Recap October '16 | Food and review books.

This post recaps my month: my personal life, all the books I’ve read & bought, movies and TV shows I’ve seen and my journey in the world of Bulletjournaling.
OUAT_thumb3The food theme continued and I'm loving it! I had a lot of family time this month and I needed it. When everyone is busy, it can get easy to get swept away, but we made sure to have a lot of quality time this month.

Good work-related news: I got a renewal for another year! The last few months I had it in the back of my mind: will they keep me? What if I have to look for another job? But one day I got THE letter I was waiting for; to tell me I can stay for another year.

I went to lunch with my sister and we had French toast and a croissant French toast, which I never had before. It was quite good! Then I went shopping with her and my brother-in-law and we ended up in one of my favorite places: Bagels & Beans.  I went out for dinner with my boyfriend, sister and brother-in-law. We had nachos, burgers with fries and a delicious chocolate cake. I took the veggie burger and it was really tasty.

Yesterday we had my parents come over to play board games. We made fresh mushroom soup with homemade bread, followed by a fish dish and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I also spend an entire day over at my grandparents and I stayed for dinner.

I sort-of-participated in the Bout of Books event and I ended up finishing two books. It felt good to spend an entire day dedicated to reading.
This was a month where I was pleasantly surprised by all the review copies I received. A few months ago I joined the Quirk squad to help them out on social media to promote their books. I never expected to receive any books, but I got a surprise Halloween package in the mail.

Quirk books 
I made a new contact with a Dutch bookstore. I couldn't attend their event, but then they told me they could send a few review copies to me. Before I knew it I ended up with a stack of new books.
-Kendare Blake – Three Dark Crowns (loved this one.)
-Cinda Williams Chima – Shadowcaster.
-Maria Headley – Aerie.
-Erika Johanson – The Fate of the Tearling.
-Katharine McGee – The Thousandth Floor.

And then I was also lucky enough to receive a gorgeous copy from Roseblood by A.G Howard from Abrams. They even added a few (fake) rose petals, such a nice touch.

Van DitmarAbrams 

I think I did a great job when it comes to buying books. I received my Bookly Bird subscription box, which had Wax by Gina Damico in it, and I only got Samantha Shannon – The Bone Season, The Mime Order and The Song Rising, because I wanted to get the books with the old cover before they go out of stock.

Bookly bird
Read_thumb5 1. Kendare Blake – Three Dark Crowns. 3.5/5.
2. J.K Rowling – Pottermore: Power, Politics & Pesky Poltergeists.
3. J.K Rowling – Pottermore: Hogwarts: an incomplete and Unreliable guide.
4. J.K Rowling – Pottermore: Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies.

5. Leigh Bardugo – Six of Crows (reread)
6. Leigh Bardugo – Crooked Kingdom. ALL THE STARS.
7. Kasie West – By Your Side. 4.5/5.
8. Cat Winters – Yesternight. 2.5/5.
9. Tahereh Mafi - Furthermore. 3.5/5.

I loved the Pottermore short stories, especially Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, because it talks about Remus Lupin. It was a fun way to get extra insight into the wonderful and magical world of Harry Potter, but I could use even more information. "

Crooked Kingdom absolutely blew me away. The plot was fantastic and I feel so much love for the characters and the world. To keep myself from hating the next fantasy book, because of the hang-over, I decided to dive into a contemporary and Kasie West never fails to deliver. By Your Side was adorable. It is about a girl and boy who are trapped in the library. She deals with an anxiety disorder, which gave more depth to the story. I loved it.  
1. The Nice Guys. Subtle comic tone. I liked it. "A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star." – IMDB.

2. Noah. Terrible. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but nope.
3. The Legend of Tarzan. First thing, I love Christoph Waltz. Second, I was bored.
4. Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son. Typical comedy, nothing too special.
5. The Intouchables. WOW. I was blown away by this story. I don't watch many foreign movies, but this one is SO worth it. Such a feel good movie with a great sense of humor in it.
6. The Secret Life of Pets. Not bad, but also not fantastic.
7. Corpse Bride, one of my favorite movies.

TV shows
1. The Office (US) season 1, a few episodes to introduce my sister and brother-in-law to this amazing series.
2. Reign S02, I'm on episode 12 now. It's all over the place, but I still enjoy watching it.
3. Marco Polo S02, I'm on episode 5. It's slower than the first season, but I like the plot.

How was your October?


  1. Aw man, I always get so hungry whenever I see bloggers posting food pictures! AND I've just finished a cup of pumpkin soup, so there's that. I still have to read the Pottermore short stories, but I can't wait to read more about Lupin ♥

  2. I'm going to read Six of Crows this month when the book arrive. I'm really excited because of all the good reviews I've read about this series, and your comments on Crooked Kingdom! I'm sure it must be really fantastic!
    By the way, The Office is one of the best TV shows ever. Hope your sister and brother-in-law like it!

  3. Mm, all that food looks delicious. And HOLY HECK that's a lot of books. Looks like you have had a pretty nice month. :) Also, I just wanted to say that I started bullet journaling recently in part thanks to all the cool book bloggers I follow who are doing it, incl. you.

  4. Another great month in the books. Nice to see so much family social interacting going on. People often get busy with life and family takes a back seat.
    Happy November!

  5. Loving all the yummy eats you've been sharing with us! Makes me wish I could tag along with you all :) Congrats on all the lovely books you got (I need those Pottermore ebooks too) and LOVE the tote you got! Your October sounds perfect ♥ Here's to a lovely November my friend! xx

  6. Sounds like a lovely (and scrumptious) October to me! Also, congratulations on the job renewal <3

  7. Ah I love The Office! It's so brilliant :)
    Glad you have a delicious (pun intended) October!

  8. Eee, delicious looking food :D And yay for getting to stay in your job for another year :D That is amazing. <3 Congrats sweetie :) I'm glad that October was awesome for you. <3 (Sorry for being so behind on commenting. Hugs. <3) You are amazing :) I hope you have had the most awesome holiday too :D


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