Retelling May '16 | Tales I would like to see as a Disney movie.

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I love fairytales and I love Disney, so if the two of them combine it's the best thing in the world. I was thinking about all the Disney movies that will be released in the future and all the things I would love to see, so here are a few ideas;

There is a movie about the Prince of Egypt and Hercules, but I would love to see them use some Norse mythology/Scandinavian folklore too! Odin, Freyja, Loki; wouldn't it be great to see their creations for them. I also think the naughty Loki is someone children will like.

A live version of Bluebeard would be pretty epic too. Such a dark and creepy tale that would work really well on screen The same for a movie about The twelve dancing princesses, although it would be great to have an animation version too. This has always been one of (my many) favorite tales. The mystery behind their dancing; I think it is captivating and there is a lot of space to be creative about the reason they have to dance all night.

I also think Six Swans would be a good story to film. Her six brothers are turned into swans by their stepmother and she has to endure a lot to break it. Movies about strong female characters: yes please! A movie from one thousand and one nights about Scheherazade is more than welcome too. We can use the diversity. Or what about a live version of Aladdin! Next to Beauty and the beast and The little mermaid definitely one of my favorites.

I'm still surprised that Disney does not own an animation movie of Red Riding Hood, Princess and the pea, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel of Jack and the beanstalk. Those are such classic stories that match perfectly with their animation style. You never know what the future will bring, right?

What would you like to see retold in a movie?


  1. AHHH YES TO ALL OF THESE!! I would like more books, too, of the more obscure fairy tales. Like we have 398439 Cinderellas...but where are Hansel and Gretels and more Anderson stories?! I LOVE the Six Swans story. *hugs it* I think that's why I liked Princess of Thorns so much since it incorporated it. Omg Princess of Thorns would make the BEST movie ever. *petitions disney* XDXD

  2. Like Cait said: YES TO ALL of these! I'd love animated versions of Red Riding Hood, Princess and the Pea, RUMPELSTILTSKIN, Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk! Bluebeard would be awesome too!! Ahhhh, this NEEDS to happen!!

  3. Een film over Bluebeard lijkt mij ook echt leuk! Disney is nu ook een film aan het maken over De Notenkraker. Niet helemaal een sprookje, maar als ze dan toch bezig zijn met ballet, zou ik een film over Het Zwanenmeer ook echt geweldig vinden.

  4. I would totally watch all of these as Disney movies. I would really love to see them do some of the more unknown ones, as well! So that it wasn't just another version of a story we all know. Discovering new faiytales and things to love is the best, so I would totally love to find some more :D Especially ones that might not have such a big focus on romance, or if there was romance, it could be slow burn or something a little different.

    I remember the hoax about Disney making a movie called Princes about two princes that fall in love, and to be honest that would make my life.

  5. I'd love to see Jessica Day George's take on "the twelve dancing princesses" (Princess of the Midnight Ball) turned into a movie. And East of the Sun, West of the Moon would make a really awesome movie, though I think I'd prefer live-action with CGI over animated for that one.

  6. Um, ALL THE YES!I would especially love to see the 6 Swans adapted, it's a great story that does not receive enough recognition. A live version of Aladdin would just make my year!

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

  7. All of the ones you said - YESSSS!

    I know someone - I don't think it's Disney though - wants to do Rose Red (as in Snow White & Rose Red) which I think would be good! Bluebeard would be fantastic and interesting to see though as it's quite a creepy one!

    Not in the fairy tale sense, but I'd love Disney to do a version of The Firebird, based on the Russian ballet! That would be awesome.

  8. Such a lovely post Mel :D Ahh, I want these as movies too. <3 Would be so awesome, I think. Thank you for sharing about it :)

  9. For whatever reason, I'm not seeing the linky. I tried it on a different browser and on mobile too. :( Is it just my devices or has it been removed for some reason?

    1. I completely forgot to add it! Thank you for noticing it, it's there now :)

  10. I WANT ALL OF THESE! Especially one based on Norwegian mythology. They are sort of making an Aladdin live action, though Genie is the protagonist! :) (I'm not sure if this official though!)


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