November retelling link-up | Feedback.

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Today I want to do something else. I have an amazing event planned for December and it’s the last month, so I wouldn’t have enough time to use your feedback for the possible 2016 fairytale challenge. Today I want to ask you for some honest feedback.

First of all: I want to thank all of the participants. It was a huge success for me. I got tons of inspiration and I loved finding new topics to talk about in my monthly posts. I had so much fun hosting this challenge and I’m thinking about hosting it again next year if there is enough interest in it. Therefor, I would really appreciate it if you answer the next questions:

What did you think about the overall challenge? (Rating on a scale from 1 – 10, with 1 as terrible)

What are your thoughts on the monthly posts? 

Are you interested in a 2016 (fairytale) retelling challenge next year?

What should/could I change or improve? Any requests?

Please, tell me all your thoughts and wishes. This was my first time hosting a challenge and I want to make it fun for everyone. I can always use your input and every idea is welcome!


  1. I really liked this challenge, it made it much more clear to me how many re-tellings I actually read, while it challenged me to read many more.
    I would definitely be up for another challenge like this next year.
    As far as the monthly posts, I think a small monthly challenge would be fun to whenever possible.
    Otherwise I think you've done a very good job with this. :)

    1. Thanks Michelle. I can work with that! In December there actually will be a challenge :) but I'll sure think about some more for 2016.

  2. Gorgeous post Mel. <3 I must must must sign up for this if you do it again next year :D I have loved reading your monthly posts so much. You are all kinds of awesome :) Thank you for hosting this awesome challenge. <3 Hope you will do it next year too :) Hugs.

    1. You are great, Carina :) I definitely hope you will join!

  3. I love fairy tale retellings and absolutely would have signed up for this if I had began blogging earlier, I think you can count me in for next year - as there's already THREE fairy tale retellings I am dying to read in 2016 XD

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

  4. I really liked the challenge, even though I'm failing haha, but that's my fault not the challenge's ;) And since I'm failing I DEFINITELY want one in 2016 so I can read the ones I didn't read this year ;)

  5. I don't have a lot of input other than to beg you to PLEASE continue this challenge next year! :D

  6. This is a great challenge. I really had no idea that I read so many retellings until I started to keep track of them. I would definitely join again next year.


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