Love-a-thon challenge | Bingo!


Hosted by: Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), Cee (The Novel Hermit), Hazel (Stay Bookish) & Mel (The Daily Prophecy)
It is time for another challenge! This was inspired by the lovely Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews (Thanks again!) I came up with the final ideas for the card, but the design was made by the talented Hazel.

This time we are having a Bingo! It is time to get to work so you can cross off all these challenging squares. Also, it is not too late to join the. There is still time left to sign-up for the #Loveathon event! Also, don't forget to check out Instagram (with Alexandra (@twirlingpages, Aly (@alybabybooks and Mara (@bookmarauders as our ambassadors), Youtube (with Anabel-In the Book Corner, Kristin-Super Space Chick and Tiffany-About to Read as our ambassadors) and Twitter with the hash tag #Loveathon to keep up with the different platforms!

Loveathon bingo

-Make a post to sign-up for this challenge.
-Showcase the bingo card and keep track of your progress.
-Add your link to the Linky to enter the giveaway.
-Cross AT LEAST 3 squares off to have a shot at the giveaway. (And yes, we will check) It is up to you how many you aim for in the end.

Example of showing prove you are allowed to take the square off your card.

Colour hunt.

US ONLY GIVEAWAY prize pack consists of: Boldly Bookish swag
Truthwitch poster + pin
Stone Field by Christy Lenzi (ARC)
Underwater (ARC)
Where You’ll Find Me (ARC)

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY prize pack consists of: Am I Normal Yet? tote bag
Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne
Unlovely by Celeste Conway
Half in Love with Death by Emily Ross


  1. Excited for this one! I can already cross off four of them.
    For the color hunt, can we find one blog with all three colors or does it need to be three separate blogs?

  2. This one is awesome! I just used one blog for the color hunt (mine), but I was able to cross off all the squares! <3

  3. I'm really happy that we're doing this bingo challenge! It's a fun way to get people to visit other people, and to spread a little bit of love <3

  4. Awesome post Mel :D This bingo challenge is awesome. <3 I do think I need to sign up for this next year. <3 I'm not ready to join this year, sadly. But love these posts lots :D You are amazing.

  5. I've been able to catch up with the event this morning and I'm loving it so much! Thanks for hosting it :)


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