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Let it go | Massive edition.

Let it go is my feature, where I will spotlight all the books I DNF and the ones I've read and just want to talk about. The name is based on the wonderful song from the movie Frozen, hence the the reindeer. This feature is based on several other DNF features.

I want to get rid of all the reviews I have yet to post on my blog before 2016 starts, so I'm going to throw them all together in this post. You can scroll through all the categories and select what you want to read. They go from best rating –> worst rating. There are no spoilers for the books or sequels in the series. Here we go:

Fairytale retelling.

Marissa Meyer – Winter.
RATING: 4.5 out of 5.
It was fantastic and I read more than 500 pages in one sitting, but the ending still left me with a little disappointed feeling of I want more. It feels like there was still some story left to tell. Perhaps in the novella bind-up with the Epilogue to Winter? I HOPE SO. The main story is wrapped up neatly, so perhaps it's because I'm just not ready to let go of all the characters I fell in love with throughout the series. I could read about them forever and I'm satisfied with all the ships and the overall conclusion of the story. My only problem was the fact I didn't like how villainous Levana was and how I couldn't care about her 'reasons' for all the things she did.

Shannon Hale – Princess Academy.
RATING: 4.5 out of 5.
Miri lives in the valley near the mountain where everyone works to collect linder (stone). The prince is looking for a new bride and she will be picked from the girls in her village. They are all sent to a special Academy to be trained, so they can impress him. Miri is spunky, yet a bit insecure and she has a quick mind. She has a way with words and she is definitely not waiting to be trained for a prince. I loved how her family played a role in the story and how it stays away from the cliche story line. Don't let the promise and the fact that it is middle grade fool you.

Virginia Boecker – The witch hunter.
RATING: 2.5 out of 5.
This book caught my attention when it was pitched as magic from Graceling meets political intrigue from Game of thrones. While I don’t agree with those comparisons, I sort of liked it. Elizabeth is one of the best witch hunters. until she is accused of witch craft herself. She is sentenced to death, but saved by someone who was her biggest enemy: the powerful wizard Nicholas.
Elizabeth was okay. She is by no means a perfect character and I think I will forget about her soon, but being able to look in her head wasn't so bad. She is trust into a confusing time and I liked how she dealt with the situation. She is struck between her old life and the new information. I could understand how hard it was to change her believes, but she switches rather quickly. The writing-style was engaging. I don't know what it was, but it made me keep reading. I also think I ended up liking this book more because of my low expectations. I was left to believe it would be a boring, terrible book, but I don't think it was THAT bad.

Alethea Kontis – Dearest.
RATING: 2.5 out of 5.
Naked guys are sleeping in a room. Friday finds them and falls in love with one of them right away. Because…. Not for that reason ;) but I thought it was rather strange that she is standing there, observing this boy and wondering what color his eyes are. Okay guuurl. I am left disappointed by this series. The first book was stunning. I loved the combinations of fairytales and how it made me guess which stories she included. The second book was already less interesting and I found myself a little bored by this book. The characters in this book were a bit bland, although I did like the approach of Six Swans. I have high hopes for the next one, because I think I will like Princess Thursday much more.

Dakota Chase – Mad about the hatter.
RATING: 1 out of 5.
This book was simply too much. The author tried SO hard to make everything sounds funny and hilarious, that it felt too forced. I understand that she tried to copy the whimsical feeling from Alice in Wonderland, but to me, she failed to deliver it. I loved that the romance is between Hatter and Henry, brother from Alice, but it went incredibly fast. Hatter went from 'what an annoying boy' to 'oh, such luscious lips, I want to kiss them!' The same with Henry, who went from 'I must be crazy, this can't be real' to 'what a delicious man.' The story itself is also pretty much wandering around Wonderland, because Hatter must take Henry to the Queen of Hearts. I liked the addition of the King of Hearts and the talk about abusive relationships.


Morgan Matson – Since you've been gone.
RATING: 4 out of 5.
That was good. Emily has one best friend: outgoing, spontaneous, brave Sloane. So when the girl disappears from one on the other day, Emily is heart-broken. She is left with a to-do list with 13 tasks - and they all ask a lot from the shy Emily. They bring her out of her comfort zone and this brings her under the attention of Frank Porter. Together with his help, Emily can cross off one after the other challenges on her list. I loved seeing Emily grow and how she tries her hardest to complete the list. It's obvious Sloane knew her well. Frank is absolutely ADORABLE. They had a great chemistry and he is so supportive. I also liked the friendship between Sloane/Emily and finding out what happened to Sloane. A contemporary that surprised me.

Jenny Han – To all the boys I've loved before.
RATING: 3 out of 5.
1. I didn't like the beginning. I had a hard time with the writing and it's still not one of my favorite styles. There were moments where it felt something was just off about it. It did prevent me from being able to immerse myself in the story.
2. I really dislike that somewhat love-triangle. It made me feel uncomfortable and it doesn't work for me. Love-triangles rarely work for me, but if it includes this type of romance.. Nope. Just nope.
I do love Peter, Chris and Lara's family. Fake-dating is always fun! Lara and Peter had A LOT OF chemistry and I enjoyed their conversations. What I don't get is that this book is all about 'letters she wrote to other boys' but 1. We don't really get to read them and 2. They hardly have any reaction. I thought there would be more embarrassing moments, but it seem to work out fine right away.

Brian Katcher – Improbable theory of Ana & Zac.
RATING: Did not finish.
I should have known better. Contemporaries mostly don't work out for me, but I liked the cover and the idea of a Quiz-bowl and sci-fi convention. From the moment I started this book I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out. There was something off about the writing and I took an immediate dislike to Ana. The moment where she wants to hit Zac without ANY reason was the moment I DNF-ed this book.


Jodi Meadows – The orphan queen.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Wil(helmina) ad best friend Mel(anie) have their own group of rebels called the Ospreys. Years ago their country was attacked by the Indigo Army and Wil was swept away to Skyvale. Magic is now forbidden, because it calls the Wraith and then there is the Black Knife, who has to hunt down people who use magic in secret. I liked the concept of magic in this book and how all magic comes with a price. Wil and Mel go undercover to spy inside the castle. In the knight Wil stumbles onto Black Knife and the two start to get familiar with each other. Wil is a wonderful girl and a skilled fighter, something which I really appreciate. The is strong and vulnerable at the same time. The Black Knife and his mysterious identity was fun. I loved their relationship and rocky start. There is definitely chemistry between the two of them with their banter and snarkiness. While I saw it coming, I still liked the twist at the end. AND THEN SOMETHING CRUEL HAPPENS AND THAT SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED. So, I need the sequel.

Sarah J. Maas – Queen of shadows.
RATING: 4 out of 5.
1. I was SO disappointed at the beginning. I seriously wondered if I was falling out of love with the series. The writing was great as always, but I felt disconnected. I also blame this on the ridiculous hype that has been spreading around like wildfire.
2. I love character development, but not every change in Aelin worked for me. She is too harsh on Chaol and Dorian. She got on my nerves and really annoyed me at times. Doesn't take away that she is clever, brave and strong. I still admire her. Spoiler, select: She gave up on Dorian without any problems. 'Oh, I will just kill him and get it over with.' Like he never meant anything for her at all.. and she needs to get over her issues with Chaol and stop being so awful judgmental. Damn girl. I don't get all the Chaol hate and I don't care what you think about him, she was unfair.
I already saw this coming, spoiler select: because my beloved Aelin/Chaol ship was sinking - what am I saying, crashing - in Heir of fire and I already had a feeling it wasn't going to return. And you know what, after the way she treats Chaol I'm happy it is over. He deserves someone who is better for him and I quite like Nesryn. I also start to realize that Rowan is indeed a better match for Aelin. Chaol is too sweet.
3. The twists were superb. Spoiler select: HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. The King wasn't evil after all?? Woooow. And MY PRECIOUS CHAOL. His story line is hopefully going to play a bigger part in the next book with interesting developments.
4. Some bad-ass fighting scenes.
5. MANON. You are the Queen. I looooooved her chapters. She was definitely the highlight in this book.
6. Rowan and Aedion need to stop fussing around her. Aelin survived the mines, she is a master assassin, she has freaking power that could easily destroy everyone and they are cuddling her. She is your Queen so NO, she doesn't have to tell everything she does to you and NO, she doesn't need to listen to you all the time. Stop treating her like a baby. Doesn't take away that she is sometimes too rash and explosive, but she has balls and doesn't need two fathers around her.
7. After around 250 pages I fell back into love with the story and the ending was fantastic.
Brings me to a total of 4 stars. I had more issues with this book than I wanted, but it's still amazing and a worthy sequel in one of my favorite fantasy series so far.

J.A White – The whispering trees.
RATING: 4 out of 5. 
This was a highly anticipated book after the cliff-hanger from the first book - and it lived up to my expectations. It's just as dark and twisted as before. Monsters, magic and dangerous situation, this book has it all! I would recommend to read it together with your child if she/he gets easily scared, because it could give them some nightmares. Kara and Taf are a great duo. I always love to read about brother/sister relationships and their voice sounded genuine with their age. I never felt I was reading a book written by an adult; Kara and Taf acted like their age. Kara is a strong, intelligent girl and a good role model. She takes care of her brother and she knows how to make the best out of every situation. Things get pretty messy when they are captured by Sorin, who wants Kara to release him from his connection to The Thickety - so he can roam the earth and spread more chaos. Taf is exactly how I imagine every little boy; a bit naughty and he looks up to his sister. His quick mind comes in handy in many situation and I love his nativity. It gave his character a lot of charm. Sorin was an interesting villain and I love the unexpected twist. It doesn't happen often that MG surprise me with their endings, but I never expected this conclusion about Sorin. I look forward to more books from this author.

Erika Johanson – Invasion of the Tearling.
RATING: 3 out of 5.
This book isn't as good as the first one. It took me a lot of time to get into it, but the overall story was good enough to make me want to pick up the sequel.
1. Kelsea is an interesting character. She is really flawed. Her obsession with appearances can be annoying, but I guess it's something she got from her mother. I like how there is a darker side in her and that she admits to it. Most of the times MC's are portrayed as these perfect characters who always go with the good side, but she sometimes steps into a grey area.
2. We see more of the Red Queen and maybe it's me, but I was surprised by her true identity. The author tries to give her some sort of justification for her actions, but let's face it, she is just a terrible person.
3. Lily's POV felt a bit unnecessarily for the overall story, but at the same time she had an impressive life. She suffers from physical and emotional abuse by her husband, but she is in a time where she feels forced to stay with him. But for a reason it just didn't seem to fit together with Kelsea's story. It gives more background about the world-building (which was confusing, especially in the first book), but I think the author could have handled that information in another way too.
4. I love Mace.

Gail Carson Levine – A tale of two castles.
RATING: 2 out of 5.
It's kinda cute, but it failed to impress me.
I read this book, because in my downloading frenzy on Edelweiss I didn't know I downloaded the second book. I don't think I would have done that if I had read this book first. It's long and draggy; it felt like every page was a repetition of the last one. The whole 'IT' business around the dragon started to annoy me (but hey, DRAGON!) and his laugh ('ehn, enh, enh' all the time) made me want to throw my book through the room. I read the sequel, Stolen Magic which was provided by the publisher on Edelweiss, but it also failed to impress me.

Pfiew, that was it! Have you read any of these books and what did you think about it?
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Mel is a microbiology technician who is obsessed with Disney, fairytale retellings and fantasy. If she's not reading or blogging, she's either busy with gaming, hanging out with family or watching a TV show. She loves summer and bright nail polish. One of her dreams is to travel the world. She has found her Prince Charming and they are together for 7+ years.


  1. I picked up Princess Academy on a whim because it was only 3 euros and sounded like a fun read; I'm so glad I picked it up! I still need to read the rest of the series though

    1. Me too, I haven't found the time to read the sequels, but I hope I will be able to do so very soon!

  2. I'm so happy you enjoyed Since You've Been Gone, Mel! One of my fave YA contemporary books from last year. <3 Quite sad to hear that Invasion of the Tearling wasn't as good as the series start though but I think I still want to give it a chance. Also, I seriously want to check out The Orphan Queen now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :D

    1. You should. It wasn't the best book, but I still really like the overall series.

  3. GREAT post Mel^^ I'm sorry that Winter didn't quite meet your expectations :( I haven't cracked open my copy yet - partly because I don't want it to be over and partly because I'm scared it won't live up to the crazy hype! I need to read it soon though because I NEED to know how it all ends! Like you, with Heir of Fire, I had a feeling that my beloved ship was sinking. I didn't want it too though. Even as SJM referenced it before QoS came out, I couldn't take it. I hoped that Chaol would stop blindly following orders and check his judgement of the Fey but when that never happened, I was heartbroken. I didn't like how Aelin was mean to him either but in the end, I'm sold on her and Rowan so hopefully Chaol will also get the ending he deserves. And YES MANON is AMAZING. I'm a little scared about The Orphan Queen and I don't really know why but reading your thoughts on it make me want to give it a go :D

    1. Well, it was GREAT and I'm really happy how it turned out, but some things could have been improved. Manon is fantastic :D

  4. "Doesn't take away that she is sometimes too rash and explosive, but she has balls and doesn't need two fathers around her." - THIS. You have no idea how much the coddling from Rowan and Aedion annoyed me. It was a serious botheration.

  5. I love this post! Putting all your reviews into one post is a fabulous idea! I'm sorry you weren't the biggest fan of Queen of Shadows! Although I haven't reached that book in the series yet, I am enjoying the other books so far! Now I'm a little scared about whether on not I will like Queen of Shadows, when I finish the other books!

  6. Regarding "Dearest" - I KNOW! All these gloriously gorgeous naked guys and all Friday can think about is pretty eyes? Even if she weren't a total perv it's unlikely that she's SO oblivious that it doesn't even bother her that these guys are naked. Because she never thinks of dirty things. Ever. Of course. She's the super innocent goddess of all that is pure and right.

    Not only is she nurturing like a mother, she's understanding of everyone, not easily angered, and full of love all-the-time. She's the doe eyed "let me make it better" girl, which makes her b-o-r-i-n-g.

    Anyway, enough about Friday. I'm hoping that that particular book was just a hiccup in the line Kontis awesomeness.

    Getting old reviews out of your system before the new year is a good idea. I might need to go through my goodreads and tie up those loose ends too.

  7. Woooow that is a lot of books haha - I'm impressed you were able to remember enough about each book to review them...I have trouble doing that. I really want to know why Winter missed out on the 0.5 stars, but I'm afraid to look because I want to go in not knowing anything. And I have to disagree with you on the Chaol/Aelin thing: I don't think either of them were fair to the other, and I'll probably ship them forever (though I don't think it's going to happen). But great reviews, and I'm glad you got a lot of good reads in :D

    1. That is where my really helpful hand-written notes/reviews come in handy :p

  8. AHHH I LOVED ALL OF THESE. I'm so so glad you love The Orphan Queen because I ended up buying it and I'm basically dancing with anticipation waiting for it to arrive. SQUEEE.
    I will never get over my horror at Queen of Shadows. *sad face* I just...I agree with you about Chaol though: Aelin doesn't even deserve him.
    *goes to weep in the corner*
    And MAD ABOUT THE HATTER!!?? WHUUUUUUT WAS THAT. GAhhh. I was so frustrated. Worst insta love story ever!! And it wasn't even funny. D: Such a disappointment, because I loved the title and I have a weakness for Wonderland. XD

    1. I'm curious and afraid to find out what you think about The orphan queen :p

  9. IManon was for me the star in Queen of Shadows and I'm hoping for a size series with her. Chaol really pissed me off in this book bit then again I was never ahuge fan of Chaol so I'm glad he and Caelin are at odds. Hopefully they never get back together. Rowan is hot!! Love him!!

  10. This is such a fantastic run-down of books. Rubbing my hands :-)

    I've only ever heard good things abotu the Lunar Chronicle. I really have to just find the time to read it.

  11. Eeee :D SO SO SO SO MANY REVIEWS. Ahhh. I don't know what to comment about, lol :D Thank you so much for sharing Mel. <3 Loved reading your thoughts about these books. YAY for loving Winter. <3 But aw, I'm sorry you were a bit disappointed with the ending :( Sniffs. I loved it. But I want more Cinder and Kai. And Wolf and Scarlet. Sigh. I just hope the epilogue will be long long long, hah :)

    And ahh, so so happy you loved The Whispering Trees :D Book three is even better. <3 I think you will love it lots. Fingers crossed :)

    And ugh. The Witch Hunter. I gave it two stars.. sad face. Was really disappointed by it :\ but I'm glad you didn't think it was THAT bad, lol :D Glad you sort of liked it. <3

    But uuuugh. Queen of Shadows. I just managed to sell all of my hardcovers in this series, lol :D I shall never ever read it. Screw that romance. Sigh. I don't ever want to read these books :p Which is a bit depressing. Since four stars from you is pretty amazing. Sigh. But yeah. They are not for me :) But I'm still happy that you love them all. <3 (Despite not loving the romance. Ahhh.)

    And so glad you loved The Orphan Queen. <3 I did too. And the sequel as well :D So good. Have fun reading it sweet girl :)

    1. I want to pick up The whispering trees soon! Haha, I'm not surprised that you sold your books from TOG. Based on what I know about your taste, you will despise the romance :p

  12. I like this idea of mini reviews to clear your reviews for the past year. My husband (who's in charge of coding my blog) recently made me a mini review form so I'll be using it soon for this exact purpose.

    I completely agree with your assessment of Queen of Shadows. I LOVED Heir of Fire so I was really disappointed at the beginning when I couldn't connect with Aelin. Eh. But Manon is fantastic, and Asterin's story is heartbreaking! I hope the witches kick some demon ass soon. I gave it a 3.5 in the end but I'm hoping for better books 5 and 6.

    I've had Princess Academy on my tbr for a while, I might give it a try soon, it sounds interesting.

  13. I read Princess Academy as a kid and LOVED it! Although I have yet to read Queen of Shadows and Invasion of the Tearling, but I'll get there! XD Loved these little reviews!

  14. Loved the review round up girl! I loved reading your QoS thoughts, I think that Chaolena stuff annoyed me as well but yes, I totally agree with what you said there about the new ships. Manon is THE QUEEN. Also Chaol and Dorian are the best bromance lol. A shame to hear about Ana & Zak, I've wanted to read that one because of the sci-fi convention! I thought the love triangle and the crush was super weird in the Jenny Han book too. Happy holidays Mel!

  15. Egad. I wasn't even the biggest fan of Queen of Tearling, so I should probably skip Invasion of Tearling. Still interested in the movie though.

  16. On Queen of Shadows: Chaol is definitely getting what he deserves, which is obviously everything amazing <3 And I'm so happy you enjoyed The Orphan Queen!

  17. Lovely minis, Mel! I'm glad Winter, for the most part, satisfied you. I had a blast reading it and I'm SO excited for the novellas coming out next year!
    I felt the same way about The Witch Hunter. I was really looking forward to it but it was just so "meh" to me, and I didn't like the MC much. Will still be reading the sequel, though.
    I'm glad you enjoyed SYBG too (I read it this year too and it's one of my favorite backlist titles), and I still need to read The Orphan Queen!

    1. Those novella's will be GREAT. I can't wait.

  18. Ahh Winter!!! SO GREAT :) I want to finish The Orphan Queen soon, I read about 100 pages of the first EW release then never went back to it and since the second one is coming out soonish I figure I should finish it. Also, I LOVE all the short reviews today! Nice post!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Definitely pick up The orphan queen again :)

  19. I am really sad about the Witch Hunter, because I thought it could have been so much better. It was just so generic.


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