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A while back I talked about how I was afraid that I was writing and posting content that was not really original or creative. This was followed by another post where I talked about the fact that originality is almost impossible, especially if you look at all the new blogs that pop up lately. I learned to let go of the idea that I had to come up with new ideas all the time, simply because almost everything has been done before. It's the fact that YOU are writing it, that makes it unique.

The problem with that is, however, that I feel uninspired. I don't have any problems anymore with talking about topics many people have spoken about, but I simply don't feel like it. You might have noticed that I've cut down in the amount of posts. It's not only because I'm busy or the fact I still haven't found a schedule that works for me; it's more that I have no idea what I want to write about and what I want to say. Every evening I sit in front of my computer screen and I'm just blank. I end up doing a lot of things, but none of them have to do with blogging. The amount of unread posts in my Bloglovin' feed is prove of my lack of motivation.

I still love blogging and I enjoy writing, so it's frustrating that it is not working out. I'm still able to type down my reviews, but I want more on my blog (especially since those are not the most popular type of posts) The only thing I still work on with a lot of ideas is my fairytale challenge and I enjoy my monthly recaps, but for some reason my head is completely empty when it comes to other ideas. Discussion posts, yeah. I have quite some random thoughts scribbled down in my notebook, but the words does not come out the way I want and I don't feel like writing them. I am now thinking about revisiting older posts and see if I have new thoughts to add – or perhaps I have changed my mind over the course of time.

And if I am being honest, I sometimes have a little voice that wonders how much I actually contribute to the community. There are so many new blogs and that is great! But every now and then I feel like I'm swallowed up in the mass and I don't know if I stand out enough?  I guess I just need to embrace my blogging slump, then kick myself and get right back at it.

Made my first GIF. 

How do you deal with feeling uninspired? Any tips for me?


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you feel uninspired! I enjoy reading your blog! I agree with feeling lost in the crowd sometimes, especially when a new blog seems to get really popular really fast and you wonder what you're "doing wrong." But I would love to read some of your discussion posts, whatever they're about!

  2. I learned that when I'm uninspired I just don't push myself to find inspiration anymore because it simply doesn't work that way. It has to come naturally. I do other things that I enjoy doing such as reading books, reading other people's posts and basically just going about my life. Putting pressure on yourself is only going to do the opposite here I'm afraid...
    I recognize myself in what you said about contributing to the community. I feel like I don't contribute anything a lot of times but then again: I don't blog for anyone in particular, just for myself, to have a place to leave my thoughts. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't contribute anything to the community all the time.

  3. Okay but first of all: I LOVE YOUR GIF!!!! THAT IS THE BEST GIF OF EVER. ;D

    And secondly, omg, I do know this feel. *pats shoulder* *feeds you cake* Tbh, I'm actually drafting up a post about inspiration vs. stealing ideas, hehe, so I DO acknowledge that it's definitely a thing to try and find good inspiration. I feel like the more you blog the more ideas you get?? But I have this MASSIVE list of blogging ideas atm and I don't feel like writing them. *Shrieks* BLOGGING LIFE IS HARD.
    (But seriously don't think that your blog doesn't "contribute"!! I don't think blogging needs to be about being good enough or important enough. It's just our creative outlet, right?! And a way to connect to other bloggers/readers. PLUS YOUR bLOG IS IMPORTANT AND IT IS WONDERFUL. JUST SO YOU KNOW.)

  4. I've been dealing with this as well for a while now, and I've seen similar laments on other blogs. I know that for me, a lot of the blogs that I interacted with while my blog was at its peak are now either no longer running or they are posting a lot less. I think it's natural for blogs to go through these cycles, and most of us have a hard time constantly churning out the creativity.

    Sometimes when I'm feeling down about not getting many comments, I have to think of how many posts I read but don't comment on, and realize there are several people who read but don't comment on my blog either. Right now the way I see it is as long as I feel I have something I want to share, I'm going to keep going at it at whatever pace I can.

  5. It's interesting you posted this today, because I've been thinking about what it means to blog and write creative and interesting content and it IS overwhelming sometimes, but I think you do a fantastic job!

    I thought about the topic so much that I got frustrated and finally decided that it doesn't matter! As long as you love what you're doing, what you're writing, and how you're feeling while doing it then that's all that counts. Don't worry about everyone else, Mel. Write what makes you feel great and TAKE A BREAK when you need to. Everyone experiences burn-out and that's OK. One of the things that attracts me to your writing is how passionate you are about the things you love. I don't think that's fake, it's natural for you! So you don't have to force it. Also, I love your reviews (even if you think they're not the most popular thing to post!) because we have similar reading tastes and it's fun to see what you thought about a book I've read or have on my TBR.

    Feeling uninspired is totally normal, Ups and Downs. Comes with the territory. :)

    *waves pom poms* You got this, girl!

  6. Mel, I can totally relate to this! There are so many new, fresh and unique blogs that are really standing out because of their unique content. I sometimes wonder if my focus on reviews on Happy Indulgence with the occasional discussion post or recap is really enough to stand out. But as long as you are posting what YOU want to, and it makes you happy, then we are always going to appreciate whatever you put out there! Blog what makes you happen, not to stand out.

  7. I can relate so much! Lately I've also felt uninspired with blogging as although I have ideas of posts to write, so many of them have been done before and I also really want to write something original and unique, but it's hard as there are so many book blogs and ones who have been running for years. I agree with you though that if you're writing it, it makes it unique! As we might all be writing similar discussion posts but our thoughts and ideas about them will all be unique. I also want you to know that I absolutely adore your blog! <3

  8. OMG Mel, personally I feel like you contribute a GREAT deal to the blogging community. You have a very unique voice in your reviews and posts in general. Your fairytale love is infection and sets you apart from the rest. I always love your recap posts and whatever else you put up here^^ I understand your feelings though: I've only recently gotten into more discussion posts but I feel like EVERYTHING I write about has been done to death. Sure coming from me makes it unique, but I can't help but feel uninspired when doing discussion posts especially. For you, that's been discussing consistently, maybe taking a break with the discussions is the right approach? You can't force creativity! Checking out other kinds of blog posts (other than bookish I mean) might offer some inspiration. Or you could just discuss certain themes in books or even more fairytale discussions? As much as I adore your discussions, I'll keep visiting even if you don't post as much of them. I love all your content! ♥

  9. I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling uninspired and even though I don't really have any tips or tricks to beat that I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your posts. Whenever I see your name pop up in my bloglovin' feed I get a smile on my face. You always have amazing book recommendations and inspire me to read more fairytale retellings. So take the time you need to get inspired again but don't ever think you're not contributing anything! I think you're very unique and you have your own voice. I'm definitely a fan! Hope I didn't sound to stalkerish here haha

  10. I feel you. I'm pulling myself out of a four month long funk, and like you, I really had to sit down and wonder why the hell I was still here. I wondered if I left, if I seriously was going to be missed. This is why I am thankful I have co-bloggers - it keeps me from up and quitting when I am having a melt down. It helps when I see people link back to my posts, or when someone said that I helped them make a decision on choosing a book. Even if one person reads my blog and cares, then it is worth it.

    Back to you, I would seriously miss your blog. I come here for all of my up-to-date fairtale retelling news, and it would leave a seriously hole in the community if you left. You are the retelling QUEEN, and this realm is yours! Without you, it would just be utter chaos.

  11. Oh, sweet girl. <3 I love you the most. Hugs. And your blog is amazing and I love your posts so so much :) I'm so sorry you haven't felt like blogging lately; that you haven't figured out what to say. I totally understand the feeling. I feel unimportant in the blogging world all the time :p Sigh. It sucks. But I'm dealing with it, sort of :) Sadly don't have any tips for that. I just try not to think about it too often, lol. I just focus on the fact that I love reading and blogging and just trying to ignore the fact that I'm not as important as other lovely people :) Hugs. I hope you are doing better. <3

  12. I love your blog! And I love all the great fairytale reviews I get to read. I'm sorry that it's been frustrating lately but I think it will come together for you. Maybe work on some fun blogging tags? Or create one of your own? I love that gif, I have a picture of Dory at my desk at work that says "Just Keep Swimming." It's good advice :) I often feel behind on commenting and feel really bad when I don't but it's impossible to do everything, so I say just do what you can, when it makes you happy :)

  13. weird, it's like you took the thoughts right out of my head. I guess we must all feel this way from time to time and I'm definitely going through a similar slump right now. BUT I can honestly say I love your blog and reading your thoughts on anything so I hope you will soon come to feel this as well! I know I'm not the only one who feels that way :)


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