TTT | Favorite non-bookish websites.

Boho Berry. At the beginning of this year I took the plunge into the world of Bulletjournaling. I came across Boho Berry on Instagram and I fell in love with her inspirational posts. I really like her creative and useful tips, so I highly recommend checking out her website and IG if you want to start a Bulletjournal.

Decade thirthy. This is another Bulletjournaling website I recently found and I really enjoy her posts. I like her new feature, The planner experimentalists, where other people write a post and introduce their way of Bulletjournaling.

The bulletjournalist has different tips and tricks to get the best out of your bulletjournal.

Pretty prints & paper provides different tutorials, like handwriting & lettering, that you can use in your bullet journal.

Hannahemilylane has a little bit of everything. Lifestyle, bullet journal, blogging tips. I really like the diversity in her posts.

 Hello, Steph. A lifestyle blogger about beauty, baking, books, health and fitness.

Random sites.
NETFLIX. I don't know what I would do with my precious Netflix. It is my main source for TV shows.

Pinterest. I'm a very active Pinner; The daily prophecy. I pin everything that is interesting to me.

Youtube, because I love watching tutorials; food, beauty, art, give it all to me!

Sciencedaily is, so far, my favorite website to keep myself up to date with all the news, especially in Microbiology.

Tell me all about your favorite non-bookish websites!


  1. bullet journaling intimidates me but it looks so fun! :) My TTT

  2. I love bullet journaling. I've heard of some of the blogs but I need to check out the others. Thank you!

  3. Yay for sharing about lots of sites that you visit often :D Thank you for sharing about them Mel :D I don't visit them often, hih, but I do use Pinterest. Though not enough at all, haha. Glad you love it :)

  4. I'm so obsessed with my bullet journal haha. *opens ALL the links* Boho Berry is amazing. Love these sites!

  5. Yay for bullet journals! I'm really enjoying mine as well, and it's actually something I've kept up with - which is awesome. Love Boho Berry especially, as I get a ton of inspiration from her!


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