Love-a-thon Challenge | An invitation to tea.

loveathonHosted by: Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), Cee (The Novel Hermit), Hazel (Stay Bookish) & Mel (The Daily Prophecy).

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It’s time for a tea break! In this post, you’ll share which fictional character, book blogger OR BookTuber OR Bookstagrammer, and author you’d want to have a tea party with and why. Feel free to go above and beyond by including more details about your dream tea party!
The first thing I'm changing up at my tea party is that I'm serving hot cocoa with additional whipped cream if requested. I have tried many different flavors and ways to drink tea, but for some reason I just don't like it.


It will be served in these amazing mugs, desiged by Evie Seo. Definitely check out her Society6 webshop, because she has lots of other pretty bookish things!


We all have our own comfy chairs to sit in and they will be filled with awesome book pillows, desigend by Cait from Paperfury (check out her Society6 webshop as well!)


The next people are invited to my chocolate-party:

Fiction character. I'm not going to say the most easy pick (Hermione), but I'm going with Elisa from The girl of fire and thorns. She had a lot of development and I loved her strength, kindness and intelligence. And she is more than welcome to bring Hector.

Book blogger. I'm going to have to pick my lovely co-hosts of course! It would me amazing to talk about this Love a thon in real life and fangirl about books and TV shows.

Author. Juliet Marillier, because I want to fangirl and tell her how much her books mean to me. She was the one to introduce me to fairytale retellings. All her characters are flawed, so easy to connect with and strong in their own ways.

J.K Rowling, because again, her books meant so much to me. She also has so many wisdom and I would love to hear her smart quotes in real life!

How does your tea party looks? Who do you invite?


  1. Oh my gosh, those are the best society6 shops! J.K sounds like the perfect person to invite!
    Also: Thanks for all you're doing to make Love-A-Thon so amazing!

  2. I don't drink tea either :) I'm a coffee person
    great post
    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  3. Sounds like the perfect tea party! And that shop is awesome :O

  4. Those pillows and mugs look gorgeous!!

  5. Ooooh this sounds like a fantastic tea party - I want to crash it already to be honest haha! I love the cups, the setting and the company...and since you didn't go the obvious route, is it ok if I bring Hermione along? ;)

  6. This post is stunning Mel. <3 Thank you so much for sharing. Your tea party sounds like it would have been amazing. Sigh :D I also prefer hot cocoa. <3 But I do like tea. Probably. I just use aaalot of sugar when I drink it, lol. I'm only giving one answer to the question, hih, and that would be Philip Pullman. I want to have tea with him, so that I might be able to bribe him a bit to share things about The Book of Dust with me :D That would be awesome, hih. Also he is my favorite author, I think. <3

  7. This is so much fun Mel with the tea party and the gorgeous and amazing designs! It'd definitely be a fun party with Cait around and of course your favourite author, blogger and characters.

  8. Let's be real - we'd totally have a big lovefest if we all met up in real life! I think it would be so fun to just sit and chat and really get to shoot the breeze with each other. (I think this should totally happen in real life.) Thanks for the invite <3

  9. I need that chair!! How lovely! This sounds like the nicest, coziest party. I do like tea but I love hot chocolate too!! I would definitely invite JK Rowling as well, I think she would be a lot of fun to have discussions with.

  10. This tea party invitation looks great! Impressed to see these photos here. We have been making plans for a cute pink tea party on our daughter’s birthday. Looking for an affordable venue Houston TX for the party.


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