Love-A-Thon 2017 | On The Road (Trip!)

Let’s go on a road trip! Pick 3-4 people—fictional characters, readers/bloggers, authors—you’d love to take on this road trip; a place you’re headed towards like Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Martha’s Vineyard, etc; and what you’ll be doing on this road trip, like topics of discussion, who’s driving, who’s in charge of the road trip music, etc. Link up at The Novel Hermit.

I would love to hang out with Nina (Six of Crows), Sybella (Grave Mercy), Hermione (Harry Potter) and Lila (A Darker Shade of Magic), but it is hard to come up with a destination, since we don't have anything in common as a group. The best I can think of to make sure everyone is having a good time:

1. The first thing we do is go to the bookstore and hang out there. Lila is probably driving although she has no license, because she is easy like that. Sybella can look up books about fighting, Lila can read up on managing your own boat, Nina can drool over all the cook books and I can walk around with Hermione in the fantasy section.
2. Then we go and pick up some food, especially for Nina who loves to eat. We definitely need to bring a lot of chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies.
3. Our hang-out location is probably some castle in a warm country. Sybella and Lila can practice fighting, because there is enough room and there are probably different weapons hanging on the wall as decoration. They can show us some ways to defend ourselves. Afterwards they can explore the castle, while Nina, Hermione and I rest next to the fire place with a book - and of course there will be guy talk.


  1. Okay, that trip is a dream! I loved reading it, sounds like an amazing time!

  2. Love this :D And ahh, those characters would be awesome to be on a roadtrip with. <3


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