Talk Bujo to Me | September '16.

Bulletjournaling has become more important in my life and I want to share it with you guys! I already started a series where I write down all the information I have gathered over the past few months, but from now on I will also showcase pictures (that I also post on my Instagram) and talk more about what keeps me busy.

Setting up September. Septemberread and watch

I talked about collections in my second post about Bulletjournaling and I always love doing this. I like to pick 2 colours and stick with them throughout the entire month. For September I went with purple and green. Flowers are my favorite type of decoration, so I drew a half flower wreath.

I suck at completely TBR piles, but I still like to make one every month and see how far I can come. Most of the times I include the review copies I HAVE to read at some point. I also like to create a list with possible movies/TV shows for that month.

I ended up reading V.E Schwab - The Savage Song and L. Frank Baum - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. If you try really hard you can see that I planned to watch Reign and Stranger Things: did both things and decided to DNF Stranger Things.

Bulletjournal challenges. Rockyourhandwriting_thumb[6]planwithme_thumb[4]

Like with Bookstagram, where you have tons of challenges on Instagram, there are challenges for Bulletjournaling as well. It is a good way to practice new set-ups, collections or to simply practice with your handwriting and different fonts. Another thing I would recommend if you want to practice your writing is to look for Lettering challenges, because they can help to give you inspiration.

Sometimes I want to practice, but drills can get boring, and these challenges give me ideas to use. I like to participate in #Rockyourhandwriting and #Planwithme. This month I tried a new lay-out for Rock your handwriting (inspired by Alexandra_plans) and it worked great. I'm going to keep it. I'm not strict with Plan with me, but I like to join some of the prompts and it is a great way to find new Bulletjournalists.


Here are two examples of how I filled some of the prompts. I did learn a lesson, as you can see with day 8 where I had to write my name several times; I need bigger squares. I could fit 6 days on one page by making 5x8 squares. I think 8x8 will be better for some prompts.

Dailies_thumb[2]Disney themed_thumb[2]
I'm always switching up the designs for my daily spreads, depending on how I feel that moment and I like to try new things. I tried to fit all my dailies on one page during a week with few tasks – and I decided to add more Disney in my life by making an Inside Out spread. Sadness is my favorite, who do you like most? I will definitely keep this up, because it was fun to do.

Setting up October.
Red Bubble_thumb[2]
I love the the last days of the month, so I can start to set up for the new month. For October I messed up the initial 'October', so I added an adorable Zootopia sticker I ordered from Redbubble and created a new header around it. I also added black/white flowers at the bottom and this is my new obsession at the moment.

DoodleHeader doodlesDoodle2Doodle3

I love making doodles. It is fun and relaxing! And what I love most about it is that you can make mistakes, because in the overall pictures, you will hardly notice them. I highly recommend picking up a pen and just go with the flow. Don't overthink it. Perhaps start with a few scribbles and see how you can make shapes with them.

The first two pictures are drawings I made in my Bulletjournal. I kept continued the black/white flower theme and I thought it was time to add another motivational quote, so I went with 'be gentle to your precious, little soul.' It's important to remind myself not to be too harsh on myself. Then I made a page where I practiced different headers and I've used it a few times so far. It's easy to refer to when I don't know what to use. The next one I'm going to make is a page with divider ideas.

The last two doodles are made in my sketch book. I decided to draw the same flower over and over again and then I used 5 different shades of blue. The next doodle I did included different elements and I decided to stick with a white border.

That's it for this Bulletjournal recap. Did you like this post and would you like to see more of them?


  1. Mel, teach me your ways! You are seriously SO good at creating these illustrations. I've been loving my bullet journal, but the most creativity I've ever been able to put into it and be happy about is just with the lettering! Lovely spreads, as always :)

  2. I'm wanting to start bullet journaling probably for next year. I love your doodlings/drawings. I hope mine will turn out. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing things.

  3. LOVE your calligraphy and doodles! I've recently started bujo'ing and your journal is really inspirational. (Although mine is rather more minimalist, I haven't the patience to get super artsy.)

  4. that zootopia sticker is so cute!!

  5. Mel, these are all so pretty!! You really make me want to explore the world of bulletjournalling myself, though part of me is a bit discouraged because mine could never look so pretty as yours and others'... but the impression I'm getting is that you can do whatever you want with your bulletjournal in your own way so it's no use to compare yourself to others? I'll have to look into the process a bit more.

  6. Mel you are so creative! ♥ I love what you're creating with your journaling!! My handwriting is so messy but I LOVE playing around with pens, colours and I do want to be more artistic...hopefully I'll give it a try sometime. I doubt I'd share my entries though hehe, I'd be discouraged compared to how amazing you all write and draw :O xxxx

  7. Wow these bullet journal pages are beautiful!! I tried bullet journaling but I wasn't able to keep it up for longer than a few weeks because I'm the kind of person who likes making two minute two do lists that I trash at the end of the day. I also didn't know there are challenges for bullet journaling! It seems like a great way to spice up your bullet journal pages.

    – Rachana @ Spun

  8. This is so amazing!!! I wish I could draw like you, you're so talented. And I love these posts because when I started thinking about creating a bulletjournal, I saved a bunch of your IG pictures as inspiration and tips! Haha. The Zootopia sticker is adorable and your spreads are lovely.

  9. You're so good at drawing and handwriting! All of those photos look so good. Bullet journaling looks like so much fun and I think you're really inspiring. All of your doodles are so cool and really pretty!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  10. I love love love that you have started doing this :D I adore looking at your pictures on Instagram. <3 You are so talented Mel :D Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3 Hugs. I tried drawing yesterday, lol. It went really, really badly, haha :D I can't draw anything. At all. Oh, well :) One day, maybe.


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