Monthly recap August '16 | Harry Potter, Italy & sleep-over.

Monthly-recap_thumb6This post recaps my month: my personal life, all the books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and links to posts that interest me.
I can really say that 2016 has been an epic year so far. August was also filled with amazing moments that fill me with happiness. It started with the fact that my vacation started on August 1st. We booked a hotel in Brussels for three days, because we went to the Harry Potter expo! I really enjoyed this exhibition, where you could see all the real trinkets and costumes they used in the movies. I especially loved walking around the room where they recreated Hagrid's 'house' and the Great Hall.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea:

It has also been a while since I visited Brussels, so we had a great time wandering around the city. A few days later we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday, right before we left off for our 12-day tour in Italy. This was our first vacation together and it was great! The weather was A+, with only sun and temperatures around 30 degrees.

On Monday we left off for a stop in Germany.
On Tuesday we arrived in Toscane at Montecatini Terme.
On Wednesday we visited VATICAN CITY: the musea, Sistine chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's square with the Obelisk. Late in the afternoon we arrived at our hotel in Fiuggi Terme.
On Thursday we went to ROME, where we had a guide to walk us through the historical parts. We saw the Colosseum (only the outside though :(), Forum Romanum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. After that we had 5 hours of free time, so we had a pizza and then tried to see as many things as we could find. I LOVE Rome. This city has stolen my heart and I really want to return to see more.
On Friday we saw the MONTECASSINO ABBEY & NAPELS. I was disappointed by Napels, to be honest.. We arrived at our hotel in Castellammare, where we stayed for four nights.
On Saturday we went to the ISLAND OF CAPRI. What a beautiful island. We took the funicular to the top from Ana-Capri and we had the most fantastic view on the Vesuvius and other islands. Then we had a boat tour around the island, where we sailed through the Faraglioni rocks. If you kiss someone, you will stay together forever (or if you throw a coin over your shoulder, your wish will come through)
On Sunday we had another day I will never forget. We climbed the VESUVIUS, had a spectacular view, and then we went to POMPEII.
On Monday we went to SORRENTO, where we had a free day. National holiday, so in the evening there was a DJ at the hotel. Fun.
On Tuesday we drove around the AMALFI COAST and we visited AMALFI.
On Wednesday we started on our way back home. We had a stop in ASSISI for 2 hours and what a lovely place! Medieval buildings, my favorite. We went to our hotel in Montecatinni Terme.
On Thursday we had another stop in Germany.
On Friday we arrived at the station around 22:30.

Italy, I LOVE YOU and Rome, I will be back soon! Here some impression photographs (if you want to see some other shots, go check out my Instagram)
Colosseum & Trevi fountain.
Amalfi coast & Vesuvius.
Pantheon & Faraglioni rocks.

We had the bookclub sleep-over here! Instead of our usual read-a-thon, we had a watch-a-thon. It was hilarious to watch the Shadowhunter TV show (and the terrible Vampire Academy) together. This show is SO bad, but entertaining at the same time. We also had a walk through a park nearby my house (where we tried to find Pokemons) Good times :)
BrusselsBooksThis savage song

I found a Waterstones in Brussels, where I snagged a copy of The Cursed Child – and I used their offer for second book half price by picking Wolf by Wolf and Passenger. My signed copy from Nevernight came in the mail, together with a signed copy of This Savage Song that I won from Victoria Schwab. I finally bought a copy from Poison, which I loved years ago, and I had to by PS: I like you from my auto-buy author Kasie West. The Warrior Heir was a belated birthday gift from Daph, I got A World Without You in my Booklybird subcription box and I got a copy from Barefoot on the moon, because duh, Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Read_thumb5 J.K Rowling – Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. 2/5. I will ignore the fact this story exists.
Megan Shull – Bounce. 1.5/5. Not for me.
Mira Grant – Parasite. 4/5.
Mira Grant – Symbiont. 3.5/5.
Claire LeGrand – Foxheart. 3/5.
Jen Malone – Wanderlost. 3.5/5.
Rhiannon Thomas – A Wicked Thing. 4/5. A re-read I liked so much more than the first time.
Rose Mannering – Feathers. 3/5.
Jessica Khoury – The Forbidden Wish. 3.5/5. Liked it, ending let me down.

Watched_thumb5 Movies.
The Hateful Eight. So weird.
Vampire Academy. The universe must hate me. Second time I had to sit through this terrible, awkward movie. There is not even a hot Dimitri to look at, ugh.

TV shows.
Black Sails binge-watch. We flew through the three seasons and I'm really digging it. Season 3 crushed me, so many feelings!
Shadowhunters season 1, episodes 1-6 with the bookclub. I will miss the funny commentary from my friends. What a show..  AND I HATE "flat-chest" CLARY. You and asshole Jace deserve each other. Also, slutty and nice Isabel? Nope.

How was your June?


  1. What a fun month! I think a lot of people are going to pretend Cursed Child doesn't exist...

  2. Wow, what incredible experiences! It sounds like you had a really fun month, complete with some great books. :) (And I'm totally with you on Cursed Child)

  3. Ah it looks like you had a lovely month! I'd love to go to Rome - it looks gorgeous! :)

  4. YOU DID SO MUCH :D Eee! So glad you had an amazing time Mel :D I am so jealous, lol. You guys went to so many places :) Yay. And yay for lots of pretty pictures too. <3 That Harry Potter thing looks so cool :D

    Aw :( So sad you didn't love Foxheart. Or The Forbidden Wish. Ahhh. I loved them both so much, lol :) And aw, so sorry you didn't like The Cursed Child :( I have not read it.. not sure I want to, lol. Anyway :D Hope your September will be aaaamazing. <3

  5. I loved The Hateful Eight. :-)
    I have read so many reviews for the new Harry Potter and it seems people either love it or hate it. I have actually seen a DNF for it. I was floored!
    Hope your September carries on in greatness!

  6. Your pictures are absolutely stunning Mel! I'm thrilled to see that you had such a great time, I need to visit Italy one day soon. And of course I would be delighted to find a Waterstones there too, you got some great books, I've decided to wait for my library copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it really is taking ages! And I bought a copy of P.S I Like you straight away too, I absolutely loved it! I hope you have a great September! :)

  7. Holy balls you had an amazing month! I envy your Harry Potter Expo experience and I loved all your photos on IG. Looks like I missed the ones for Rome and Italy so I'll go check in a bit :) Italy is a definite bucket-list destination for me, and it looks AMAZING ♥ I wish you an amazing September my friend! xxxx

  8. I'm so jealous that you got to see the expo! Must have been truly amazing. I wish that I'll be able to go there some time, too in the near future.

    Your vacation sounds so amazing! And those pictures prove it. :0

    There are Waterstones in Brussels? :0 thought that was a UK only bookstore. How cool is that!

    Oh no, you really didn't enjoy The Cursed Child?? I LOVE it! (but maybe that's because I've seen the play and know how it's supposed to be like on stage.)

    Sounds like you didn't enjoy Shadowhunters too much either? :p

    Hope you'll enjoy September! Here's my Wrap Up Post @ Swissbookworm

  9. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL photos! Wow, your trip sounds so wonderful and I love those photos with the Harry Potter Expo as well. Such a great haul as well, that's a cute harry potter photo you've got! The Book club meet sounds like lots of fun as well.


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