Monthly recap February '16 | High tea and Love-a-thon.

Monthly-recap_thumb6 This post recaps my month: my personal life, all the books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and links to posts that interest me.
OUAT_thumb3February was a fantastic month! I'm better adjusted to my new schedule, my work is going great and I love living together with my boyfriend. I'm getting more tasks at work and I receive compliments here and there that make me feel so confident. We're finally getting our couch at the end March and it is about time; we are completely done with sitting on the floor. We are now slowly starting to decorate the house and it looks great so far!

We had a delicious lunch together with my parents over at Bagels and Beans to thank them for the help with moving out. We had my sister and boyfriend coming over + some of his friends for game nights, which was fun. I went on a High tea with my mother, grandmother, sister and friend of the family. SO GOOD. I was stuffed for the entire day.
High teaBullet journal

I also started bullet journaling and it has been effective. I love making lists (give me rest in my head) and this helps me to keep track of everything. From expenses, to wish lists, to things I must do that month. It also allows me to be more creative, because I love to decorate my pages.

There was also a new book club, where we could catch up on daily lives and talk about other things than the book, haha.

Blogging-wise: The love-a-thon happened! I had a fantastic week filled with great conversations, talk in all cap locks with my friends and co-hosts Alexa, Cee and Hazel, and I even got to host a chat! For two days, the blogosphere was filled with love and appreciation, I hope everyone can keep it up.


This is a feature, started by Quartz Feather and co-hosted by The Daily Prophecy, where you divide the books you’ve read during the month in To read {recommended} and Not to read {not recommended}. Additionally, you can talk about the books you’re planning to read next month. You can link-up in the Linky down below.

MarcyKate Connolly – Ravenous.
Rosamund Hodge – Cut her out in little stars (novella)
Rosamund Hodge – Ways of being a mermaid's daughter (novella)
Rosamund Hodge – The storyteller's apprentice (novella)
Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – Illuminae.
Marissa Meyer – Stars above.
S.E Grove – The golden specific.
Jodi Meadows – The orphan queen (re-read)

Not recommended.
Anna Sheehan – Spinning thorns.

I still did not read as much as I wanted, but it is much better than January! I read some great books. I am torn by Illuminae, which was unique, but I was not blown away like all the other people who hyped it. Stars above was great, especially the last novella with the wedding. It gave me all the feelings and closure I missed in Winter, so highly recommended! The Orphan queen was just as good as the first time. Spinning thorns was such a disappointment. I absolutely loved Sheehan's other book, but this was so slow-paced and almost nothing happens.. I'm sad.

Watched_thumb5 Movies.
The Intern. Okay, but what a stupid ending?
Bad neighbours. Funny.
A dangerous method. That was.. interesting.
The revenant. WOW. Brutal movie. Awesome acting from Tom Hardy and Leonardo Dicaprio.
Fantastic four (2015), damn. They just don't seem to get it right with this concept? Boring. At least they had better actors and graphics.
Ride along. Second time I watched this and it's still pretty funny.
The man from U.N.C.L.E. Ohh, I really liked this.
Pan. That was dark! I liked it. Hugh Jackman was a good villain.

TV shows.
Gotham. Saw the first two episodes and I really liked it.
White Collar, finished season 3 and continued with 4. I'm still in love. Neal/Peter dynamic is the best.
New girl. I hate Megan Fox, so I'm not pleased.
Big bang theory. Awhhhhh, adorable news.


(thanks publishers!)
Sarah Strohmeyer – This is my brain on boys. Lois Metzger – Change places with me.

IncomingSpinning thorns

Marissa Meyer - Stars above.
Anna Sheehan – Spinning thorns.
My pre-orders finally arrived: Jessica Khoury – The forbidden wish and V.E Schwab – A gathering of shadows.

You can always find tons of links to interesting posts on Christina reads YA and I thought it would be fun to highlight some articles and news that interest me. It is divided in Whozits (random stuff with gadgets and gismos for YT and scientific articles) and Whatzits (bookish).


First uterus transplant offers hope of pregnacy to woman with UFI. I think this is beautiful news, but at the same time, I don't think I would ever go that far.
Vaccine against the Zika virus could take up to three to five years. Fun fact: Zika was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda in a cycle between  Aedes mosquitoes and monkeys. It is named after the Zika Forest. Around 1954, there was a first case of human interaction in Nigeria. It also popped up in 2007, 2013 and 2014 in different areas, like Asia. The problem now is that children in Brasil are born with microcephaly, but it is still unsure if this is caused by the virus.

I like to keep track of upcoming movies, so here is a list with trailers I recently saw:
Jungle book trailer. Blew me away! It looks so dark, I love it. Also Legend of Tarzan.
The light between oceans. One name: Michael Fassbender.
The nice guys. I'm curious about the dynamic between Ryan and Russell.
The Boss. Melissa McCarthy always makes me laugh.
Batman vs Superman. I've seen one Batman and one Superman movie, so I guess it is time to watch them all. This looks epic.
X-men Apocalypse. YESYES.
Hail. Caesar! This looks hilarious.
Jack of the red hearts. Looks like an impressive story.
Sing. Animation, always. Same with Zootopia Secret lives of pets, Storks, Kungfu panda 3, Finding Dory (!) and the new Ice Age movie.
Alice through the looking glass. Alan Rickman's voice..
Me before you. I'm prepared to cry.
Suicide squad. Awsome trailer.
Colonia. Emma Watson.

How was your February? What did you read, see, bought?


  1. Ooh, good to hear everything's so great! I started bullet journaling at the end of last year as well, but completely forgot about it in February... I should get back to that! Also, next time I want to join in the Loveathon! It seemed like so much fun, but I only found out about it on the day it happened, so that was a bit too late. :')

    I'm not too sure about Megan Fox in New Girl yet... I've never seen her in anything else so I don't really have an opinion about her yet, but of course she's no Jess. Anxiously waiting to see more of that so I can form an opinion!

    Also, Hail, Ceasar! was really good! :) And I'm so excited for Finding Dory...!

  2. You really did have a fun month! I just finished Stars Above. :-)
    Happy March!

  3. Yay for a happy February! I'm so glad that move-in went well, and that you guys are settling in. Also, yay for bullet journaling! I got into it as well, and I'm loving it. I would love to see how you do yours!! And I'm so glad you co-hosted the Love-a-Thon with me. It was seriously amazing <3

  4. Yay glad Feb was a great month for you, Mel! I like making lists, too. I've seen some YouTube videos of bullet journals, and it looks so fun!

    Ooh, I loved Man from U.N.C.L.E as well! Wasn't really sure going into it, but by the end I was sold. :D Also, I cannnot wait until xmen apocolypse!!

  5. Oooh, I'm excited to read some of Rosamund Hodge's novellas! Her writing is GORGEOUS!!
    Beth x

  6. Wow! Exciting month Mel^^ YAY for settling into your new love-nest and for a couch coming in! High tea sounds LOVELY ♥ I REALLY want to see the Revenant but it looks super intense so I'm waiting to catch it in the safety of my home LOL! I was wondering if you'd seen Pan and now that I've read your thoughts I definitely want to see it. Big Bang was SUPER cute right?! Oh and I don't watch New Girl but I really dislike Megan Fox too -_- YES to X-Men Apocalypse, Finding Dory, Through the Looking Glass (THAT voice will forever make me teary-eyed now)! And while I adore Batman and DC comics in general, I'm skeptical about Affleck taking on my favorite hero (especially since Bale was PERFECTION) but despite that I'm getting excited for Batman V Superman. I hope it delivers :D

  7. I'm glad to see you had such a great month Mel! I'm glad that you're finally getting settled in your new place and that things are going well for you at work. I have to agree with you Stars Above is definitely a book that I would recommend too, I totally fell in love with the last story too. And I didn't realise that so many fantastic trailers were out, thanks I shall be checking them out now. I hope you have a brilliant upcoming month! :)

  8. I've read up and watched so much about bullet journaling. I just need to start.

  9. Eee, I adore your recaps Mel :D This post is so amazing. <3 Sigh. Thank you so much for sharing about everything :) I'm so glad that February was awesome for you. YAY :D And yay for couch coming soon :) And so glad work is going great too. <3 So happy for you.

    And yay for reading lots of awesome books :D But sobs. I'm sorry you didn't find Illuminae to be perfect :( I understand, but I also loved it the most, lol. But glad you liked it a lot, even so :) And yay for loving Stars Above. <3 I did too. Such a great book.

    And ohh, The Revenant. It was so so so dark, yess. And pretty awesome as well :) And ee, Pan was good? I have it on my laptop. Must watch it shortly :D So excited. And yay for having started Gotham :D I love love love that show. <3 It's awesome. Also.. I just saw the movie Zootopia at the cinema, and I veeery much recommend it :D Huge new favorite Disney movie. <3 So good, hih.

    Anyway. So glad you had an awesome month :) I hope March will be just as good for you. <3 All the hugs.

  10. Ooh, so much awesomeness!! Although I'm sad Illuminae didn't blow you away, buuuut, it has been awfully hyped, right?! The beginning monstrously confused me, that's for sure. hehe. BUT I REALLY DO LOVE IT. Also yay for A Gathering of Shadows! :D I'm still waiting for my pre-order to arrive *chews nails anxiously*
    Also yay for just an all-round fantastic February. sounds like you've been very productive too. ;) I always feel like February is too short and I don't get enough done! :P (I mean really 3 days shouldn't matter, buuuut. It does somehow. XD)

  11. Sounds like you had a great month! Go you!!! I hope March is just a great and that your couch comes asap, because couches are great. One cannot be a couch potato without an actual couch...

  12. Wow! Your month had been nothing but awesome, Mel! Your excitement is contagious!

    Kate @ The Bookaholic Blurbs

  13. Oooh! I got to enjoy some trailers that I haven't seen yet. There haven't been too many movies lately that I've been super excited to see but there are a few coming up this year that I can't wait for!!

    I'm so glad that your new house and your new job are working out and that you're happy! Adventures in life and wonderful! I'm wishing you the absolute best and hope you continue to be ridiculously happy. :)

    Also, can someone please introduce the concept of High Tea to the southern United States? After seeing that picture, it's obvious we're missing out. And it sounds so fancy!

  14. Films over sektes vind ik altijd een beetje creepy, maar ook heel interessant. En Emma Watson is altijd fijn om te zien, dus ik ben benieuwd naar Colonia!

  15. Ah your move sounds so exciting! it's so great when everything comes together, and of course you finally get your couch! I tried starting a bullet journal last year but kinda failed, so I just stick to to-do lists. it really does feel good to write out everything you need to do rather than trying to juggle it in your head! Also I am very excited for suicide squad and finding dory! so so excited!!

  16. Omgosh what a busy February you've had Mel! I'm glad to hear that your new place is coming along nicely, I've been really into interior design lately and just LOVE seeing amazing pictures of stylings that I can tuck away for when I move out.

    I think you had a pretty good reading month. Mine was awful as usual, but still, I'm on top of my goodreads challenge so that's nice.

    Hope March treats you well lovely xx

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

  17. I totally agree with you on Illuminae. It was definitely unique in some ways, but in other ways I didn't find that it stood out or was exceptionally well written (I didn't find the protagonists likeable or unique for example). I think the format of the book is what really set it apart.

    You bullet journal looks so pretty! Do you think you'll do a post on it?

    Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

  18. I love your movie list! I'm probably one of those who will watch animated movies in theaters with my husband... and since we don't have kids yet, just the two of us! Bothnof us love animation... so Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda [his favorite) are on our list!

  19. I love Melissa McCarthy! She is too funny. I will also be a bucket of tears with Me Before You. Great post, Mel. :)

    Jess @ Little Book Heaven

  20. Yay Mel, I'm glad to hear that you had another wonderful month and that you're enjoying decorating the house and living with the boyfriend. I saw the Loveathon was a really popular event during the month too! Ewww, Megan Fox is in New Girl? I love Gotham as well, still need to watch the 2nd season.

  21. love White Collar! I haven't got the seasons sorted in my head well because I watched it in such a broken fashion. So I can't remember all of what s3 is. But it's White Collar so it's good :)


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