The infinity dreams award.

the orchard experienceThe always lovely Chiara tagged me for this award and after seeing her description about me and why I should join her on a fellowship of the ring style journey ("because she could tell everyone fairytales to make them feel better about the fact that we could all possibly die trying to get this ring. Also: good bedtime stories") I could not pass this.
  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

Eleven facts. (This is hard, because I've shared many facts about myself over the years.)

1. Quasimodo has my least favorite music of all the Disney movies.
2. I hate being home alone in the evening/night. I have too much imagination.
3. I'm terrible with birthdays. I just can't remember most of them. Thank you, Google Calendar.
4. I'm pretty good at shooters and I always play the co-ops together with my boyfriend. Call of Duty is my favorite game.
5. Sometimes I'm paranoid that people talk ugly about me behind my back and it makes me feel bad.
6.  I want to do a sport, but I'm afraid to take the step.. Meeting new people, afraid that I'm the only one who sucks at it; I need to force myself to take the plunge this year. I'm bad at doing things all by myself but I will get there with baby steps.
7. There are times where I feel like a boring person, but that is more because I am afraid others might look at me that way. I'm perfectly happy with who I am, but when I think about myself as an outsider, I can sound pretty lame.
8. I despise the typical Dutch food. Ugh. Such plain, yet gross flavors.
9. I think if I would talk with someone, I would be diagnosed with some type of anxiety.
10. I hate the fact that I am afraid to fly, because I want to see the world. I need to get over it. (First step: take a short flight.)
11. Feedback is amazing and I always appreciate it, but it also makes me feel like a failure in some situations. This effects my confidence and often ends up in more mistakes (hence the fact I still don't own a driver's license.)

Chiara also gave me the following questions:
  1. You find out that you’re going on a six month holiday and can only bring six books with you. What are they?
    First of all: OH YES. Where do I go to and who can I bring with me?

    Scott Lynch – The lies of Locke Lamora; big.
    Brandon Sanderson – The way of kings; really big.
    Juliet Marillier – Daughter of the forest, because I want to re-read it.
    My leatherbound edition of the Brothers Grimm; enough material to read.
    Mira Grant – Deadline; it is dense and will take some time.
    Illustrated version of Harry Potter; never tired of looking through it.
  2. If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life what band would it be? I'm in the middle between First aid kit & Mumford and sons. I don't think I could ever grow tired of either of them.
  3. You can immediately download one language to your brain. Which language do you pick? I really like other languages and I would love to learn a few more some day. I think I will be able to conquer Spanish on my own, so immediate knowledge of Chinese would be cool.
  4. What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
    Having my boyfriend or family around me, a comfy chair, music on the background, sun in the sky, some lemonade and a really good book.
  5. It continually rains for a month. Are you happy, or desperate for the sun to come out?
    Really, really, really desperate for the sun to come out. I hate cold. I hate rain. It definitely effects my mood.
  6. Sweaters or cardigans?
    I was more into cardigans, but last year I completely switched to sweaters after I found some awesome, comfy ones.
  7. If you could be the heroine in any fairytale which one would it be? Okay, act like you are surprised right now. I think I would be quite comfortable in the shoes of Belle.
  8. The last movie you watched is the last you’ll ever see. What was it?
    The bridge of spies.
  9. Were you going to be named anything but your actual name? What were the others (if there were any)?
    If I was a boy, they would have called me Anthony.
  10. What’s your favourite TV show? Why? There are a few TV shows that I absolutely love, but I think I'm going with Game of thrones (sue me). I just love the whole atmosphere, world and actors.
  11. It’s 11:11, what do you wish for? That I can have my happily ever after, with good health, happiness and personal growth, together with my boyfriend, family and friends.
I tag: Debby and whoever feels like doing this.

1. What is your biggest fear?
2. What is your greatest achievement so far?
3. What is your favorite childhood movie?
4. What would be your district in The Hunger Games?
5. What does your typical weekend looks like?
6. If you could have one other job and you could pick anything, what would it be?
7. The whole world has to read the same book and it is up to you, what do you pick and why?
8. How fast can you type? (Tests like: Typing test)
9. What is one of your favorite bookish quotes?
10. If you could be in any Disney movie, which one would you choose?
11. What is your most recent TV show?


  1. I completely feel you in terms of being home alone at night, forgetting birthdays, worrying what other people think of me, and afraid to suck at stuff. Also the flying thing. Anxiety is kind of a bummer that way. (And YES to some of the Dutch food - I mean, boerenkool? WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT. But stroopwafels and poffertjes are amazing.)

  2. Aww. Your 11:11 wish is sweet.

    You don't like the music of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"?! Not judging you, but MAN I love the song "Bells of Notre Dame". That last note of the song is POWERFUL. I get goose bumps every time! I also love Quasimodo's song "Out There". It's making me want to listen to it just thinking about it!

    Social anxiety is a very real and very common anxiety issue that MANY people battle. It can make you paranoid that others don't like you, that you're not likable anyway, that you're not interesting enough, that you'd just fail if you tried something new and so on. I deal with this too! So do lots of others who you wouldn't even guess. I think it's safe to say that all of your readers think you're kick-butt and would love to be your friend! Anyone who thinks you're lame needs professional help!

    I would also choose Belle. Every time.

  3. I totally worry what others think of me too - even as a blogger O.O I think it's gotten better now that I'm a bit older but I was a mess as a teen and in my early 20's I was on anxiety medication in the past but I was able to get myself back on track with nutrition and certain supplements. I just didn't like how un-emotional I was on the meds. So many people deal with anxiety though, you are NOT alone ♥

    YES to taking The Way of Kings and Harry Potter with you - two of my favorite books of life right there!! Loved reading this post Mel, thanks for sharing! xx

  4. I hate being alone especially at night because I also over an over-active imagination haha! I also sometimes get scared of flying because I always worry about the worst-case scenario, however, if I was guaranteed complete safety on a flight, I would fly more as I love sitting by the window and seeing the earth from such a high point. :) I also have anxiety and it's awful but there are moments when it's better, which is great! :)

  5. Ah when you're alone in the evenings. Damn. Every single little noise just gets blown out of proportion (I guess that's why we write though).

  6. Congrats on the award! I'm totally one the same page with you as being like Belle. :)

  7. Awww Mel I love how you play COD with the boyfriend! Good on you for kicking ass at shooters! I love the facts about yourself, sharing all the good parts of your life is one of my favourite things about your blog. You should definitely be happy with who you are, because you're amazing! <3

  8. This is amazing. <3 Thank you so, so much for sharing all of this Mel :D Love getting to know you more. <3 Hugs. And ahh, your number 1 answer, about that Disney movie. I so agree. I just watched it a few weeks ago in Norwegian, and that music was just boring and pretty awful, lol :) Gorgeous post, sweet girl. <3

  9. Anthony is a pretty name!

    Awww! Why are you afraid of having your anxiety diagnosed? I would push, but I'm scared to go talk to a therapist about my own issues, so pot, kettle.

    I honestly can't see anyone wanting to talk smack about you. :(


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