Monthly recap January '16 | Moving & Beauty and the beast.

Monthly-recap_thumb6This post recaps my month: my personal life, all the books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and links to posts that interest me.
OUAT_thumb3January 4th was the first day at my job and I am LOVING it. It is a great feeling to realize that my 4 years of study paid off. My colleagues are great and they already trust me with a lot of work, so I'm really in the right spot. I've been exhausted though, because I learn new information every day and it sucks the energy out of me. (Worth it!)

KeysWe also moved into our new place. We did the big move on Saturday January 2nd and things are coming together now. We had a lot of trouble with gass and electricity, but that worked out. We also had to fix a leaking pipe and we went through some internet drama, but we are together and it's starting to feel like home.  Just a few boxes left. I will post some picture when it's all done!

My shelves are entirely done and I can finally showcase my collection in the way they deserve it. I donated around 250 books (crazy, right?) and it was hard in the beginning, but I'm really happy I did it. More space for all the new books I got, hehe.

There was a book club meeting and we had our Secret Santa exchange. Everyone was happy with their gifts, we had great food and a good service. We also had a second book club where we ate sushi, yum.

We celebrated the 55 years of happy marriage from my grandmother and grandfather by going out for dinner. It was fun hanging out with the family and yummy food! It is adorable to see those two together, still in love.

Beauty and the beast
Beauty and the beast goodies

But one of the best things I did this month was definitely the Beauty and the beast musical. I think you all know by now that I have an undying love for Disney and that I'm the biggest fan of Beauty and the beast. I saw the production from 2005 and comparing them, I think I like this one a little better except for Belle. Gaston and the Beast were a-ha-mazing. I loved the decor and the music gave me tingles. It was fun hanging out with our group of eight and it was a night I will not forget and I got some goodies to remind myself of it (mug, notebook, t-shirt, tote bag and book with photographs)

This is a feature, started by Quartz Feather and co-hosted by The Daily Prophecy, where you divide the books you’ve read during the month in To read {recommended} and Not to read {not recommended}. Additionally, you can talk about the books you’re planning to read next month. You can link-up in the Linky down below. 

January was a bit of a sad reading month, but I've been so busy settling down in my house and my job.. I just did not have the time for it or the energy to make time for it.

1. C.J Redwine – The shadow queen. Recommended! Feisty main character.
2. Tess Sharpe – Far from you. Recommended! Good mystery and I loved the romance.
3. Megan Morrison - Grounded. Recommended! Cute fairytale retelling.
4. Anne Blankman - Traitor angels. Recommended! Awell-researched historical story.

Want to read in February:
I want to finish Illuminae (Kristoff & Kaufman), The golden specific (S.E Grove), Night study (Maria Snyder) and Ravenous (MarcyKate Connolly).
1. Hot pursuit. I expected it to be funnier.
2. The good dinosaur. How adoooorable!
3. Mad max: Fury Road. LOVED IT.
4. Zoolander. Haha, that was so bad it was good.
5. Exodus: Gods & Kings. What a mess. Hello extremely American people trying to portray as Egyptians. Plus, I don't care for Christian Bale's acting.
6. Anne of Green Gables. Felt like re-watching this after reading the book for the first time in December. As amazing as ever.
7. Trainwreck. Mweh.. So much praise, but it felt flat to me.
8. Bridge of Spies. Really good. I'm a big Tom Hanks fan.

TV shows.
1. Big Bang Theory: there are moments where they manage to have the same quality as the earlier season.
2. Sherlock: The abominable bride. This was.. strange.
3. Once upon a time: season 5, episode 1. Finally found the time to get started again.
4. Awkward: season 4. This show is terrible, but really addictive at the same time.
5. Ripper Street: season 3, first two episodes. I love this show.
6. White Collar: almost done with season 2 and I'm really enjoying it.
Thanks publishers! 
-Liesl Shurtliff – Red.
-Maria Snyder – Night study.

Thanks Harper!
-Julie Eshbaugh - Ink and bone.

Bookhaul part 2Book haul part 1 
HP colouring book
-J.K Rowling – HP colouring book.
-E.K Johnson – A thousand nights.
-Megan Morrison –Grounded.
-Susan Dennard – Truthwitch.
-Juliet Marillier – Tower of thorns.
-Erin Bow - The scorpion rules.
-Maria Snyder - Sea Glass
-Maria Snyder - Spy glass
-Caragh O'Brien - Birthmarked
-Jessica Day George - Princess of the Silver Woods
-Rachel Caine - Ink and bone

Secret Santa: thanks Daphne <3 
-Melissa Grey – The girl at midnight.
-Susan Dennard – Something strange and deadly.

Traded with Carina: thanks girl! 
-April Genieve Tucholke – Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
-Sophie Jordan – The uninvited.

Won from Becky from Stories and Sweets: thank you so much. 
-Sophie Jordan – Reign of shadows.
-Michelle – Revenge and the wild.

I also got a surprise package from Blossom Books that I won during the Leigh Bardugo signing. I got some swag, a magnetic bookmark with 'Books are the new black' and this awesome pillowcase.

Book pillow
You can always find tons of links to interesting posts on Christina reads YA and I thought it would be fun to highlight some articles and news that interest me. It is divided in Whozits (random stuff with gadgets and gismos for YT and scientific articles) and Whatzits (bookish).

Nothing. I haven't been able to go around the internet after the move, but this will be back in February. 

How was your January?


  1. I'm sooo glad that you love your job! I'm still far away from working life but I can't help but to feel excited about what I will do in the future. And wow, you donated 250 books? THAT'S A LOT. And I don't think I will be able to part with so many of my babies at once xD

    1. It was the hardest thing to do, but I decided I no longer want to keep books just to have them. I can really look at my shelves with a happy feeling now!

  2. I love your pillow! I've heard so much about Zoolander, I have to check it out!

  3. I'm so happy you got a job you love and that you're finally moved in and settled!

    I've been trying to think of what fantasy series to binge next and I think it's going to be the Study books. I just keep seeing them around they're calling to me. I love their covers. I read Truthwitch recently and I really, really loved the friendship there. I can't believe I have to wait a year to find out what happens next.

    I also have that HP coloring book but I haven't been brave enough to bring pencil to paper just yet. The designs are SO intricate and so intimidating and plus, it's Harry Potter, I don't want to mess it up! I ordered the next two coloring books as well, the fantastic beasts and magical places ones and I can't wait to have them!

    1. I've also been looking at drawings, but I haven't found the courage to start colouring them. I did not know there were two more books *off to search for them*

  4. Oh Mel, it's so good to hear that you're loving your new job and that you're all moved in and getting settled ♥ Naturally you would read less with all that stuff going on but at least you still managed to read some good ones :) I ADORED Mad Max and it made me smile to see that you rewatched Anne of Green Gables after reading the first book. I also agree with your thoughts on Big Bang Theory^^ Oh yay, you've started OUaT S05^^I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it but I'm shocked that the second part of the current season only picks up again in March D:

    You also got TONS of gorgeous books!! I got the HP Colouring book this week well as Ink and Bone :D Something Strange and Deadly is on my wishlist, and the Glass series too. Enjoy all your goodies my friend! xx

    1. I'm planning to take it easy with watching OUAT, so I won't have to wait so long for the second part. Thank you <3

  5. Where did you donate your books? Still looking for a place to bring my books to.
    I bought that pillowcase in the store last week along with the 'read more books' version. How awesome that you got the HP colouring book! I haven't seen it in the shops yet but I really want it.
    I'm happy to hear you are settling in and are having fun at your new job!

    1. Second hand bookshop here in the city :) I also gave a stack to a friend of the family and I'm planning to sell some of my complete series on Marktplaats.

  6. I'm so happy you like your new job and that your new place is starting to feel like home! :) It sounds like you had a busy month! I loved The Good Dinosaur; adorable is the perfect word for it haha

  7. I'm so glad you're loving your job! I can't wait to see photos of your new place :D I would love to move out but house prices are RIDICULOUS right now. I need to win the lottery ;) And YESSSSSS to Fury Road and The Good Dinosaur! The latter was adorable and the former is my favourite movie of recent years. I got Ivory and Bone from EW as well (I managed to not go crazy during the latest drop!) and I can't wait to read it. Sherlock kind of blew my mind. I freaked the hell out!

    1. Hopefully I'll be able to make some pictures for next Monthly recap :D

  8. Ooh wow it seems like this month has been great! I'm happy you like your new job and that the move has been a success despite minor problems. And yay for getting internet back! Aww happy anniversary to your grandparents. :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast musical. I love the new feature you're co-hosting! I want to read Illuminae soon... I hope you like Ivory and Bone, I really enjoyed it! And there's no love triangle which is great ;D

    Happy weekend!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thanks, that's the first time someone has commented on the feature :D

  9. Good to hear you had such a satisfying month with your new job and house.
    I saw the beauty and the beast musical this month as well, I loved it! And yes Gaston was amazing, he did a splendid job haha.
    Haha I saw some comments about not being able to start in the HP colouring books, I finally started in mine last week but I had all the same feelings. Got some really nice colouring pencils first ;)

  10. Gooorgeous recap Mel :D Thank you for sharing about all that you did this month sweetie. <3 That musical seems SO AWESOME :D I'm thrilled that you got to go to it :) And yaaay for buying such awesome things. <3 I love it all. Adorable. And ahh, still so so so happy about your job :D And your move. It is so awesome and such great news :D So happy for you. <3 And yay for reading a bit :) The Shadow Queen was so good. And I hope you'll get to finish Illuminae soon. <3 And yay for good movies :D The Good Dinosaur; yesss. So adorable. And Fury Road :D Perfection. I hope next month will be so amazing for you sweetie. <3

  11. So happy for you and the move!!! :) I bet it is wonderful to be living together finally. I really need to donate some books, I could do with getting rid of a few hundred too. It would be hard but I probably have 250 I either won't read or again or am no longer interested in reading.

  12. Congrats on the new job and home!
    I love Big Bang Theory!!
    Happy February!

  13. Congrats on moving in!! I'd love to be in a place where all my books can be seen. They're a bit hidden away in my room, haha. And omggggg Beauty and the Beast musical <3 <3 I'd love to see something like that!!

  14. Awww you've definitely been busy girl! Congrats on the new job and the move in, no doubt it'd definitely be worth it in the end! That beauty and the beast musical looks like so much fun! I hope you enjoy all your books and have a lovely week Mel.

  15. Yay for an awesome new job! I'm so glad the moving went well. OMG I was so close to getting tickets to see Beauty and the Beast this month (it's my all time favorite), sadly that didn't happen. But I'm glad you had a good time! Totally jealous of the awesome goodies you got. Ooh, I got a coloring book in December and I love it! It's great to color while listening to audiobooks.

  16. Congrats again on the new job and the new place Mel! Definitely a great start to the new year!! :) I can't wait to see pictures when you are all settled in :)

  17. Moving into a new place and a new job! Lots of exciting stuff going on :D The Beauty and the Beast musical sounds amazing!

    I've actually recently started watching The Big Bang Theory and am loving it. Such good humor! I've been binge watching it. I'm on season 4 right now :)

  18. Aww, Mel! So much good news with you enjoying your new job, and setting up in a place of your own, and the anniversary and seeing the B&tB musical. I'm happy that you're doing so well!

  19. Super yay for having a job you love! ♥ A new job, a new place, sounds like things are super exciting! ^_^

    I hope you get to finish Illuminae, it's SO GOOD! :D

  20. Danggg girl you had a very busy month! I can't imagine the horrors of moving - bad enough to begin with but ohmygosh the issues you had with no interwebz AND A LEAKING PIPE WHAT? Also gas... dangerous! So glad you're settled in now.
    Congrats on the new job btw! I can understand what you mean by exhausting because it's like info overload.
    Anne of Green Gables is one of my fav movies ever <3 I feel like a rewatch now.
    Hehe lots of awesome books (to replace those 250? LOL). I'm still waiting on my copy of Truthwitch butbut but The Girl at Midnight holy IT'S SO GOOD. I have the Jessica Day George books too but haven't touched them lol.
    Happy reading and keep posting pictures of your shelves! I hope you don't run into anymore house problems either.

  21. Wow January sounded like a crazy busy month for you Mel, hopefully things will settle down a bit more now the big move has happened, congratulations by the way! Those goodies from Beauty and the Beast look epic by the way. And I hope you get the chance to read plenty more books this month, at least the ones you managed to read you ended up highly recommending. I hope you have a fantastic February! :)

  22. Yay for moving out! I'm glad you're settling in well. It'll take a while to get used to everything in your own place. I've been out for 3 months and I'm still not used to having my own place! They had the musical of Beauty and the Beast over here a few years ago, but I never managed to catch it. But it sounds so amazing!!

    Mad Max is so amazing! I loooved it! Haha, your summary of Zoolander is perfect. I still don't know what to think of The Abominable Bride.. It was really confusing. White Collar is like one of my favorite shows ever! I finished season 6 about a week ago and it's fantastic! I love Peter and Neal's relationship.

    Ooh, so many amazing new books! I loved Uninvited and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! I keep admiring the HP colouring book everytime I go into a bookstore. They've got a new one out too, I think it's a magical creatures one.

    I hope February is just as good for you! And I hope you manage to get completely settled in your flat :)

    1. You are right. We are still adjusting to it, but I'm loving it :D Having my own place is the best thing.

  23. It's so exciting that you guys are finally moved into your new place! I can't wait to see photos, particularly of your shelves ;) And I'm glad you're enjoying your new job. That's always a good thing! Happy February <3

  24. Congrats on the new job and the move. I'm sure your books are very happy in their new home ;) I also adore Beauty & the Beast, I hope to someday see the musical too.

    I have a few of these, but I've only read Ink & Bone and Tower of Thorns and they were both amazing! Have a great week :)


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