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25 bookish facts about me

I was tagged by the magnificent Cait from Paper Fury for the 25 bookish facts about me tag. I’ve tried to come up with the most original, not-known facts about me, but I guess there might be some facts you already know about me. I’m not going to repeat that I’m a huge Potter head or that my favorite genres are fantasy & fairytale retellings. I’m also not repeating these 10 confessions, my reader problems, these 5 confessions or talk about how fiercely I hate spoilers. Spoilers are like that last piece of chocolate. You saved the best for last - and then you find out someone else ate it. You can imagine it was hard to come up with 25 new facts, but here it is:

1. I used to be a paperback person. They were cheaper and easier to read, because hardbacks were too bulky and came with those annoying dust jackets. Now that I have a job I’m slowly switching to the other side. I love the feeling of a hardback in my hands, those dust jackets hold special surprises and they look beautiful on my bookshelf.

2. Up until five years ago I only read Dutch (mostly adult) books. I’m not really sure what brought the change, but I made a complete turn and now I hardly read any Dutch books. English books feel better and more natural. I disliked how childish YA books read in Dutch for me.

3. I hate answering the ‘what is your favorite author?’ question, but if I have to come up with one it would be Juliet Marillier. I have talked about her many times before, but I think she deserves more attention. Her books are pure magical and were actually my gateway into fairytale retellings. Daughter of the forest will always be special to me and I’m planning to do a reread soon, so I can review the books to make you read it. I already did this with Wildwood dancing and Heart’s blood.

4. I disliked the Sci-fi genre, until Marissa Meyer opened my eyes. I always had certain associations when I thought about Sci-fi and I thought it wasn’t meant for me, but now I’m willing to try more. Stitching Snow was a huge success and my next books will be Illuminae and These broken stars.

5. If you would have talked about e-readers to me years ago, I would have told you I never wanted to own one. Hehe, naive, cute younger Mel. I still prefer buying physical books over e-books, but I can’t think about my reading life without appreciating my Kobo Glo HD.

6. My bookshelves are a mess and it makes me feel anxious and stressed out. I’m in the middle of living together with my parents and living with my boyfriend, so my books are spread EVERYWHERE and I hate it. Hatehatehateit. It gives me joy to have them in one place, displayed in the way I want. Not thrown around in different houses like a tornado went through my shelves.

7. I believe I was born as a bookworm. I’m happy I was gifted with a love for reading. I am surrounded by non-readers or occasional readers. My mother always read bedtime stories and took me and my sister to the library, but I turned into a book dragon and my sister went to the other side. It is a lifestyle.

8. This brings me to the fact that books make me ridiculously happy. Everything that has to do with books makes me delighted. My wallet is crying because of this, but buying books, putting them on my shelves, petting them, reading them, loving them, obsession over them, fangirling and talking about them, walking around in bookstores: best feeling.

9. My wishlist is also 90% made up out of books. Most people don’t even ask what I want for a holiday anymore. I either get ‘money to buy some books’ or I have to give them a list with titles. They know me so well. (Other 10% are bookish items, DVD’s or small random things like scented candles or a necklace.)

10. Books makes me feel less awkward in conversations. I have a feeling it’s at least something I can talk about (unless that other person is a book hater, which makes the conversation immediately less enjoyable. Shoo!) They have given me the book community + my book club = best friends I could wish for. You guys get me, because we are all the same in our love for books and that acceptation is wonderful. Still a social awkward turtle though.

11. I am never ashamed of my hobby or the books I read. I did talk about this in my embarrassing books discussion, but it’s important to own what you love. Yes, I am a reader. No, I am not boring. Yes, I read YA. And no, that is not only meant for teenagers. Shut up.

12. I never eat while reading. I’m too afraid I will make the pages filthy with my hands or that I drop crumbs inside the book.

13. TBR piles confuse me, because I can never decide how I feel about them. Good thing: I always have something to read and I’m surrounded by new lives and journeys I can’t wait to explore. Bad thing: I feel restless that I still have so many unread books and I just keep buying new ones to add to the piles.

14. Having favorite authors is amazing and scary at the same time, because I always have that little part of me that is afraid their new book will disappoint me. Disappointment is terrible. It’s a good thing this has rarely happened over the years.

15. Being international sucks at times. Publishers can’t send ARC’s to your country, authors don’t visit, there are hardly any events, small offer of English YA books in most stores, a lot of giveaways and pre-order actions are only for UK/US and so on. Positive side is that I feel extra appreciation when some of these things do happen.

16. One of the reasons I bought my new camera (Canon 700d) was to become better at book photography. I’m still learning what I can do with the camera, but it has been a lot of fun so far. It’s also funny to see reactions from the people around me, because not all of them get it when I make another photo of a book in a bush. Some Instagram accounts I look up to: Aimeereads, Headinherbooks, Bookmarauder, Paperfury, Booksenchanted, Thebookishmisfit, Forevermint and Wordrevel.

17. I love writing reviews and I blog with something I recently dubbed as ‘post explosions.’ Reviews are great, because it makes me think about stories in a different way. There are weeks where I don’t write any posts and where I rely on my backlog. There are weeks where I easily write four posts on one day. It is a nice balance for me, because I never have to force myself to write and I have enough material to work with.

18. I prefer books with a focus on female MC’s over male MC’s 9 out of 10 times. There are always exceptions of course. When it comes to for instance The Lunar Chronicles or Six of Crows I love every character, but when the story is based on one POV I prefer it to be a female.

19. I need more retellings about unpopular fairytales with diversity. The more Beauty and the beast retellings the better, but I would also like to have a spotlight on lesser known tales. That’s why I loved Valiant, about the Clever little tailor or The wrath and the Dawn inspired on A thousand and one nights. There are so many awesome fairytales out there, they need some retelling love too.

20. I spend way too much time on Goodreads. It is my go-to website and I love browsing through lists and keeping up with what my friends are reading.

21. I’m still confused about novella’s and whether I should count them towards my Goodreads goal or not. I feel that novella’s should be 1. legally free to read on the internet or 2. bundled and sold as physical copy. I do count them on my GR, but sometimes it feels a little like cheating, because they can be read in 15 minutes.

22. Talking about that Goodreads goal, many people stress out over it. I honestly don’t care about it in a way that it makes me feel nervous. If I make it: great! If I don’t: better luck next year. It’s just a challenge, but not something I feel I HAVE to accomplish before the year ends. There are already enough things I can worry about, I’m not going to add my passion to that list.

23. I like to do my own research after finishing a book. Like, when I read a historical book I like to  read about the true events. Or now with The Martian, I looked up things like: how long does it take to grow a potato and what are the best conditions to grow them? When it comes to biology I always pay extra attention, because if you add something to you story it’s important you make sure it is right. Background information does matter.

24. Important things in a book are world-building, characters and plot. I think I would rate it: 45% plot, 30% characters and 25% world-building. The last one is essential for me in fantasy though, which is why I would love to see maps in every fantasy book. I think it’s easier to read a book with a good plot and okay characters than the other way around. I still haven’t figured out if I’m more a plot-reader or a character-reader.

25. I could finish more books in a year. I could cut down on lots of things, like blogging time and watching TV shows, but I think that this is the reason why I never burn out on reading. I haven’t fallen into a slump for years and I think that’s the magical solution for me.

Do you prefer hardback over paperback? Do you eat while reading? Do you prefer a male or female POV?  How do you feel about novella’s? What is the most important aspect in a story according to you? Let me know!


  1. Honestly with me I'm fine with either hardcover or paperback! But usually it depends on what the book looks like, or example if the paperback cover looks nicer than the hardback I will definitely want it more! But since the Hardcover is usually to die for, I try my best... but with the amount they cost it usually doesn't matter weather the cover is hard or soft, as long as the story itself is amazing!

    1. Paperbacks are fine too, but I'm slowly starting to go to the hardback side.

  2. AHH THIS WAS AAMZING!!! :D So many marvellous facts. (I love posts like these because I feel like it helps we bloggers get to know each other better, right?!?!) And I'm with ya on eating + reading = I'm too scared of getting my books messy! I sometimes eat apple pieces though, because that's relatively mess free.
    I'm so glad you like writing reviews too!! *dances* They are ridiculously fun. I always feel like I've sorted out my thoughts on a book after a review.
    Novellas DO feel like cheating. GAH. Like when it's like 25 pages??!? How can I count it? But Goodreads does count it. So gah. Mostly I don't even read novellas, because I feel like all the important information in a book should be IN the book. >_>
    And I love both genders of narrators. XD I adore it in 3rd person though. Most boys in 1st annoy me so so much. *grinds teeth* But boys in 3rd = wonderful.

    1. Yes, I love it too! It's great to get to know other bloggers. I tend to skip Novella's too, but sometimes they are just too shiny. I agree about that, boys in third person are much better.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these things about yourself. I'm personally a hardback person just because I love the dust jackets and the feel of a chunky book XD I love going on Goodreads too! It's definitely a magical place to be for bookworms~

  4. 4. YES! Marissa Meyer opened my eyes with Cinder. I'm currently reading Illuminae.
    5. SAME HERE, haha. XDD
    10. Definitely true for me too.
    15. Big yes there too!

  5. Ha. Point on, it's almost creepy. Or maybe it is. Almost everything there basically describes me..

  6. Wat bijzonder dat je eerst alleen Nederlandse boeken las, en nu bijna niet meer! En ik vind het ook eng om tijdens het lezen wat te eten! Ik heb er een hekel aan als mijn boek vies word! Grappige feitjes!

    1. Ja, ik weet het. Misschien omdat ik gewoon verliefd ben geworden op Engels en hoeveel mooier het allemaal klinkt!

  7. Like you, I'm slowly becoming a hardcover person. Paperback are fun to flip the pages, but hardcovers are just SO PRETTY. I probably wouldn't have gone for eReaders in the years prior to when I got my own. I'm so glad I have mine though! I would have probably read so many less books just due to not having space to house them all (I'm not a big library-go-er). Also, it's a nice way to read eARCs! :D Basically all I get for holidays and birthdays anymore are giftcards to bookstores, money for books, or actual books, too. Not that I'm complaining! I really don't like novellas. But they confuse me because I don't know if they are needed to go on with the series and get the most out of it or not. I feel like the extras are maybe too much extra. I prefer female MC's too, but every now and then I like to read from guys to see how it is "on the other side" haha! :P I love this post Mel!

    Em @ Books & Cleverness

    1. Exactly! Paperbacks are still easier to read, but hardcovers *drool* eAR's are only readable on an e-reader if you ask me. The computer just doesn't give a good experience.

  8. I always love these kinds of posts and I especially appreciate the effort you put into trying to come up with 25 NEW (!!) facts to share with us :O I used to be a paperback person too - because they were cheaper, but now if it's a book I really love, it NEEDS to be hardback...unless the covers for the hardback isn't as pretty as the paperback one LOL! Years ago, I would have also said I didn't want an ereader...but I still prefer physical books. I think that I was born a reader too, I always had a book in my hand, going back as young as 5 years old XD And even though I'm from Canada, when it comes to arcs and author events I feel like an international. IF authors venture to Canada, they always go to the same places, which are at least 8-12 hours away by car o.O Why does Canada have to be so big?! hahaha! LOVE your answers to this post Mel ♥♥

    1. All the things I do for you guys ;) haha. It was fun to try to find new things to share. Canada also seems to be excluded a lot. Poor us!

  9. Haha, the reason I started Cinder was because I was always a SciFi fan. But I was getting annoyed at all the "male" focus on adult SciFi, so YA SciFi with focus on female leads gives me a refreshing break.
    I also love talking to people about books, I did used to be ashamed of it, but since people started to embrace how much I read it made me more confident even if they don't also read, they are always impressed on the fact that I do.
    And Goodreads, I love goodreads and yes I used to do the goals like HAD to, but now I'm like, whatever, it is my hobby, I should not forced myself to read when i don't feel like it. :)
    Love these posts!

  10. Aw, I love this :D Thank you so much for sharing Mel. <3 You are amazing. Loved reading all of these things about you :) And yesss. I don't eat while reading either. I could never, lol :) Hope you are having an awesome week sweet girl. <3

  11. This is such a great post Mel! :) Like you, I prefer female MCs over male MCs. Sure, I've read books through a guy's perspective and enjoyed them so much. But I relate more when I'm reading through a female protagonist's mind, haha. I also used to hate sci-fi. My first sci-fi book that I really didn't enjoy was Ender's Game, but Marissa Meyer's books helped me appreciate the genre more after I read it :)

    Great post!

  12. While going through your post, I was nodding at everything! From being born a bookworm (how lovely that you called it a gift!), the massive TBR pile, obsessing over books and adding more to the TBR, book photography pretties, everything. It's a bookworm life and it's lovely <3

    1. I truly think it as a gift :D A bookworm's life is the best life there is <3

  13. These lists confirm that we bookworms aren't weird anomalies because there's so much on every list to relate to! Uni fact, I was surprised by how much of your 25 facts apply to me too ;D

    1. I also used to be a PB person. Actually, still am. But I disliked HC for their weight and bulk and pesky dust jackets. I don't dislike them anymore and have to concede that they do look nice on shelves.

    2. I used to read exclusively in German and transitioned to English, even though I didn't want to. I don't think it'll ever be the other way round again. Though I do try to pick up more German books.

    7. So many of us must've been born with that 100% inclination towards books. Lol.


    9. Not counting food (because necessity), 90% of the items I bought this year were books.

    10. Agreed! It's so difficult to hold a conversation when books can't be used a s a back-up plan to prevent one from sinking.

    13. *sadly nods in agreement*

    14. & 15. Double yes.

    16. Yay! It's so much fun to play around with cameras and books :D Also, I'm flattered <3

    18. Reluctant agreement to this one. I wish my preference were a little more balanced.

    20. Case in point, I regularly forget my Facebook password. My Goodreads password is etched in my brain.

    21. Shared sentiments on this one too. If a novella doesn't have at least 100 pages, I'd rather count a bundle of novellas as a book.Though then I'm torn about shelving because I do want to track what I've read.

    23. I research too, except often while I'm reading a book. I'm too impatient to wait till I'm done reading. Heh.

    25. This one's been on my mind lately too. But for now I'm happy with how things are, so I'm not too bothered either.

    1. I love how these facts always makes us all feel extra connected!
      2. Sometimes I try to pick up Dutch again and it just doesn't feel right anymore.
      8. All the happiness :D
      16. You are great at photographs. An inspiration!

  14. OMG so excited to hear that you got a 700D! I use a 600D which I badly want to upgrade already. I'm sure you'll take lots of pretty photos with your new camera. Just experiment. :D

    Like you, I feel I could finish a lot more books in a year but I a lot time to doing other things aside from reading so I don't get burnt out easily. And ack, my shelves are a huge mess too especially now that I've seriously ran out of space. Damn, if that'll stop me from acquiring more books though ;) Enjoyed getting to know more about your bookish self, Mel!

    1. The 700d is AMAZING. I'm in love with it :) and experimenting is lots of fun.

  15. I very much agree with most of your points (aside eating while reading, there's no resisting that), and especially about having favorite authors. I am sometimes reluctant to read something of theirs, even though I'm 99,9% sure that I'm going to love it. Ex: I still haven't read I'll Give You the Sun... mostly because I loved The Sky Is Everywhere so, so much that I don't want it ruined. Silly, I know, but I just can't make myself pick it up.

    1. I have the same. I'm just afraid it will ruin the previous experience.

  16. I love hardbacks too Mel, but reading them in bed with tired arms at the end of the day, I ore often than not end up smacking myself in the head with it. I'm sure most nights I'm unconscious and not actually 'sleeping'. I find that really fascinating how you've changed to solely English language editions now rather than Dutch. It sounds like the feel of the storyline might be lost in translation rather than the actual words themselves. Have you read a Dutch and then English edition of the same book that you loved one and hated the other?

    Loved learning more about you Mel, really enjoyed it <3

    1. Yes, and often they also change the name, so it feels like an important part of the story gets lost. I have read Harry Potter in both languages, the same for Daughter of the forest and The book thief. I must say, I have so much love for these books that I don't mind the language. I've never had a moment where I experienced that, luckily. I COULD read it in Dutch and still enjoy it, but I just prefer English because it's a beautiful language :)

  17. I so agree with the thing about Dutch YA sounding so childish! I remember trying to read some of the popular YA in Dutch and within the first chapter I already decided that it wasn't for me. When I read the same book in English I had no such problem!
    I love hardbacks and paperbacks, both have advantages and disadvantages (weightwise, sturdiness, etc.)
    Eating while reading does happen but I regret it whenever the combination results in spilling things on my book (luckily this doesn't happen too often).

  18. I prefer female MC's too, which is nice since most of the books I read are from the girl's perspective. On the other hand, my sister really doesn't like books from the girl's perspective. I think she associates the girl's pov books with too much drama :P I don't know if I've ever preferred paperbacks or hardcovers. I've been buying more hardcovers recently though when I've been buying books closer to the release date.

  19. ARG I am going to so do this!

    I have the same struggle with novellas, they really confuse me, and I'm so hesitant to pick them up. I don't know why. I love reading back backstories and interviews, but when it comes to a 99 cent novella, I just think MEH and go on.

    As for unpopular fairy tales, have I ever mentioned that one of my WIP books is East of the Sun, West of the Moon, an awesome fairy tale with very little coverage? I love finding new fairy tales. I was excited when I found that The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly was a retelling of the girl with no hands.

    You bought a new camera for books? I love it!

  20. I love reading posts like this and I always wanted to do one myself. Maybe one day I will. I believe I was born a bookworm too. My mom is a reader and I always remember loving to read. I am slowly converting "non-readers" around me to readers because I honestly think there is no such thing as being a "non-reader" it's just a matter of finding the right book. I also rely on my love of books as conversation pieces! I don't know whether novellas should count or if DNFs should count toward my reading challenge (in cases where you might read 100 pages or so). And I have to agree with your important things in a book breakdown! Always happy to learn more about you Mel :) Great post!

  21. I cannot eat and read. Concentrating on getting food from the plate to my mouth while concentrating on the words on the paper... I can only really do one well at a time and I usually end up choosing food so I don't spill or make a mess and then... it's just easier to put the book down, eat fast and get back to reading :)

    I totally agree - novellas feel like cheating because they're stories but they're not like... books.

    Though I am a character reader. Give me great characters and a meh plot and I'll still enjoy the book.

  22. Hey I'm a Dutchie with a book blog as well! It's always nice to find fellow Dutch readers and bloggers! :)

    ~ Amber from

  23. I used to say I would never own a e-reader too! but now I own one


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