Talk Bujo to Me | October '16.

Bulletjournaling has become more important in my life and I want to share it with you guys! I already started a series where I write down all the information I have gathered over the past few months, but from now on I will also showcase pictures (that I also post on my Instagram) and talk more about what keeps me busy.
                                                                                Setting up October. Monthly

For October I decided to go with the Halloween theme throughout all my spreads, so here I doodled a few pumpkins and a little ghost in the left corner. There are different ways to use Monthly logs. I really like the have these squares, making it look like a calendar, but you can also write down the dates in a list.  I used that method at the beginning of my bulletjournal, but my current log gives me a better overview.

Like every month I created to lists for all the books I could possible read and movies/TV shows I could watch. And like every month, I failed miserably, haha. I finished Furthermore (was okay) and Bright smoke, cold fire (was disappointed)

I did watch Corpse Bride, which is perfect to watch this time of the year, The Secret Life of Pets (was okay) and I continued with the second season from Marco Polo.

To read to watch

I did not feel very inspired to make creative dailies this month. They included some simple stripes and orange, but I never got around to make more decorations. Instead, I put more work into a few spreads I came up with. The first one was the list for all the reviews I need to write. I couldn't keep up with the books I finished, so this lists helps me to stay more organized. The second one is a Disney (rewatch) lists, which contains several pages with all the Disney movies I want to see. Can you imagine I have never seen Mary Poppins before?


As you might have seen in my October recap, I was gifted some review copies. In the beginning of my Bulletjournal there is a list with review copies I have to read, but I ran out of space and decided to make a second spread. Here I made a few doodles I found here:

Setting up November.


I was inspired after my 1000x rewatch of Corpse Bride, so I drew her on the last page of October, before I made the 'hello' monthly page. I included the quote: "The last month of Autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take risks and do the unexpected"

Lettering is still something I'm practicing, so I like to use my Bulletjournal as a place to play around with different handwriting and styles. On the left side is a piece where I tried to use different fonts and styles. On the right side are a few bookish quotes with different styles. 

TLetter JMandalaFlowerdoodle

I continued my doodles by trying to draw every day and it worked out. I started this 'series' of creating Letters with patterns in it. Since I love drawing flowers, the T and J were filled with them. I hope to finish every letter at some point! Current WIP is the letter S. I also attempted my first mandalas, which is way more difficult than I thought, and some random branches with flowers and leaves.


  1. Your journal is absolutely gorgeous! You have such a beautiful mix of organization and creativity, it's honestly really inspiring. I hope to see more of your lovely work! :)

  2. Love your journal. So beautiful :-)

  3. you are so creative! I love the art doodles.

  4. Your bullet journal is soo pretty and I love the doodles! I get so distracted with life that I forget to bullet journal and I hate that I can forget about it. I really want to get some stencils to switch it up a bit.

  5. Your Bullet Journal art and writing and organization is just awesome to me. I love the Halloween theme this month! Seriously, your doodles are so lovely ♥ Oh and I adore The Corpse Bride too but I haven't seen it in a long time - I need to fix that :)

  6. I love it! Have you joined any of the Bullet journaling groups on Facebook? I myself have been wanting to try it, but for now I'm still addicted to my Erin Condren Life Planner. :)

  7. Mel, you are so talented! I wish I had the ability to doodle like you :) I generally just keep my bullet journal fairly simple, but I definitely plan on changing that up a wee bit in the new year!

  8. Woww this is so neat & you're so talented! I don't know if I can keep up with bulletjournaling but seeing your posts inspired me to start my own :) So talented!
    x Benish @ Beenazai

  9. Gosh, how I love how amazing you are at this :D Thank you for always sharing about it Mel. <3 I love seeing all your instagra photos :) You are the best at journaling. Writing and drawing :)


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