Get to know me: A to Z.

I found this post on Hello, Steph and I loved how it gave me more information about her as a person in a different way than normal get to know me posts. So, I decided to give it a shot!

A // Anxiety.
I think I have some form of anxiety. I used to have attacks, mainly during the night, which was terrible. I hardly got any sleep and I got afraid to do basic things; simply by thinking about them I would get anxiety. I'm okay now, though. Sometimes I have this social anxiety and irrational fear that I'm an outsider and that people only act kind to my face, but I try to let go of that.

B// Bullet journalist. 
I am still new at this, but I started my bullet journal somewhere in April this year and I am addicted to it. It has given me a way to get more rest in my head, less anxiety in my life and a way to use my creativity. It's a good way to practice my lettering, hand-writing and doodles - and I'm loving it.

C// Collector. I'm a book hoarder, I collect DVD's, I like to buy notebooks, I want to own everything I find with Disney on it and I am a big fan of Funko pops. Sometimes I'm ashamed about the amount of books I buy every month, but most of the times I'm just really happy with the collection I've acquired over the years.

D// Disney.
Everyone who follows my blog should know by now that I'm a big fan of Disney. It has been, and still is, an important part of my life. It is something magical to me and it never fails to cheer me up. Thinking about Disney, and specifically Beauty and the beast, makes me all fuzzy inside and I don't care what other people think, I will never grow tired of it.

E// Enthusiastic. If I love something, I can become quite the fangirl. I am a passionate person.

F// Family.
My family is a big factor in my life. They've always been supportive and caring. I grew up in a really close family with my father, mother, sister, grandfather and grandmother. We went on vacation together, sometimes even 3 times a year, until I turned 18. I feel blessed to have them around.

G// Games.
I love gaming, no matter what platform. I play PS3 games together with my boyfriend (Lego games are THE BEST), I recently purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL and I love play board games when we have people over. I also have a weakness for Red Alert 2, a computer game I always played with my father. It's such a fun way to entertain yourself and I'm quite competitive. I win quite often, but I can stand losing and I never ever cheat. Examples of games I like to play:

H// Honesty.
Being honest is incredibly important to me. Trusting someone makes you vulnerable, so I need to be sure someone is always honest to me.

I// Interested. I have a curious nature and I always want to learn new things. Sometimes I miss going to school and I'm definitely looking around for courses that might interest me.

J// Jasper. We met at school. I had to redo a year and I was terrified to get in a new class. We soon became friends and after a year, we both finally dared to admit that we liked each other. It's almost 8 years now and he still gives me butterflies.

K// Kind. 
I like to think I am a kind person in most situations. If I dislike someone I have a hard time hiding it, so I will try to ignore that person, but overall I think I am nice to most people.

L// Lazy. I've never been an athlete. I'm not that flexible and most of my hobbies take place sitting down in a chair. I love swimming though, but when it comes to it.. I am quite lazy and I'm still planning to change that. It is one of my 'missions' this year.

M// Microbiology.
My passion. I love my work field and I'm a proud microbiology analyst in a laboratory in a hospital. The beautiful thing about this field is that it is all around us and ever changing. I like to keep track of all the updates and there is so much we have yet to discover. Fascinating. 

N// Netflix.
If I'm not reading, thinking about books, gaming or drawing, you can find me watching a movie or a TV show. I don't know if you are familiar with my TV show spread (you can find it over here), but this gives you an insight in the amount of TV shows I watch. I'm currently working on a list with shows I must see as soon as possible. I'm an addict and Netflix keeps me covered.

O// Optimistic. I am a happy person and I always try to look at situations with an optimistic view. Instead of focusing on the negativity, I try to look at everything I have learned from it and what I gained from it. Not always achievable, but it works in many cases.

P// Photography. I'm still practicing with my new camera, but I love to make photos. Instagram is my favorite social media (and I spend way too much time on it) and it is a good outlet to share my attempts to make good photographs.

Q// Quiet. I think this is the word people would use to describe me when they meet me for the first time (or arrogant, if they misinterpret my shyness). The bigger the crowd, the more quiet I get – unless I'm around family and close friends.

R// Retellings. This is also not a surprise to my followers, but I adore fairytale retellings. It is, next to fantasy, my favorite genre and I will devour any book I can get my hands on.

S// Summer. Hands down my favorite season. I HATE cold and rainy weather. My body seriously can't stand the cold and it makes me so cranky. Give me all the dresses, shorts, tanktops and sandals over thick sweathers, raincoats and boots.

T// Tea.
I hate tea. There, I said it. I've tried it so many times in different ways with different flavors, but I can't appreciate it. Water, syrup and juices for me, please.

U// Unique.
Because we are all unique (and I can't think of another word)

V// Vegetarian. I love meat and I will never stop eating it, but last year I've started to eat less of it and it feels great. I learn new recipes and ways to fill/spice a dish. It is important to me to eat healthy and this helps me to achieve that.

W// Wanderlust. I love to travel and see new cultures & eat different food. I have a fear of flying, but some day I will get over it and see more of the world. I have so many places on my bucket list and this year I crossed off Rome, Pompei and the Vesuvius.

X// Xylitol.
I'm a big fan of chewing gum. It's one of the things I always carry with me.

Y// Youtube.
I spend way too much time on Youtube. I watch all kinds of videos, from book hauls to make-up and hair tutorials. The moment I go on Youtube, I get sucked into this hole and sometimes I even wonder how I ended up with a certain video.

Z// Zodiac. I'm an Aries and I don't believe in Zodiacs.  If you read about Aries there are definitely things I can identify with; but I have the same thing when I read information about any other Zodiac.. It is a fun fact though that they say I am compatible with a Leo – and my boyfriend happens to be one. Guess I really picked the right guy!

And that's it!


  1. I love this idea, it was so much getting to know you a bit more!
    I feel like I can relate to so many of these, especially the bit about being quiet and collecting things!
    I keep seeing a lot about bullet journals, and I feel like it sounds likesomething that might work really well for me. I'm glad to see it's helping you! I'm also a huge fan of Disney. :)
    I don't believe in Zodiacs either, but I love looking at my daily horoscope in the paper and the different posts that come up - they're just fun, particularly because of how vague they are.
    I also think it's absolutely awesome that you are a microbiologist analyst! That sounds incredibly fascinating and is honestly such a great accomplishment and it must be such an interesting subject to immerse yourself in.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh THIS IS SO COOL!! (Can I steal this tag from you too? hehe. ;D) I love all these facts about you! And Disney? Would never have guessed.😉
    And I hear you with the anxiety *sends encouraging cake* It's really tough.
    And I'm super quiet too so that just makes me admire you even more! I RELATE. People always think I'm a snob, but why say a million things when you can just say a few? My motto. bahhaah.😂
    RETELLINGS ARE LIFE. I will sign up to read all the retellings of ever, omg it's impossible to get enough!

  3. This was so much fun to read! I related to a lot of what you said. I love finding things in common with people in the book blogosphere. :)
    I love Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne! I haven't played in years, though. Have you played Ticket to Ride? It's along the same lines as the other two but not as complicated as Settlers. I also love playing card games.
    Ugh, yes, "quiet" is also the word people associate with me, unless they think I'm just cold or that I don't like them. I wish people would understand that being quiet doesn't mean someone is unfriendly OR that they're not having a good time. I can be quite talkative when I'm in a small group or with people I really know and trust, but I'm never that way in a big group.
    YES, I'm the same way with cold weather. But I also have a hard time in humidity, so it's hard to find a time when my body doesn't hate me, lol.
    I've been a vegetarian my whole life, so let me know if you want any recommendations of food blogs! I love looking at recipes, even if I don't have time to try as many as I'd like. xD
    I'm an Aries, too! I think it's fun to read horoscopes sometimes, but I agree—you can see yourself in any sign, haha.

  4. This is such a cute and fun format for getting to know people! I loved reading through your alphabet, and I especially loved how you took the time to add in photos and gifs to break up all the words... and kudos for finding an interesting and relevant "X" word, because really, I would have just gone with "xylophone" and called it a day... :) Loved this!

  5. This was a really awesome idea! And I can relate to most of these, like Quiet, and loving my job. Also it's so cool that you are in the microbiology field! I have some friends that are microbiologists as well, but I don't really hear much about what they're interested or what they do. And that's really cute that you and Jasper have been together for 8 years. That is amazing! (Also relationship goals!)

    And of course you'll hear this from me, but video games are the best :)

  6. I love this post! I might have to have a go at something similar, I'm always looking for fun ways like this to tell my readers more about me, this is a fantastic idea!

    I can't believe you hate tea, I love tea. This might mean we can't be friends. I can absolutely relate to the collecting thing, I've always liked collecting things which clashes with the fact I also love to keep things tidy yet I never want to give up anything.

  7. I'm so glad you had fun doing this post too! We have quite a bit in common actually haha It's so cool that your job is micro biology! That's amazing. I'm glad there's someone else who can't help but buy books and journals too! :)
    Steph x.

  8. I really like this!!! It was nice to read. Can I use this sometime maybe?

  9. I love this! It was great getting to know you better, Mel. I totally get you with the anxiety. I get severe panic attacks and they are awful. I'm also quiet and not sporty at all although I love swimming and dancing! I also love Disney, family is incredibly important to me and I love learning things too! :)

  10. I've seen this idea a couple of places and I totally want to try it. What a great way to get to know you! Love your word choice for X (one of the most difficult letters).

  11. This was an adorable post, Mel! Loved getting to know a few fun facts about you in an A-Z format <3

  12. Oh this was a really fun questionnaire Mel! I agree, I feel like I got to know you in a different way from what I already know about you :) I might just do this one myself!

    My anxiety was awful in my 20's but it's gotten much better now. I won't say I don't suffer from it occasionally but thanks to better diet and healthier living, it doesn't control me anymore :) I am the same way with people I don't like. I can't be fake so I usually end up ignoring them LOL!

  13. I love Carcasonne and Catan as well, they are so much fun! Oh nooo I'm sorry to hear that you hate tea lol I love it so much. This is such a fun tag Mel and thank you for sharing this with us!

  14. Gosh, this is so awesome. <3 Gorgeous post Mel :) Loved getting to know you a little bit more. <3 You are the sweetest :D


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