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Sophie Jordan – Reign of shadows. 2.5 out of 5. I won a review copy from Stories & Sweets. You know me and my love for fairytale retellings, so when I first spotted this book on Goodreads I knew I had to read it. I was excited when I started it. The beginning was interesting and set the world-building: Luna's parents, King and Queen of Relhok, were murdered by the evil chancellor the day of the eclipse. The world has been cloaked in darkness for 17 hours now. Only one hour, midlight, is save from the creatures that roam the world: Dwellers. Fowler is on the run from his family and is saved by Luna. He is ordered to take her with him to a place that is rumored to be free of Dwellers.

Luna had her moments. She is blind, but gifted with these some kind of superpowers that gave her unbelievable abilities. The author took it a little too far for my taste and I would have liked it more if she had toned it down. Luna is rash and she went back and forth between clever and downright stupid. Fowler gave me mixed feelings. He was too emotionless and harsh for my taste, I would have liked to see his softer sight earlier in the story. His 'unpredictable' twist was quite obvious from the beginning and might me sigh at how cliche it was. I was disappointed, but I think I'm willing to give the sequel a second chance.

Danielle L. Jensen – Warrior witch. 3 out of 5. Review copy from Netgalley.
The first book was really strong and I love how Stolen songbird changed the way I viewed trolls. Tristan and Cécile impressed me and I liked their chemistry. Hidden Huntress was a good sequel, especially because it was written from both of their point of views. While warrior witch was a solid conclusion to the overall series, it did not blow me away.

There was a change in Tristan/Cécile's dynamic that made me annoyed by both of them. Their chemistry suffered from their constant need to keep things a secret to keep each other safe and I just wish they talked more. The plot was a bit slow, with Cécile trying to make up for her mistake in the previous book, but the ending made up for it. I did not see that coming and I thought it was fitting.

Amy Tintera – Ruined. 4.5 out of 5. Review copy from Edelweiss.
I had a good experience with Tintera's previous Dystopian duology Reboot, so I had high expectations for this series despite some negative reviews on my Goodreads feed. Let me tell you this: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. The 0.5 was taken off because the romance developed a little too fast for my taste, but Em and Cas were fantastic together. They start with a bit of a hate relationship and that's my favorite thing.

Em is the princess of Ruina. The Ruined are being hunted and killed, because people are afraid for their powers. At the same time, the Ruined are not innocent. She is looking for her capture sister, who is being held by the king who killed her parents. He happens to be the father from Prince Cas of Lera, engaged to princess Mary - and Em is portraying to be that girl. Cas doesn't want to get married, but he is surprised by Mary/Em.

The plot is quite basic, but the characters and how Tintera filled it with details made the story for me. Em was simply fabulous. This girl is ruthless, clever and strong. She made me laugh a couple of times, when she daydreams about ways to kill everyone in a room. Very resourceful. Cas was the typical good guy. He is open-minded and kind, nothing like his father. Tintera has a fantastic writing-style that easily sucks you into the story and I LOVED that horrible ending. It makes me want to pick up the sequel right away.


  1. Mel, I felt the same way about Reign of Shadows. It got pretty interesting toward the end, but I wish the secondary characters weren't off'ed so quickly :( I was nervous when I was Ruined on this post (I thought you DNF'ed/hated it!) because it's on my TBR list — good to hear it surprised you!

  2. "when I was Ruined" oops! I meant to say "I was nervous when I SAW Ruined ..." :p

  3. Well, you've definitely made me want to read Ruined :D I don't think I've added it to my tbr shelf yet but I will now! I was already put off by some reviews for Reign of Shadows but you've confirmed my suspicions here^^ Lovely batch of reviews ♥

  4. So relieved to see Ruined was a positive review - I've had my eye on that one for a while. :)
    It's a bummer to hear about Warrior Witch. I loved Stolen Songbird, but wasn't overly impressed with Hidden Huntress so I decided not to read Warrior Witch right away. Sorry to hear the conclusion didn't end overly well.

  5. I wasn't a big fan of Reign of Shadows either. I just never got into the story, and I'm most likely not picking up the sequel. Yes, I loved Ruined! Although the romance was a bit fast, I still adored Em and Cas together! Their banter was great. And the world Tintera created was simply fascinating. Great reviews!

  6. I really liked Warrior Witch! I thought it was a pretty great conclusion for that series :) And I'm excited to read Ruined now after seeing your thoughts!

  7. Waaaaaait. You liked the ending of Warrior Witch? Ahhh! I have not read it.. but I have heard spoilers. I could NEVER EVER approve of that ending or like it :( Sobs. A bit shocked that you did like it, haha :) But I do love that you weren't disappointed by the ending, so yay for that. <3 Aaaanyway. Gorgeous reviews sweet girl :)


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