Recap January '17 | Family and Friends.

This month was not too bad, if you overlook the fact that one part of the world is crashing and burning. Again, it was a time filled with family, friends and good food! You won't hear me complain.

I had two bookclub meetings. The first one was for our Secret Santa and I got some awesome presents. We ate hamburgers and while the service was terrible, the food was delicious. The second one was filled with interesting stories, hehe. Good service and I had some fantastic pasta and a chocolate cake with nougat ice cream.

I had another spring roll day with my family, one of our best traditions if you ask me. I also went shopping with my mother and sister – and we had some Indian take-away afterwards. To top it off, I also went out for dinner with my boyfriend for our monthly date night. For the first time ever I tasted the world of Pilipinas food and I liked it a lot!

I dyed my entire hair purple and it took me some time to get used to all the stares, but I love it so much that I don't care anymore. It's one of those things I wanted to do for such a long time and I'm happy I finally did it.

I also started working-out by going for a run, until I caught a bad cold halfway the month and now I have to get back into that routine. I'm seriously trying out different things to get off my butt, but it's hard to find motivation with this cold weather. I'm thinking about purchasing PIIT from Cassey and combine it with yoga with my favorite channel Yoga by Adriene. Wish me luck for February! I'm setting up a work-out sheet, because crossing off squares might push me to do it more regularly. 

Daisy gifted me Diana Gabaldon – Outlander, Garth Nix – Sabriel and Lyndsay Faye – Jane Steele. I am so excited to re-read Outlander and to get started in Sabriel! I loved Jane Steele.

HarperCollins INT was kind enough to provide me with an ARC from Colleen Oakes – Blood of Wonderland (liked this) and Lexa Hillyer – Spindle Fire (can't wait!)

Some books I bought for myself: Erin Bowman – Vengeance Road, Brie Sprangler – Beast, Kristin West – Kingdom of Ash and Briars, Jay Kristoff & Amy Kaufman – Gemina and Sarah Porter – Vassa in the night.

I also shopped some stationary items this month. I got a lot of paper with different prints, four cute pens that say 'Dream, Wish, Enjoy and Sparkle' and two glass jars filled with 27 stamps each from Hema. I ordered a few ink pads and this awesome pencil case for my Crayola markers from the webshop Their packaging is so nice.
Read_thumb5This is sad, but I guess that's what you get when you are busy with real life, binge-watching TV shows and setting up a new bulletjournal.

1. Lindsay Ribar – Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. 3/5. Could have been more.
2. Meagan Spooner – Hunted. 4.5/5. LOVED IT.
3. Lyndsay Faye – Jane Steele. 4/5. A lot of fun.
4. Cinda Williams Chima – The Demon King. 4.5/5. So so so good.
5. Marissa Meyer – Heartless. 3.5/5. I am disappointed.

DNF: Rainbow Rowell – Carry On. Writing-style bothered me.
Finding Dory. FINALLY. It was so cute and I loved seeing more of Dory.
Batman v. Superman. What a boring mess.
Me Before You. I know there is a lot of controversy around this story, but it was beautiful to me.
The Art of the Steal. Random movie we picked on Netflix and it was not too bad. Fun twist.

TV shows.
Daredevil, entire season 2. It feels slower than the first season, but I do like it.
Better Call Saul, entire season 2. Awesome. He was my favorite character in Breaking Bad and this show has such a subtle humor and interesting plot.
Vikings, season 4. OH MY HEART.
Shadowshunters, finished season 1. Because sometimes it's fun to watch really bad things.
Reign, finished season 2. So much drama. So much enjoyment.
A Series of Unfortunate Events, entire season 1. I seriously watched this in one day. New favorite show.
UnbreakABLE Kimmy Schmidt, season 1, ep 1 – 9.  Not in love yet, but it's really easy to watch.
How was your January?


  1. I just love that you've colored your hair purple. Way to go! Also, that bag for your markers is so great.

  2. I absolutely love your purple hair! That was definitely the best decision :-) I feel the exact same way about Shadowhunters- I think I'm watching it out of habit mostly.

  3. I was disappointed in Heartless too and got chewed out by a couple fans for it. I just thought the Queen of Hearts was waaaaaaaay too nice.
    Here's to a great February!!

  4. Looks like you had a great month! Yaayyy for you dying your hair purple. I had mine purple too, once. This month I decided to make a big pink dip dye once again, and yes people like to stare. But I ignore them. Except for the kids, I love it when small girls ask their mothers if they could also colour their hair after seeing mine :D

    Yasmine @ Swissbookworm
    My January Wrap Up

  5. I absolutely love your purple hair! LOL at people giving you stares, though. I didn't even think that could be a possibility until you mentioned it. I'm happy you love it too much to care.

    Yay, you loved Jane Steele! I really want to read it but unwilling to spend so much on an eBook so I'm still waiting for it to go on sale haha.

    I'm glad you had a good start to 2017!

  6. Mel I love your purple hair and the people staring are just admiring your awesomeness :D

    I am MOST excited that you got Sabriel - I hope you'll love it as much as I did/do ♥ I listened to it on audiobook though but the narration was amazing! I hope the physical version delivers just as well :)

    Oh I'm excited to see you enjoyed Dory, Better Call Saul S02 and Unfortunate Events! Those are ALL upcoming watches for me and now I'm looking forward to them even more! Happy February my friend xxxxx

  7. Gorgeous recap Mel :D So glad that January was amazing for you. <3 All the hugs. Thank you for sharing about all that you did :D Yay. And yay for getting so many gorgeous books. They all look gorgeous. But.. WHAT! You DNFed Carry On? :( SOOOOBS. It was a huuuge favorite of mine. Best romance. Loved the writing. Aw. But can understand why you had issues :\ Hugs. Hope you might try it again sometime :)


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