March '17 | London (first flight!) and lots of food.

This truly was an amazing month! And what is my monthly recap without mentioning the fact I ate some delicious food?
The best thing that happened was my trip to London with Debby and Daphne. It has been.. 8, perhaps 9 years since I first been to London and I fell in love all over again. I had an amazing time with my friends and I believe they got to see a side of me they didn't know yet, haha. I definitely can't wait to return any time soon, because there are still so many things left I want to see/do!

Highlights of the trip were: (check out my Instagram for more pictures)
tHE SONG RISINGLes Miserables

-We went to Les Misérables, which was an amazing experience.
-We saw Seven Dials after we met Samantha Shannon, for her book signing for The Song Rising. She was lovely! She promises us a lot of pain in the upcoming books. I'm ready to endure all of it.
-British Museum, Natural History Museum (They moved Dippy, I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED), Victoria & Albert, where we also ate scones. Walked across the Tower Bridge, posed in front of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, saw the whispering Gallery in St. Paul's and we bummed over the fact Westminster Abbey was closed for a special service. Also had a glimpse of 9 3/4 on King's Cross.

Big BengNatural History Museum

-All the bookstores. Debby showed me the wonderful store Forbidden Planet. I'm in love.
-All the food. We tried pies, English breakfast, fish & chips, the best cookies, ice cream surrounded with candy floss, a real Sunday roast, Scottish Eggs, Sushi, yuuuum. We also had the worst restaurant experience ever, so thanks Kimchee, never again.
-My first flight. Yep. It finally happened and I survived thanks to the support and beautiful serenade of Debby and Daph in the middle of the airport. We went with the train to London and went back flying. It was interesting. I did NOT like the start, but the middle part was okay (had to stop thinking about the fact you are floating around) and I liked the landing.
-A ride in a Double decker. I love those things.

PhoneboothSt. Paul

I had a fun bookclub meeting. I finally had a house-warming for two friends, because things kept coming in between, and we went out to get hamburgers (I had a delicious hot dog) We went over to our friends to celebrate a birthday (I love the fact I can finally give someone books for her birthday!)  and I got addicted again to playing Mario on my Nintendo 3DS.

I'm getting more responsibilities at work, which is scary and really exciting. I have a feeling I might get a permanent contract at the end of this year *fingers crossed*


bOOKly BrdStrange the Dreaer

1. Maria V. Snyder – Shadow Study (signed)
2. Alwyn Hamilton – Traitor to the Throne (signed)
3. Samantha Shannon – The Song Rising (Personalized)
4. Rainbow Rowell – Attachments (bookclub)
5. Laini Taylor –Strange the Dreamer (signed)
6. Rhiannon Thomas – Long May She Reign (book subscription box)

I would say that's not too bad.

1. Marissa Meyer – Wires and Nerve. That was great. 2. Linda Woolverton – Belle's library. Cute, but only for hardcore fans (like myself ;p) 3. Sarah Prager – Queer, There and Everywhere. Informative! But for young audience.
4. Rainbrow Rowell – Attachments. Yeah.. Creepy stalker romance? Not for me.
5. Samantha Shannon – The Bone Season. Reread, loved it more than the first time.
6. George Orwell – 1984. Damn, what a struggle.

TV Shows: 
Outlander season 1, episode 10 – 15. I could do without the whipping scenes, but I'm hooked.
New Girl season 6, episode 8 – 10.
The Blacklist, season 1 episode 1 – 22. Our latest addiction.

Alice in Wonderland: through the Looking Glass. Visually stunning, but Alice annoyed me.
Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Rewatch.
Doctor Strange. This is how it must feel to be tripping.
Bad Moms. Funny. I like Mila Kunis.

What did you do in March?


  1. Glad to see you had such a wonderful trip to London. Considering I live in the same country as it I don't get there near enough but you're making me want to take a trip. And I really need a reread of Samantha Shannon books, that;s what else you've reminded me of.

    I hope you have a good April.

  2. Your trip to London sounds BRILLIANT! It's my top bucket list destination - I need to catch up on your IG feed so I can see all the photos ♥

    You definitely got some amazing books as well - and signed at that :D Happy April dear friend! xx

  3. Awesome month for you!!! Happy April!

  4. London is on my bucket list! I've been to Europe a few times when I was younger, but the direction of my trip was always guided by the parentals - so we never did do London, much to my dismay.

  5. Ahhh Mel your month sounds absolutely fantastic! I love seeing all the new places when I visit London, there is seriously so much to see every time I go. I'm glad that your first flight wasn't too bad either. I hope April is full with many more wonderful things!

  6. What a fantastic trip! I love all of your photos! London seems like a really neat place to take a vacation.

  7. Ahh, so jealous of your month! It looks like you had the best time, and I hope you get to visit London again soon! I've got to get myself there. :)

  8. Yay :D So glad you had such an amazing March sweetie. <3 This recap is all kinds of amazing :) YAY for London :D Ahh, sounds like you had such an amazing time and did such awesome stuff too. <3 But waaaaaait. First flight? You have been able to travel to London before without flying? That is pretty awesome :) I can't travel anywhere without flying here where I live, lol. Anyway :) Yay for stunning books too. <3 And ahh, The Blacklist. I love this show a whole bunch :D


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