittersweet ending was really fitting with the overall feeling in the book. I loved the way the story evolved and how it had that magical fairytale-like touch. The only thing is that the epilogue was a bit underwhelming. I could have gone without it.

"To believe, perhaps you had to cease looking for explanations and instead hold the little thing in your hands as long as you were able before it slipped like water between your fingers."


  1. That kind of sucks that Just My Luck wasn't what you were expecting -- that it wasn't as good as her previous book.

    I am glad that the Snow Child was good though. It sounds like a decent sort of winter read.

  2. I have an e-ARC of Just my Luck by Cammie McGovern so I’m kinda sad to know that the story didn’t pull you. I hope I will like it though. ;D

  3. Gorgeous reviews Mel :D Thank you for sharing about these two books. <3 I'm sorry the first one was a bit disappointing :\ Sigh. Not for me either. But aw, The Snow Child sounds pretty amazing :D So glad you liked it.

  4. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)


  5. The Snow Child - OMG. That book broke my heart so many times. I seriously had to put it down because I couldn't handle the overall sadness from Jack and Mabel , but the story turns so sweet and touching. That ending though, WHOA.

  6. I'm sorry that Just My Luck let you down Mel! Especially when you compared it to the author's previous works. That sort of makes it even worse :( I am happy that The Snow Child was better for you! These are both new to me titles so I guess I need to check out The Snow Child!

  7. The Snow Child looks like a beautiful read, and the cover is so lovely.

  8. I've been hearing about THE SNOW CHILD for awhile now, but still haven't picked it up. I need to. Sounds like such a good read. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I'm sorry that Just My Luck didn't end up working for you Mel, I have heard great things about McGovern's books, so I think I will pick up one of her other books soon. And The Snow Child is a book I've been meaning to read for ages, I think I may have to around Christmas, it will be the perfect time for it!

  10. This is the first time I am hearing about both of these books! They both seem sad though which it not what I am in the mood to read just yet. Also, I will probably start with Say What You Will when I give Cammie McGovern a shot!

    1. You should, that was definitely a highlight for me :)

  11. A shame about Just my luck, sometimes authors are a one hit wonder unfortunately. The Snow Child sounds so darling!


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